23 Jan 21, 01:21 PM
BossLadySondra: The Last Exit for the Lost - Last Exit Intro BLITZKRIEG - Blitzkrieg Diamond Head - Helpless Witherfall - Another Face October Changes - The Dark Paradise Primordial Throne - Calm Fury of the Stars Raat - Evenstar Rage In My Eyes - Dive Deep Into Madness Reaper (Sweden) - The Sweetness Of The Wound Nuclear Winter - Commander In Chief Novae Militiae - Faithfully Reduced to Ashes Nopes - Under The Leather Night Prowler - No Escape Natthammer - Black Rain Immortal Guardian - Read Between The Lines Darkcell - Burn The Witches Antre - Become the Damned Dead Man's Hill - Black Crosses: A Guédé Celebration Averted - Silenced Cancer Bats - Bed Of Nails Dreams Of Tambourines Cardinal Wyrm - Mrityunjaya Cellar Darling - Dance Cellar Twins - Cloud Walker The Black Capes - From Beyond The Grave Black Pyramid - No Life King Blessed by Perversion - Gallery of Bones Chase The Sun - Stone Pillow Chemosphere - Time Won't Last Chris Maragoth feat. Neun - Oblivion Sower Zebadiah Crowe - Sabbaticus Xeper - Under The Will Of Satan Xenobiotic - Light that Burns the Sky Wraithborn - Nightbringer Wizard - Metal In My Head Worm Quartet - Dear God (Unplugged Except For The AC Adapter For The Digital Piano Because Otherwise It'd Just Be Clicks) Weight Of Emptiness - Chucao Wavepeak - Night Mover Wake - Beyond Empyrean Vis Mystica - The Plains of Silence Snow - Skate Fast Die Hard Sound Vvitch - The Augurist Stortregn - Grand Nexion Abyss Superfecta - Breathe In Terminal Bliss - 8 Billion People Reported Missing Seas on the moon - Born of Chaos (feat. Octavian Casian) Serpent Lord (GR) - The Gospel of Judas Shadow Warrior - Demolition Hammer Sharptooth - The Gray Significant Point - Heavy Attack Moonskin - Lycanthropy Mordkaul - A Swarm Of Illusions OK Gargoyle - Ways To Die Motherfaster - Shotgun blast Motivik - The Past Of Tomorrow Faithful Breath - Double Dealer Feed after Midnite - Out of Time Fucked And Bound - Dead Bop EXA - Death is Coming Escape - Holy War Grayceon - Diab
23 Jan 21, 01:03 PM
BossLadySondra: The Last Exit for The Lost will be starting a little late due to a tech issue
23 Jan 21, 12:55 PM
BossLadySondra: Coming up is The Last Exit For THe Lost then at 7pm-Est its The House That Metal Built with Dj Crazy Train keep it locked and loaded right here on Digital Revolution Radio
23 Jan 21, 02:00 AM
PreacherMan: good night and sleep well and be safe
23 Jan 21, 01:59 AM
PreacherMan: Phenomenal show bro
23 Jan 21, 01:44 AM
PreacherMan: Phenomenal show bro
23 Jan 21, 12:27 AM
PreacherMan: your very welcome
22 Jan 21, 11:40 PM
DJ Crazy Train: TY Joe :)
22 Jan 21, 11:33 PM
PreacherMan: Fantastic show bro
22 Jan 21, 11:32 PM
PreacherMan: some very romantic tunes im lovin it
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