21 Apr 21, 09:50 AM
finn: hi, i changed the link. sorry for the delay, it's been really rough for me lately.
19 Apr 21, 06:18 PM
Karmen: Hey girly, just wanted to let you know that i changed my url to pineapple dream. So if you could kinda change it .. Thank you. how are you doing?
19 Apr 21, 07:15 AM
Lilina: Hey, I changed your link. :)
16 Apr 21, 06:18 PM
megz/pixieskull: changed your link <3
16 Apr 21, 01:53 PM
Alaina: Hey ^~^o I've updated your link on my website and at Pretend Listing <3 thanks for updating me, and lovely new site!
14 Apr 21, 12:21 PM
Monay: Love the layout
14 Apr 21, 12:21 PM
Monay: Cool beans, I'm updating your link now!
14 Apr 21, 05:21 AM
Mina: Thanks for letting me know :3 will link you back shortly!! <3
12 Apr 21, 05:56 PM
Rach: Oh forgot to tell you your on my button rotation with this site now! :) Your brushes are amazing hon! Good job! <3 :)
12 Apr 21, 04:19 PM
Rach: Aww thanks hon! Thanks for the brushes! Much appreciated!! Love them!
11 Apr 21, 06:17 PM
Rach: Hi Brandi! I redid my layout and used some brushes! I did give you credit, Thanks! <3
11 Apr 21, 06:59 AM
Svenja: Dear Brandi ;D I just updated your link! Happy that you are back :3 Might I someday find some Pokemon Icons in your list? :P <3
10 Apr 21, 11:36 PM
suzy: hiii omg i love the new design!! :D i just updated the link
10 Apr 21, 09:47 AM
Emily: Hello, i updated you on my partner sites. Could you please change my URL to https://hexenschule.ojamajo.at/ and correct the name to ojamajo? thank you!
9 Apr 21, 09:22 PM
Kassandra: Yay, welcome back! I am loving the new layout!! <3
9 Apr 21, 06:43 PM
Salya: Sure. I don't mind that. ^^
9 Apr 21, 04:33 PM
Salya: sorry about that, been busy. Link was updated. and here's my forum link if you can't find it: http://www.taintedonez.taintedwingz.xyz/
9 Apr 21, 07:49 AM
Rach: Used some brushes on luckystorm and gave you credi, thanks for the brushes.
9 Apr 21, 07:23 AM
Rach: Hi Brandi! I've put your button on my rotation. The new site :)
8 Apr 21, 10:51 PM
Brandi: I love your site too!!!
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