6 May 21, 06:30 AM
popped in for a bit...couldnt sleep again...soooo tired gonna try again maybe get a couple hrs before noon....
5 May 21, 08:09 AM
I will pop in next week and do some posting, sorry for being absent so much. xx
5 May 21, 08:08 AM
Hi Carol just popping in to let you know I have been very busy, getting ready for 3 days with my children and grandchildren there all coming to celebrate Mothers Day and my Birthday
1 May 21, 07:31 PM
Been catching up with the pages today...more tags for all lol....have a great Sunday
29 Apr 21, 09:04 PM
Hugs, Jeannie
Beautiful sunny day here but tomorrow rain. Hope you all have a great night.
28 Apr 21, 03:59 AM
You also Cindy, hugs.
27 Apr 21, 06:20 PM
Hi Ladies!..have a great day/night..xoxo
25 Apr 21, 02:38 AM
back up, couldn't sleep again....about to try again...made 2 tags for later....got to get a few groc tomorrow hope i feel like it
24 Apr 21, 10:13 PM
Hugs, Jeannie
I am off to bed soon. Hope you all have a good night. Take care.
23 Apr 21, 05:51 AM
Me, too!
23 Apr 21, 01:49 AM
I got up for a bit about 2 am and found the group was back....hope it stays that way....
22 Apr 21, 01:08 PM
i have reported the problem....just tried to post a pic....its doesn't work either so i guess we wait
22 Apr 21, 12:34 PM
it seems groups are having a problem posting a written reply....i deleted some tags from those picked up and it did ok so you might be able to post pics...hope its fixed soon...i want to redo games
21 Apr 21, 01:40 AM
Hi Carol hope your having a good week xx
18 Apr 21, 03:30 PM
Hi all!...went to gen store and gas and i am wore out....so out of shape being in since Nov. except to dr....glad groups are up again...dr again tomorrow
18 Apr 21, 01:48 PM
Sure is Dorothy.
18 Apr 21, 08:28 AM
Good to be back isn't it Jude.....wb e1
18 Apr 21, 04:38 AM
We are back at last.
15 Apr 21, 04:48 PM
I think we should have been on lockdown longer than we were....its really thick in my town....i have pretty much q. since last Nov. when i get drs. appts. done will get the shots...
15 Apr 21, 08:35 AM
On the Rampage here to Carol in Ontario Canada.....Lockdown here
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