3 Oct 19, 10:19 AM
Rach: Hi Kaityln! Congrats on the news about your little one. Hope you remember me?! Love your layout!!!
8 Oct 19, 08:28 AM
mimi: hii i love your page .. just wanted to let you know that your premade layout link is not working
15 Oct 19, 02:48 PM
Salya: Affie? Cute site
16 Oct 19, 04:29 PM
Kaitlyn (Owner): @mimi - thank you for letting me know - the link has now been fixed
17 Oct 19, 12:29 AM
Salya: I got you added as well XD
29 Oct 19, 01:44 AM
Salya: Alright, I'll move the cbox back to the sidebar. Adding your to the game winner lists and fixing the contest link thou there isnt any contest yet. lol
6 Nov 19, 10:29 PM
:Karla: Thank you for the comment! :) Awesome webby ;)
7 Nov 19, 03:13 AM
Kayla: Omg crap! I totally thought I already had you in my affies lmao I will add you soon!
11 Nov 19, 12:12 PM
kevin @ h0neydip: sent you an email <3