29 Mar 20, 12:51 AM
Clean your own house first,and then "worry" about others.
28 Mar 20, 10:54 PM
Seal Beach CA Fan
Than the CA I'm living and reading your blog from. :-(
28 Mar 20, 10:53 PM
Seal Beach CA Fan
Indeed, Al, I'd much rather be in your CA
27 Mar 20, 12:50 PM
Bayfield Bunch Al.
Thanks for the reminder Hannah.....your right:))
27 Mar 20, 11:57 AM
Loss of common sense=liberal mindset.
27 Mar 20, 10:42 AM
Buy your coffee and coffee beans at ShopBike please. They need our help to stay in business!
26 Mar 20, 11:46 PM
Barb in Okanagan
Pics of the Downie are spectacular!
26 Mar 20, 07:50 PM
Yeah, but how do really feel? HaHa! That's telling it like it is,Al, great post!
22 Mar 20, 11:05 PM
Barb in Okanagan
Awwww. Chippy's so cute
22 Mar 20, 10:52 PM
Bayfield Bunch AL.
Not quite the cardboard idea Nick but I did send an email to Art's Landscaping today informing them about the rock
21 Mar 20, 08:21 PM
Try painting a sign on cardboard, use a rock to prop it against the colorful rock, print- This rock belongs at dog walking entrance, please put it there
21 Mar 20, 02:17 AM
Seal Beach Fan
Keep posting Al. It’s getting REAL here in So. Calif. National Guards are here. :-(
20 Mar 20, 08:39 PM
Don in Okla.
Your blog and beautiful photos are a highlight of my day!! Thank you!!
18 Mar 20, 08:09 PM
Seal Beach Fan
Keep posting Al. Your beautiful pics light up our dark world.
17 Mar 20, 09:23 PM
Don in Okla.
Here in the OK Panh., I'm seeing many RV's heading north and east toward home.
17 Mar 20, 09:00 PM
Bayfield Bunch AL
I'm never close enough to see what they catch but in this weather they could all easily catch a cold.
17 Mar 20, 07:59 PM
Do those fishermen ever catch anything that you have seen?
17 Mar 20, 01:17 PM
Afternoon tea is a blend of green and Earl Grey for me. Not my favorite, but I treat it like medicine.
16 Mar 20, 07:28 PM
Great attitude re the virus , keep calm and carry on
13 Mar 20, 06:58 PM
Bayfield Bunch AL
Nice to hear from you Sandra way down there in that Weslaco Texas place.
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