09/29/20 01:09 AM
DJ Princess Dory
Crank It UP ....... at the Rockin'!!! Playing the Best Oldies,
Classic Rock / New Rock, Country AND everything in between. A place to come
and let the day melt away.Our hours of operation are from 9 AM-3 AM EST
Monday thru Sundays .Please come join us at the Rockin' with the best DJ's on
the Net. From around the WORLD !! Also welcome our AUTO DJ Yosemite Sam
he plays great music when there is no Live DJ's on.JUST click on player on top
of CHAT. Only trouble is he does not talk much. lol

09/29/20 11:54 AM
09/29/20 01:57 PM
09/29/20 01:58 PM
with Tim Board live on the Rockin'
& Enjoy The Show !!!
09/29/20 05:15 PM
iHi Billie
, sorry I am working this evening, I have to work later this evening, but will be back in the hour
09/29/20 08:09 PM
Billie Nash
Hey anyone there
🎧🎸 Welcome Home Friends to The NEW Rockin' Round the Clock Radio,Home Of DJ ROCK let's Party 🎧🎸