12 Jun 21, 03:56 PM
Beck: Awesome site!
12 Jun 21, 03:48 AM
finn: d ive been considering on participating on your contest. perhaps if i got the time i'll give it a try,.
12 Jun 21, 03:47 AM
finn: hi, brandi! if it's not the hot weather or work, it's ffxiv that keeps me busy! i've also been working on a personal project in regards to that, too. on the other side, i really like your layout, an
12 Jun 21, 12:26 AM
Karen: Welcome back B :) Love your new theme! and the new adds are awesome!
11 Jun 21, 07:21 AM
Maya: This is an amazing website! Thank you for all your efforts on this! :)
9 Jun 21, 11:47 AM
Salya: sure thing and I don't know if I will but I might when I get some ideas. ^_^
7 Jun 21, 10:54 PM
Salya: Really Pretty. I love your graphics. ^^
7 Jun 21, 08:25 PM
Reita: UGH! Beautiful as always! This has inspired me so much to want to make a new more modern layout. Your color scheme is so pretty D.:
7 Jun 21, 05:48 PM
Tiffany: Love the new layout! :)
7 Jun 21, 06:46 AM
Monay: Yes I'm changing your link now
5 Jun 21, 04:05 PM
Rach: Oh no no it's not missing it's on my elites. I put it as AT! For short! <3
5 Jun 21, 02:57 PM
Rach: Send me an email. rachael2890@yahoo.com
5 Jun 21, 04:57 AM
Lucien: Love how they look. :heart: Thank you for crediting me on Twitter. :heart: :heart:
4 Jun 21, 07:36 AM
Rach: Aww thank Brandi hon!! How are you? I'm being badly talked about on facebook. Long story!
1 Jun 21, 02:49 PM
Brandi: : -------replied------
29 May 21, 03:55 PM
Ran: Hi Brandi! How are you? :3 I have a new summer layout. Check it out if you like. Your site is linked on a little daisy now. I hope you are doing well. <3
22 May 21, 02:47 PM
Meaghan: Welcome back! I'll get your link updated right now. :)
12 May 21, 07:10 PM
Rach: Hi Brandi! I have a new layout! <3 :)
12 May 21, 11:28 AM
Claressa: Your welcome and thanks.
8 May 21, 10:16 AM
Sakura: Welcome back! I have updated your link.
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