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18 Nov 20, 09:07 AM
Rach: Hi Olivia! I have a new layout! Hope your well! <3 :)
30 Nov 20, 08:58 PM
Lauren: I love your blend tutorials, could you do more?
3 Dec 20, 03:59 PM
Rach: Hey Olivia! New layout! Ft. Rihanna on my site! Hope you can stop by!
4 Dec 20, 12:25 PM
Salya: Hey there! I made all of my affies a gift. here's your copy: https://i.imgur.com/TES9LGS.gif
4 Dec 20, 03:07 PM
Brandi: Please change my link you are number 2 on my elites
18 Dec 20, 08:48 AM
Rach: Hi Olivia http://luckystorm.xyz/xmasgift1.png
24 Dec 20, 03:47 PM
Martin: Used a texture! Thanks!
11 Jan 21, 04:43 PM
Brandi: Love yoour site x would you like too be affies? <3
11 Jan 21, 04:43 PM
Brandi: I know you have my old site listed Star Haze could you update my link please ? :D
21 Jan 21, 02:00 PM
Kassandra: Your site :heart: Are you interested in being affies? I'm relaunching on Feb 1st
9 Feb 21, 02:41 PM
grace: may i enquire about a subdomain?? i'm wanting to return to the siteworld xD
20 Feb 21, 12:02 AM
Olivia: Miss you all & love you <3
24 Feb 21, 08:44 PM
Nicole/Gaga fan: @Olivia hey girl! I remember you from SW years ago! I am from Scotland and was a huge gaga fan if that rings any bells? I’m looking to reach out to people to rejoin siteworld! I’ll keep checking back
24 Feb 21, 08:44 PM
Nicole/Gaga fan: @Olivia here to see if you reply 💕
14 Mar 21, 07:17 PM
Rach: Hi Olivia! I keep using your sign deco's. LOL! Thanks for making them! Hope your well! I gave you credit OFC!
15 Mar 21, 10:20 PM
sunni: do you take orders
21 Mar 21, 11:23 PM
Olivia//Owner: @Sunni - Yes I do! Add me on FB and message me there :)
9 Apr 21, 02:40 PM
Brandi: Hey! I hope all is well 🙂 Glad to announce that I am finally BACK! Can you kindly update my link from starhaze.net or to aestharis.net. thank you!
11 Apr 21, 08:14 PM
Rach: Hi Olivia! I redid my layout! Hope your well! Xox! <3
18 Jun 21, 10:45 AM
Brandi: Stopping by to say hi! Hope you're enjoying the summer :)