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10 Feb 21, 10:36 AM
Jimmie Hall
Sure will. The station is very resourceful. From the music to the information with world news to even Black history facts, you all have everything we need while we at work listening.
10 Feb 21, 10:40 AM
DJ Rumorz
Thanks again! I will shout you out on next week’s mixes. Where are you located?
10 Feb 21, 10:49 AM
Jimmie Hall
We are in Jacksonville,Florida
10 Feb 21, 11:07 AM
DJ Rumorz
Ok ! Gotcha!
10 Feb 21, 11:57 AM
DJ RUMORZ !......My Guy !!!!!.......Da baddest station in the land !!!!!
12 Feb 21, 09:03 AM
Jimmie Hall
Alright now its turn up time. Not 1 but 2 hours Realmuzic mixing it up. We hear you D.J. rumorz
12 Feb 21, 09:05 AM
DJ Rumorz
Much Love!! Keep it right here on REALMUZIC.NET!
12 Feb 21, 09:07 AM
Jimmie Hall
Starting off acting BAD! We Got station turnt all the way up in this office.
12 Feb 21, 09:09 AM
DJ Rumorz
Thanks to EVERYONE for listening to the HOTTEST STATION IN THE NATION!!
12 Feb 21, 10:06 AM
Jimmie Hall
Yes it is. We enjoy listening everyday
13 Feb 21, 01:18 PM
Aight now ! Time to turn up with DJ Uncle Charles T ! It's SSS....Southern Soul Saturday.....Let's go !
13 Feb 21, 07:23 PM
Love the vibe here been enjoying the music all afternoon
14 Feb 21, 04:43 PM
Sitting on the Balcony listening to Southern Soul Sounds in Miami, Florida.
16 Feb 21, 04:12 PM
Loving station
20 Feb 21, 12:39 PM
Loving all what this station does. Getting my Saturday morning started with this Zydeco. Loving it all, plus waiting for Dj Uncle Charles T
20 Feb 21, 03:20 PM
Aight aight aight SSS is in effect ! Go DJ Uncle Charles T !
21 Feb 21, 05:42 PM
Rolling down highway listening with you Jazzii
22 Feb 21, 08:03 PM
I can’t get y’all on my Alexa anymore
23 Feb 21, 05:17 AM
DJ G-Boogie
Hi Telvin, I have fixed and updated the problem with Alexa. Just say Alexa, enable Realmuzic.net for the first time and anytime after just say Alexa, play Realmuzic.net
24 Feb 21, 02:25 PM