23 Apr 20, 08:08 PM
Olivia//Owner: I changed the lame chatbox so now you can leave your URL <3
23 Apr 20, 08:11 PM
Kayla: BOOM first comment hi ily bye
23 Apr 20, 11:54 PM
Salya: I added you back. ^_^
24 Apr 20, 02:03 AM
Starla: thank you I added you back too 💕
24 Apr 20, 09:33 AM
Mai: Was here! Added your link on my resources since you offer free web hosting. :D
24 Apr 20, 10:06 AM
Rach: Thanks for the add!! I added you too! Have a wonderful weekend!! <3 :)
27 Apr 20, 02:57 PM
Sashay: Hi. I was interested in your hosting; can you give me more details about subdomain and shared hosting? My email (in my name too) is sasha_lusa@aol.com
27 Apr 20, 09:01 PM
Olivia//Owner: -- REPLIED --
28 Apr 20, 01:43 PM
Mai: Thank you, too and you're welcome. <3
30 Apr 20, 10:30 AM
Lucien: Tysm. :heart:
30 Apr 20, 09:54 PM
Sashay: Site's open. Come check. :)
6 May 20, 01:53 AM
Tiffany: I love how you did your layout.
8 May 20, 05:30 PM
Starla: I know you're busy and stuff but I just wanted to drop by and say hi hope you're doing okay though. have a good weekend
9 May 20, 01:41 PM
Rach: Hi Olivia! Luckystorm has a new layout! come see :)
22 May 20, 06:46 PM
Claressa: You can delete me as a affie, my site will be no more as I dont have time for it. I will be on Facebook still around here or there. As well as my site, if you can give me 30 days or at least two weeks
22 May 20, 06:46 PM
Claressa: Before deleting it I would appreciate it.