24 Sep 20, 01:18 PM
Laura Dowswell
Wonderful sailboat photo..enjoy yr fall travels!
22 Sep 20, 07:37 PM
Seal Beach Fan
Lov your Sept.22,2020 pics! Autumn/Fall is here. Your pics tell that to all. πŸ’”ThanksπŸ‘πŸ‘
19 Sep 20, 10:41 AM
Barb in Okanagan
Wonderful that you found Gunnar and his home...well done Pheebs and Al.
18 Sep 20, 03:49 PM
Barb in Okanagan
Photos just keep getting better and better! Hope Kelly's feeling well again.
17 Sep 20, 12:53 AM
Seal Beach Fan
Feel better Kelly. And yes, Arnica helps with itching. (No Rx needed,’
17 Sep 20, 12:51 AM
Seal Beach Fan
Hope Kelly is feeling better. Glad you are happy with new rig. p.s. So Calif is still cray-cray. You are blessed to be in Canada, Ask Kelly if I can visit you soon! Oh, snap. US peeps not allowed in..
16 Sep 20, 08:58 PM
Bayfield Bunch Al
I think my blog's Facebook problem may now be solved. More about that in Thursday's post.
15 Sep 20, 09:04 PM
Renee from BC
Great spot! Know it well! Grew up here. Sat nite tradition was going to the Fish & Chip truck parked right under the bridge & playing along the river's edge.
15 Sep 20, 05:16 PM
Bayfield Bunch Al
NOTE TO FACEBOOKERS:: I am still blogging every day. If your not receiving my posts it has to be a Facebook problem.
15 Sep 20, 01:44 PM
Barb in Okanagan
Lovely that the Bayfield Bunch is out RVing again! Those memorial stones are such a good idea!
14 Sep 20, 12:23 AM
Rawn Stone
Have a good time Al, Kelly, and Pheebs! Sure hope you 3 can come South to Az! The best to you 3, Rawn Stone
11 Sep 20, 01:21 AM
They need your photos and spell check on their computer.
10 Sep 20, 03:09 PM
Barb in Okanagan
Enjoy your first away trip in your new Winnie
8 Sep 20, 12:46 PM
Bayfield Bunch Al
Thanks Gene, I just corrected that.
8 Sep 20, 09:48 AM
Gene in Ohio
@Bayfield Bunch Al Just read your updated "Who we are". Al, you have Type 2 diabetes, not stage 2.
5 Sep 20, 10:38 PM
Patty from CA
We have the "hitch itch" too! I just keep trying to tell myself that THIS TOO SHALL PASS!
4 Sep 20, 03:55 PM
Barb in Okanagan
Feel better soon, Kelly
4 Sep 20, 02:09 PM
Yeah and I want that length RV. It will be a trial RV for us. I'll get one with Corner bed and after the try out I'll tell her we really can't afford the other one..hahaha
3 Sep 20, 08:42 PM
Bayfield Bunch Al
It's true Norham, a corner bed does take a bit to get used to but not much of an option in that length.
2 Sep 20, 07:05 PM
Norham Foul
I love the RV. I really want that length but my wife hates the idea of a corner bed? How do I convince her it will be just fine.
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