15 Jul 20, 04:55 PM
Owner: Replied
14 Jul 20, 08:22 PM
Rach: Hey Salya! Thanks for the compliment :) A forum? Yeah sure! Let me sign in tomorrow. I'm way too tired tonight. Still working on a new layout! LOL!
14 Jul 20, 07:39 PM
Owner: Replied
6 Jul 20, 06:21 PM
Rach: Hi Salya!! I redid my layout! Hope your well! Ttyl! <3 :)
24 Jun 20, 10:14 PM
Owner: Replied
24 Jun 20, 09:07 PM
Alaina: Thank you! I wish I had more for you to choose from :\ Just let me know what you plan on doing.. I'm strictly cPanel as far as coding goes.. static div elements, too. Like "toyboxes" etc
24 Jun 20, 07:21 PM
Owner: Replied
24 Jun 20, 11:52 AM
Alaina: Yeah, please do use my pixels :p You'll have to give me more details about the layouts you're talking about. Business is picking up on my end and it's hard to keep up >~<
23 Jun 20, 08:33 PM
Owner: Replied
23 Jun 20, 12:41 PM
Alaina: Thank you @~@ nope, I cannot code games 😂 I wish I could, though. You make it sound like it’s a standard skill!! That’s incredible!
21 Jun 20, 10:27 PM
Owner: Replied
16 Jun 20, 11:04 AM
Kylie: Hi you wanted to be partners with me. Please Link me first.
15 Jun 20, 10:19 PM
Brandi: Stopping by to say hi! Loving your layout btw. I hope all is well <3
14 Jun 20, 09:47 PM
Alaina: if you're implying CSS/HTML stuff :)
14 Jun 20, 09:47 PM
Alaina: lol those previous messages @~@ Have a good time working on Tainted Onez! I'd volunteer but I'm swamped.. maybe email me a list of what you need done? Perhaps I can help?? I'm pretty quick with codes
4 Jun 20, 02:29 PM
Owner: Er, join my forum please.
2 Jun 20, 08:59 AM
er: No problem. Maybe another escargot user will stumble upon this.
30 May 20, 09:06 PM
Owner: Nah. I don't have that msn and I rarely on discard.. sorry
29 May 20, 05:32 AM
er: if you want
29 May 20, 05:32 AM
er: ummm you can add me on escargot msn [email]
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