[mensajes antiguos]
8 Sep 19, 03:49 PM
How do I get the clicksfly link to send me to the download link? All I get is adverts
8 Sep 19, 11:43 PM
thank u for the new look , it's perfect !
10 Sep 19, 11:27 AM
@Minimoice I'm gonna post it tomorrow my friend...
10 Sep 19, 11:28 AM
@jumba sorry for the inconvenients clicksfly is caussing, you have to try to get to the link after 4 or more ads, that's why I stopped using it... Which is the link you have problems with?
10 Sep 19, 11:28 AM
@Nellion Which is the link you have troubles with?
11 Sep 19, 12:27 AM
Congrats for the new design looks amazing
11 Sep 19, 11:45 AM
The Utah Cabin Murders links are '404' page not found
11 Sep 19, 11:46 AM
Actually are download links are showing '404'
11 Sep 19, 05:06 PM
@MatildaJ I'm sorry... In fact all the links were changed due to a wrong setting... ALL links are fixed now... Thanks for the heads up!
11 Sep 19, 09:50 PM
A Visitor...
Why none of the movies posted show or include file size next to their rating or other information...
11 Sep 19, 10:34 PM
@A Visitor... All 720p = 1GB or less, all 1080p 2GB or less.. that's all..
12 Sep 19, 12:37 AM
In a few hours I'll post Far From Home new versions without HC subs
12 Sep 19, 11:27 AM
YourMovie Thank you!
12 Sep 19, 12:46 PM
1080p and 720p Far From Home New/Clean versions have been posted
13 Sep 19, 11:44 AM
Would you please upload The Meg (2018) in 1080p, Thank You
14 Sep 19, 01:37 AM
Please upload secrect obsession 2019, 720
14 Sep 19, 12:16 PM
A visitor
The new design is great
Any chance to post the rest of Daniel Graig JB movies (Quantum of Solace, Skyfall, Spectre)? Thanks in advance.
15 Sep 19, 06:13 AM
HEy thanks for CasioRoyal and Equilibrium! The search is now working for me too, before id have to go into the yearly tags to find anything, but now search is pulling right data
15 Sep 19, 06:15 AM
I was also going to ask about showing file sizes before download but i see above all 1080 are 2gb. Maybe worth a sticky above download link sections. Like a simple css description
15 Sep 19, 06:21 AM
Also better to hit "report" / comment / use this chat to point out broken links? Too many to name all but tried few of 2002. Was mainly after Reign of Fire