30 Oct 20, 11:28 AM
Admin/Brandi: ----replied-----
29 Oct 20, 10:40 PM
Gayle: Love your Layout! Sure I'd love to be affies. I'm adding you now
29 Oct 20, 08:46 PM
Alaina: Thank you for joining Pretend <3 you're added
29 Oct 20, 01:16 PM
Kayla: Omg tysm! I'd love to be affies. Putting you in mine now ♥ & I love your layout too.
29 Oct 20, 12:43 PM
Rach: Hi Brandi! Your layout is pretty! Love the header! How are you? I have a new fansite for Melissa McCarthy http://melissafans.luckystorm.xyz
29 Oct 20, 08:58 AM
Admin: -----replied-----
28 Oct 20, 10:53 PM
forbiddenl0ve: Sure, adding you now!
26 Oct 20, 11:24 AM
Admin: -----replied-----
24 Oct 20, 10:18 PM
Scerika: Hi hi~! Love the new site! I will go ahead and update your link!
24 Oct 20, 02:42 PM
Sayuri: Hi! I've updated your linkage! I hope you're doing well!
24 Oct 20, 07:46 AM
Admin: -----replied-----
23 Oct 20, 03:26 PM
Dartzia: I will add you to my list again tomorrow
23 Oct 20, 03:25 PM
Dartzia: Im glad to hear that x3
23 Oct 20, 05:20 AM
Rach: Hi Brandi!! I've been so so! Hope things are well with ya. I love your new layout! Very pretty! <3 :)
22 Oct 20, 07:23 PM
Admin: -----replied-----
21 Oct 20, 03:45 PM
Jess/Luna: Hi! I'm closing Aetheria.nu down (domain is expiring) and moving the site to lunaxstar.com ---- can you please also change my URL. Yours has been updated.
20 Oct 20, 01:16 AM
Annii: Sure, why not? :) I have linked you <3
19 Oct 20, 11:54 AM
Reita: give me just a bit and ill update your link!
19 Oct 20, 01:11 AM
Dartzia: The new side url is http://yume-no-kawa.de.cool
19 Oct 20, 01:10 AM
Dartzia: Hi there x3 I will update your link right away, but first: I fused my digi page with my own drawn story page. Now the question, are you.still interested in an link exchange? Btw love your layout
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