25 Oct 20, 09:12 PM
Owner: Replied
24 Oct 20, 11:15 PM
Scerika: Hey Salya~! I hope you're doing well! Love the Halloween stuff!
24 Oct 20, 06:12 PM
Owner: Replied
24 Oct 20, 05:23 PM
Rach: Hi Salya!! Thanks so much for the compliment! How are you? Are they having Halloween wher you live? Here in Jersey it's been canceled. :( Ugh! Darn. lol
24 Oct 20, 03:30 PM
Owner: Repliedā™„
23 Oct 20, 01:23 PM
Dartzia: X3 great, i will add you under special souls as soon as i can ^-^
22 Oct 20, 07:16 AM
Svenja: Hey Salya! Are you interessted to become Affis? I'd be really happy! :D Have a nice day :D <3
21 Oct 20, 03:40 AM
Rach: Hey Salya! New layout!! Hope you can come check it out! <3 :)
19 Oct 20, 05:29 AM
Dartzia: To my special sides x3
19 Oct 20, 05:29 AM
Dartzia: Hey ho x3 i want to inform you, that insidious will be moved to [link] it's also a story page of mine where I try to draw all by myself x3 if you want I will add you there too
18 Oct 20, 01:07 PM
Monay: Hey hey! How have you been?
15 Oct 20, 07:24 AM
Brandi: thank you :D i love your new layout :)
15 Oct 20, 05:31 AM
Owner: XD Replied
11 Oct 20, 01:52 PM
Brandi: Hi! Hope all is well <3 if you can update starhaze to heartbliss.net that would be awesome! we've moved.
11 Oct 20, 05:10 AM
Rach: I spelled my name wrong, lolol!
11 Oct 20, 05:10 AM
Racg: [link]
11 Oct 20, 05:10 AM
Racg: Hi Salya! Good to hear from you. I have a fansite for actor John Franklin! He is one of my fave acors. Hope you can come by and check it out. Thanks. Love your layout!! Very Cool
11 Oct 20, 12:24 AM
Owner: Replied
5 Oct 20, 08:49 AM
Rach: Hi Salya!! How are you? Hope your well! I have a new layout!! <3 :) xoxo
19 Aug 20, 05:06 AM
Owner: Replied ^^
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