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17th May: Black Bean Grocery Hair Dressing Cream is restocked >70+ jars instock
13th May: Flagship Pomade refreshed packaging available now!

[ Arriving soon... ]
Odouds Sea Salt Texture Spray
20 May 19, 04:55 PM
Any plans on bring shear revival deodorant ?
19 May 19, 03:55 PM
what is the best matte and hold at least 8 hours
18 May 19, 06:51 PM
Also it would be helpful if theres a Vending Machine in the North. Currently theres none
18 May 19, 06:49 PM
Are u bringing in Baxter of California soon?
17 May 19, 09:23 AM
Alvin (SGPomades)
@John yes, we have about a hundred new jars coming in today.
17 May 19, 06:51 AM
Bringing in any more of Black Bean Dressing Cream?
16 May 19, 06:39 PM
Anyone tried Phantasm yet? How's the washout on it? I've tried a lot of non-gel products but only Lockhart's Paradox and Blumaan Fifth Sample truly washes out in one rinse for me.
16 May 19, 06:22 PM
Wow awesome! There's a message board now!
16 May 19, 01:31 AM
Bringing in American Crew Daily Moisturising Shampoo ?
14 May 19, 08:51 AM
Alvin (SGPomades)
@chorts thanks for coming yesterday! @dom no plans for this yet!
14 May 19, 01:56 AM
Templeton tonic when?
13 May 19, 02:42 PM
Today afternoon can? haha
13 May 19, 12:11 PM
Alvin (SGPomades)
@chorts yes but faster cos left very few jars
12 May 19, 10:23 PM
Hi there, just would like you to know that your product ""The Rake" Comb (Thermoplastic)" is currently priced at $7,906.00 SGD. I guess there is a mistake but it's too funny not to point it out
12 May 19, 07:00 PM
Hi Alvin, any Black Bean Cream instock for walk-ins at your hq?
12 May 19, 11:48 AM
nice...I tried and it works great! Thanks Alvin!
12 May 19, 01:05 AM
Alvin (SGPomades)
@C @Quek do you guys wanna try the check out feature I have worked on? there are now 5 free gift options at checkout above $70, appreciate if you can try to "scam" the system to see if theres any bugs hahaha
11 May 19, 09:18 PM
Alvin (SGPomades)
JCube power supply has experienced short circuit and unable to supply electricity to our machine, please be advised to avoid JCube vending machine over the weekend.
11 May 19, 01:45 PM
Thanks Alvin for hearing us out! I think this site is amazing and I will continue to support. Keep up the good work!
11 May 19, 12:00 PM
Alvin (SGPomades)
JCube vending machine is down now and we will check it out in the afternoon. Await further updates.
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