22 Oct 19, 10:35 AM
Can we review this webinar or slide deck access? There was a lot of information!
22 Oct 19, 10:34 AM
Webcast Guru
Thank you for joining us today
22 Oct 19, 10:31 AM
Webcast Guru
It doesn't look like there will be time today for Q&A - as mentioned we have collected all your questions and will do our best to have them answered by the speakers post event via e-mail blast.
22 Oct 19, 10:21 AM
Webcast Guru
Please take the time to fill out the survey link below before you depart our stream at the conclusion. Thank you.
22 Oct 19, 10:05 AM
S Fusco (CN)
For aboriginal leaves, what types of documentation, if any, can be requested to confirm the leaves are legitimate once status is confirmed (duration, time of year/schedule, etc)?
22 Oct 19, 10:00 AM
Webcast Guru
We have been collecting all your questions - thank you - if time allows we'll try to get them answered during the Q&A period
22 Oct 19, 09:46 AM
for truck drivers, how to you calculate pay for sick day(s) off.? Do we use the same formula for stat pay?
22 Oct 19, 09:44 AM
Do part-time employees get the 3 paid personal days and total 5 days?
22 Oct 19, 09:35 AM
for written agreement about banking time, would a time sheet be considered a written agreement where the employee notes it in the comments, wants to bank it, employee signs it, then manager signs it
22 Oct 19, 09:16 AM
S-P Paquette (CN)
How does the notion of "reasonable steps" related to responsibilities to family members correlate with employee obligations when seeking accommodation on the basis of family status under the CHRA?
22 Oct 19, 09:13 AM
Does shift changes in writing apply to Transportation employees?
22 Oct 19, 09:02 AM
WG TechSupport
The session has started. Hope everyone can see the visuals and hear the audio.
22 Oct 19, 08:52 AM
Michael S
Good morning
22 Oct 19, 08:49 AM
WG TechSupport
Music is playing. We have not yet started with the session.
22 Oct 19, 08:46 AM
WG Tech
The program starts at 9am - the camera will be live shortly
22 Oct 19, 08:46 AM
Me too , so you are in good company.
22 Oct 19, 08:45 AM
I only hear music so far
22 Oct 19, 08:32 AM
Good Morning
22 Oct 19, 08:26 AM
WG Tech
Good morning - welcome to today's live stream
22 Oct 19, 08:20 AM
Webcast Guru
good morning
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