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Jimi has been shot on with all but 1 joke,so he gets A-
Rick Sadowski
Holy Cow Batman.. Where did the time go...... Great Job Jimi and Steph as always...... Have a great week ahead all my friends...... Hope to see you again next week........ Cheers!!!!!!!
Claressa Ellinger
Ooh such beautiful music to accompany our goodbye's. See you next week.
Alan Fernandes
Thanks for another great show Jimi and Steph. Smooth week all ... Cheers!
lol Jimi
Stephanie Sales
Thanks for joining us today everyone! We'll see you in two weeks time!!
Susan Losier
See you in 2 weeks
art baaska
THanks for the great time !!! bye bye
Claressa Ellinger
Two weeks, okay
Rick Sadowski
See you then.............:)
Cheers everyone!
Erica Riley
Awww. Congratulations to your daughter Jimi & Steph. See you in two weeks. Be sure to post lots of pictures on FB.
Jimi King
Bye everybody. See you in a couple of weeks.
Stephanie Sales
Will do Erica!
Susan Losier
Yes please share pictures if you can
i'll be in a completely new apartment the next time
Jeff Winston
Mary B
GreatShow again, thank you. Best Wishes to your Family and hope all goes well for next weekend.
Mike Burley
Congrats to your daughter! See you all in a fortnite!
Santiago Egas
See you soon dear Jimi King & Stephanie Sales, we will hear each other next weekend.