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13 Sep 20, 09:59 AM
Mari Bennasar, Psy D
CONGRATS to all 'my' LMHP WONDERFUL students!!!!! I thank you so much for engaging on this journey. I am here for you always!
13 Sep 20, 10:02 AM
April Clayton
Congratulations graduates!!!
13 Sep 20, 10:02 AM
Jodie Kliman
Congratulations, to our magnificent graduates! I'm so proud to see you graduating!
13 Sep 20, 10:06 AM
Gemima St. Louis
Congratulations to our graduates! We wish you all the best on the next phase of your incredible journey!
13 Sep 20, 10:08 AM
Mari Bennasar, Psy D
Hope all enjoy the closing ceremony and the wonderful messages from such accomplished women!
13 Sep 20, 10:11 AM
Sonji Paige
Congratulations 2020 graduates, wish you all the best of luck on your next journey
13 Sep 20, 10:35 AM
13 Sep 20, 10:47 AM
Congrats lil sis oops I mean DR NATHALIE ALEXIS!!!!! Super proud of you!!!!!
13 Sep 20, 11:57 AM
Joseph Toomey
Congratulations to all our graduates! We are so proud to call you our colleagues!
13 Sep 20, 12:09 PM
Dr. Alexis DiGasso
Congratulations from the entire Shea Family! You will help change the world! We love you!
13 Sep 20, 12:37 PM
Aunt Joanne
Congratulations Dr Alexis DiGasso from the Padilla family!!
13 Sep 20, 12:56 PM
Congratulations Drs. Robin Mason and Megan Griffiths. Thanks for crossing the finish line. I'm so proud of you both.
13 Sep 20, 02:59 PM
Congratulations Dr. Nathalie Alexis!! We are so proud to know you!
13 Sep 20, 03:10 PM
Dr. Shira Fishman
Congratulations to all the graduates! You have earned this and I am so proud to be part of this celebration!
13 Sep 20, 05:24 PM
Christy Donati
Woo hoo Matt DeMichiei!!! (which is what I would have yelled if I was actually there😊)
13 Sep 20, 07:00 PM
Terrie Burda
Congrats Yayci!
13 Sep 20, 07:01 PM
Terrie Burda
So happy for you Heather!!
13 Sep 20, 08:39 PM
Lianna S Jen's Daughter
Congratulations Dr.Sheets (Mommy) I am so proud of you love you!
13 Sep 20, 10:48 PM
Dr. Stan Berman
Congratulations to our 2020 graduates. The world needs your skills, expertise, vision, energy and compassion more than ever. All the best as you launch your next chapter.
19 Oct 20, 04:29 PM
Claire Stebbins
Congratulations Dr. Meghan Stebbins!!! So happy for you after all your very hard years working for your degree. We love you and are very proud of all your accomplishments. Love you, Mimi and Gramps