04/07/21 02:02 PM
03/25/21 07:05 AM
03/23/21 07:20 PM
So inspiring!
01/25/21 05:14 PM
Arleta Ayrapetyan
The children of Armenian need us!
01/25/21 05:13 PM
Arleta Ayrapetyan
@Children of Armenia Fund Arleta Ayrapetyan
12/06/20 08:40 AM
Chant & Lena Vartanian
12/06/20 06:56 AM
Children of Armenia Fund
Hi Mia! The live event concluded last night, but you can still watch the recording of above and support our work.
12/06/20 06:48 AM
Is this still on tonight or finished Saturday ?!?!
12/05/20 08:29 PM
Children of Armenia Fund
Together we moved mountains! 🏔💛💙❤️
12/05/20 08:28 PM
Children of Armenia Fund
Thank you all for your support of our mission. For more information about our programs, please go to www.coaf.org/en or follow us on Instagram @coafkids. If you have any questions, please email us at coaf@coaf.org. We are so grateful to you for joining us this evening. ❤️🇦🇲
12/05/20 07:43 PM
Thank you ❤️💙🧡
12/05/20 07:04 PM
Taline Avakian
Great job tonight COAF! The program was so well put together, and it was truly inspirational and full of hope. Haig, Araksya and Gabriel were outstanding! ❤️💙🧡
12/05/20 06:49 PM
Michelle Malkasian
A wonderful org. Glad to be a part of giving...
12/05/20 06:42 PM
Gaja K.
Loved every minute of it. Thank you! :')
12/05/20 06:34 PM
Marie Vanlian
Great performance you guys! Lotsa love from Canada
12/05/20 06:34 PM
Marie Vanlian
Great performance you guys! Lots of love from Canada
12/05/20 06:33 PM
Joyce- Alex Baghdassarian
Congrats for an outstanding event. COAF team rocks.
12/05/20 06:32 PM
Joyce- Alex Baghdassarian
You are all amazing! Congrats for an outstanding event!
12/05/20 06:32 PM
Hello thanks for your great job in Armenia my question is if people need help how do they contact you especially those in rural villages thank you
12/05/20 06:26 PM
Anahit Khurshudyan
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