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22 Aug 17, 12:43 AM
trip: Yeah, up to now, my feed is still full of KCON Girl's Day stuff. I'm filled with envy and excitement for everyone who got to see them!
22 Aug 17, 12:22 AM
T: Daisy twitter was alive with excitement :) It felt like a Gsd comeback, it really had been awhile since we had a performance.
21 Aug 17, 03:39 PM
kava: wow i cant believe after kcon la there is no action in here
16 Aug 17, 02:50 AM
kava: Girls Day to be at SEP Beauty booth on saturday at KCON LA
7 Aug 17, 02:13 PM
kava: steve and mark you going to kcon? wil?
5 Aug 17, 02:15 AM
kava: more kcon la tickets released and on sale now
29 Jul 17, 05:05 AM
kava: Who's going to see Girls Day at KCON/LA????
27 Jul 17, 05:27 AM
momm: thanks greener
26 Jul 17, 11:05 PM
Greener: English Sub for Sojin webdrama now available on vlive...
21 Jul 17, 04:47 PM
kava: "Thirsty" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1IVF2rqZKkk
19 Jul 17, 10:47 PM
TheunV: What will be the reply to that from Girls Day they can't sit and do nothing.
19 Jul 17, 10:46 PM
TheunV: What do you think about the new song of KARD. Its like they used the beat of Thirsty and addes a latin/carribean sauce to it. The dance is poor but I think it will be a great hit.
19 Jul 17, 10:39 PM
TheunV: They both look happy.....Hope the best for both of them. Hope this will not interfere there professional business :) :heart:
15 Jul 17, 07:15 AM
kava: anyone get kcon tickets?
12 Jul 17, 02:52 PM
asd: why i cant register?
10 Jul 17, 01:45 PM
kava: Happy 7th Anniversary Sojin, Minah, Yura, and Hyeri and all Dai5y
9 Jul 17, 06:56 PM
ゆら's Champion: Happy 7th Anniv to our Girls!!! soo cute on Vlive
8 Jul 17, 11:00 PM
mom: Sojin filming a TV show. https://www.facebook.com/hongiksuper/
1 Jul 17, 01:11 AM
mom: Thanks. I've been waiting to watch this.
30 Jun 17, 08:53 AM
vui: taxi is out with engsub on dailymotion. go and watch it!
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