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4 May 19, 10:02 PM
Katherynne Enloe
Omg I fell in love with Asher angel when I watched Shazam and I only listen to his music my fave song is chemistry what is your fave song by Asher angel
10 May 19, 11:28 PM
Asher angle
Hi I am a fan
13 May 19, 10:24 AM
Did you guys hear? Asher's going to
13 May 19, 10:24 AM
host Radio Disney's top 10 all week!
16 May 19, 01:50 PM
23 May 19, 01:07 AM
Chandrah Hobbs
Hi,I am a big fan🐱🐱🐱.I like the songs ~one thought away~.....:-)
3 Jun 19, 05:48 AM
Asher LeBlanc
Asher Angel is a living legend
5 Jul 19, 07:33 AM
Ermyas Agegnehu
I appreciated you on the movie SHAZAM
4 Sep 19, 01:58 PM
Asher noticed me before and I love 1 thought away
20 Oct 19, 12:09 AM
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