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8 Jul 20, 06:38 PM
Beware... I beat the first one in a few days. A few days have also been spent on Doom Eternal... still on level 1
3 Aug 20, 04:24 AM
Loved the Project Warlock, it was a great action packed time. Please please give a hand in building a wikia. I'd love to know even more about this great game!
17 Aug 20, 05:35 PM
I know less than the other guys, I just know the cheats
19 Aug 20, 01:20 PM
Sk Tech
20 Aug 20, 07:54 PM
26 Aug 20, 01:50 PM
Cat cat Productions
Dude, love the layout of your site. Looking forward to your youtube reel and having fun exploring your music and reading about old Dos games!
29 Aug 20, 05:54 AM
Thanks! I've been working on it after work almost nightly now
25 Nov 20, 04:33 AM
Hi Jerry
25 Nov 20, 05:04 AM
Just wanted to learn some of the tracks from project warlock on guitar especially the ‘ Jerry and Luke's Theme’ or ‘main theme’ whichever it’s called and tried to find tab. I cannot track any down and
25 Nov 20, 05:06 AM
rather than pull my hair out trying to pick it out myself I thought it would be better to reach out and see if you have ever compiled tab for that work or anything. I obviously don’t expect you to
25 Nov 20, 05:10 AM
just hand it out free of charge or whatever but would definitely would be more than interested in getting tab for the OST if you had it. By far my fav OST out. I will keep checking back here
25 Nov 20, 05:11 AM
for any answer you can give. Thank you 😊
27 Nov 20, 06:11 AM
It was a Megadeth homage. Much like Doom payed tribute to several metal acts in Bobby Prince's soundtrack, we totally did so too but just that one. It's basically three songs together.
16 Feb 21, 03:01 PM
Luke did the overall song and guitar parts, so I don't know which songs exactly. Just that it is indeed Megadeth he's paying tribute to!
16 Feb 21, 10:58 PM
Saw you on palace, love the site and everything you're doing. I have built a few webpages myself and am now going to design a throw back design. Great leadership jlehr and cool profile, good share!
17 Feb 21, 06:21 PM
Sweet deal! Let me see it when it's finished.
19 Feb 21, 08:38 PM
What up man! Great stuff! Didn't know Neocities was a thing still!
20 Feb 21, 06:57 AM
Oh, I love it!
22 Mar 21, 11:22 PM
Man your site is so ****in cool. I love the Doom section heh
5 Apr 21, 04:08 AM