6 Feb 21, 07:06 PM
thierry: Thanks a lot for playing our song RACISM OUT (E-CLIPS) ²
2 Feb 21, 04:38 AM
win: please play, Yourself from you by execution 22
31 Jan 21, 04:08 AM
Tim: Is it possible to have the song Candyman by Aloe Blacc played for my best friend?
28 Jan 21, 09:33 PM
973FM: @Louie we will be playing your request for Gone Gone Gone in 15 mins' time at 9:45pm!
27 Jan 21, 02:50 PM
Louie: Today is my girlfriend's anniversary and we couldn't meet each other. Can you play "gone gone gone" by Phillip Phillip?
15 Dec 20, 11:46 PM
973FM: @Risa tune in again tmr between 7:55am to 9:55pm to catch the song!
14 Dec 20, 10:20 PM
Risa: Off My Mind by RENE please!
25 Nov 20, 02:58 AM
Paula: Hi can you play What Are We Waiting For by Ally Brooke, please?
6 Nov 20, 10:43 PM
973FM: @Hi playing some Keane for you now!
16 Oct 20, 03:52 PM
Hi: hi can play more songs by Keane?
22 Sep 20, 12:07 AM
973FM: @Jade We'll be playing your request for Garden at 6:30pm on tuesday tomorrow
11 Sep 20, 01:24 PM
Jade: Hi can play Garden by Shirley Ho
10 Aug 20, 12:01 AM
CK: Happy National Day! Can play Shirley Ho ‘s Garden
1 Aug 20, 10:06 AM
Jade: DJ can play Garden by Shirley Ho thank you and have a great day!
31 Jul 20, 12:00 AM
Jade: Can play Garden by Shirley Ho
27 Jul 20, 08:55 PM
Jade: 973Fm is the best station in Singapore
5 Jul 20, 09:30 PM
Jack: Tuning in from the UK just for it
5 Jul 20, 09:29 PM
Jack: Girls like mystery song please
4 Jul 20, 12:58 PM
973FM: @Jade ** Fun Time will be played at 1:15pm
4 Jul 20, 12:14 AM
973FM: @Jade Hi, we'll be playing your request Fun Time at 10:30am on Sat morning
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