13 Sep 20, 09:45 AM
David Haddad,Ed.D.
Congratulations to all. this has been a longtime coming,
13 Sep 20, 09:45 AM
David Haddad,Ed.D.
congratulations Cornelia
13 Sep 20, 09:46 AM
David Haddad,Ed.D.
congrats Sheena
13 Sep 20, 09:46 AM
Melissa Koen
Congratulations MA CMHC graduates!! Go forth and listen!!! And as always dig deep!
13 Sep 20, 09:47 AM
LaNisha Allen
Congratulations friends!!!!!
13 Sep 20, 09:47 AM
Michaela Byrne
Congratulations everyone! We made it!
13 Sep 20, 09:47 AM
Melissa Koen
Great pictures! It is so nice to see graduates faces!
13 Sep 20, 09:48 AM
David Haddad,Ed.D.
Congratulations Emma Vukelic
13 Sep 20, 09:49 AM
Nilda M. Laboy, PsyD
Congratulations to all CMHC graduates!!!!
13 Sep 20, 09:50 AM
Yousef AlAjarma, Ph.D.
Congratulations everyone! sending all of you many virtual hugs!
13 Sep 20, 09:56 AM
Mari Bennasar, PsyD
BEST to all in the next years to come! we are here for you, congrats!
13 Sep 20, 10:00 AM
Catherine Elise Balboni
Congratulations, Catherine! Your hard work paid off! xox
13 Sep 20, 10:06 AM
Lisa Saunders
Congrats everyone !!!!!
13 Sep 20, 10:08 AM
Nate Laprade
Congratulations, everyone. Thank you to all of our friends and professors that helped us get to where we are now.
13 Sep 20, 10:09 AM
Sonji Paige
2020 graduates, I congratulate you all, best of luck
13 Sep 20, 11:44 AM
Laurie Carpenter
Congratulations to all of my fellow graduates and a BIG THANK YOU to all the faculty and staff who helped us on this journey!!