3 Mar 21, 05:33 AM
nicole/astriid: hey gal, ive returned to siteowrld! would you like to be affies?
27 Feb 21, 03:06 AM
Karmen: Hey sup, i will update all links today. :) how u doing? cant wait to see your site back up and running ;)
26 Feb 21, 09:18 AM
Dorkistic: changed your link
25 Feb 21, 06:28 PM
Rach: Changed your link! :) Can't wait for the opening!
25 Feb 21, 06:50 AM
Lysianthus: Hi, Brandi! I updated your link as you asked :)
24 Feb 21, 07:38 PM
Nicole//lady gaga fan: Hey not sure if you remember me but I was in siteworld a few years ago and was looking to reach out to rejoin siteworld! I was a huge lady gaga fan if that helps?
24 Feb 21, 11:38 AM
Brandi: I added the chatbox, new layout and links back and new content, how u been? I upaded ur link btw =)
24 Feb 21, 06:59 AM
Plinfafans: The Website Builder should have infinitive / unlimited textpages included. If you can host me a Website-Builder like that, for free, I'd be really happy and thankfull.
24 Feb 21, 06:46 AM
Plinfafans: Hello, you said you'd be happy to host me a subdomain? Is it free because I'm looking for a free alternative to hpage(com). I need a Website Builder where I can add my own css Layout.
23 Feb 21, 08:15 PM
Carla: Hey Brandi, I updated your link on all 3 of my sites :3
23 Feb 21, 06:01 PM
Rach: Hi Brandi. Thanks I've booked your mark your site. Not going online later tonight. I'm rather tired. but I'll add you tomorrow. Thanks for letting me know though :) Can't wait to you to open your site
14 Feb 21, 08:37 PM
Karmen: Just passing through to say hi and Happy Valentines Day!!
13 Feb 21, 11:19 AM
Rach: Hi Brandi! luckystorm has a new layout! Hope you can come visit <3 :)
12 Feb 21, 02:11 PM
9Daily: Hi Brandi, 9Daily has a new layout ft. IU. Just want to say that I really love your layout and the colors on it!
12 Feb 21, 05:06 AM
Dorkistic: Hey Brandi! Dorkistic has a new layout ft. Treasure
12 Feb 21, 12:03 AM
Karmen: im doing pretty good. just been around here and there lol. :P but im ok. how u doing?
9 Feb 21, 08:09 AM
Karmen: hey girly I have you linked :D. how u doing?
9 Feb 21, 01:15 AM
Tears: Hey my dear long time hoping the best of the New Year:)
8 Feb 21, 08:47 PM
Rach: Hey Brandi! spookynj has a new layout!
5 Feb 21, 08:51 PM
Kassandra: Sure! :) I went ahead and added you. I'm shocked I hadn't already asked ;) I love your site!
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