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2 Dec 20, 12:08 AM
Hey Reita, how are you doing? I just have to say I'm a silent visitor almost .. daily lmao. Also, Kuroi Inku is finally back ♥
4 Dec 20, 04:38 AM
Hey great website! do you want to exchange links?
6 Dec 20, 11:55 AM
Hey Reita!
As the season is coming I just changed the look of Kouyou-Design
Check it out if you want ;3 <3
23 Dec 20, 08:14 PM
Happy holidays Reita! ♥ Thank you a lot, I love your style too :3
1 Jan 21, 09:38 AM
Happy New Year, Reita!
2 Jan 21, 02:37 PM
@Nelson happy new year to you too and everyone else!!!
7 Jan 21, 11:30 AM
Hey! I wish you a happy new year & wanted to let you know that my site and I a moved to a new host
Can you please update my link? http://kouyou-design.net Thanks <3
29 Jan 21, 04:39 AM
Love your website
30 Jan 21, 05:55 PM
@9Daily Thank you dear! It needs to be updated! 😅
31 Jan 21, 12:50 PM
Sorry for being inactive! I just dropped some News
Will be update a few new things on February:)<3
24 Mar 21, 08:18 PM
new post, graphics and layout coming soon!
3 Apr 21, 04:22 PM
YOOOOO I LOVE YOUR NEW LAYOUT!!! i need to finish demon slayer, it's only a few episodes,,
4 Apr 21, 06:28 PM
Hi! Really cool layout and I love the new icons.
5 Apr 21, 10:09 PM
Thank you Ran, im so happy you love my content. <3
6 Apr 21, 01:10 PM
Brandi @ aestharis.net
Hey! I hope all is well 🙂 Glad to announce that I am finally BACK! Can you kindly update my link from heartbliss.net to aestharis.net
10 Apr 21, 05:46 PM
http://luckystorm.xyz Hi Reita! Love your layout and site! Such great content! I wanted to know if we can link exchange? Sincerely, Rach aka Rachael
13 Apr 21, 06:33 PM
Now accepting link exchanges due to frequent asking! You can find the link at the bottom of the page. Feel free to ask to exchange links!
14 Apr 21, 08:42 AM
http://luckystorm.xyz Hi Reita! I'll add you today. Thanks hon! Xo
14 Apr 21, 12:22 PM
Love the new icons!
14 Apr 21, 06:03 PM
http://luckystorm.xyz - Hi Reita!! I've added you to my link exchange page. I redid my layout again, lol!