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18 Oct 17, 10:25 PM
Greener: Sojin on onstyle&olive vlive channel...http://www.vlive.tv/video/44601
13 Oct 17, 11:53 AM
kava: funny thing happened today, I was leaving South Coast Plaza Mall and I ran into Tiffany from SNSD
12 Oct 17, 03:56 PM
T: Vote for your favorite Gift Ideas! https://t.co/zu35U34Tbt
11 Oct 17, 09:24 PM
T: Share your ideas for Yura's bday support https://goo.gl/forms/01ji7aoTo18MBDYG3
10 Oct 17, 11:00 AM
ゆら's Champion: Easy answer.. Yura+Minah. the Ah+Ah couple. :p
4 Oct 17, 02:41 PM
minahdaisy: who do you think will suit Yura and Minah? Since they aren't dating (?) anyone for now
3 Oct 17, 05:54 PM
kava: Most digital sales by a girl group. #15 Girls Day https://www.allkpop.com/article/2017/10/most-digital-sales-of-all-time-by-girl-groups/s/10
3 Oct 17, 02:53 PM
haerim: yooow
27 Sep 17, 10:25 AM
Ady: Hi minah how are you doing, introduce my name ady from indonesia. I am one of your fans, I really admire your acting in the beautiful movie gong shim. I am very fond of the nature and behavior that is
25 Sep 17, 05:34 PM
kava: Yo!
24 Sep 17, 06:41 PM
Tailah: yo
24 Sep 17, 06:41 PM
Tailah: aye
24 Sep 17, 06:41 PM
Tailah: aye
13 Sep 17, 05:35 PM
kava: :)
11 Sep 17, 03:41 AM
fuzz: sup dai5y
10 Sep 17, 01:47 PM
zetterberg: Hi guys its been SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO long
6 Sep 17, 09:32 AM
gieanbie: Hi, are there any english subs for the videos?
23 Aug 17, 01:12 AM
kava: looks like they are still here
22 Aug 17, 12:59 PM
T: Yes, always appreciate how respectful Girl's Day is to their seniors, they set a good example for others.
22 Aug 17, 10:17 AM
gun: Girl's Day was so respectful to the seniors (D&E) maybe that's why all junior groups (not including all members though) were so respectful to them <3 I love my girls so much
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