John: do you guys have an updated jge client? i saw there was japanese va for resistance jd
Dianmir: Safe weapon enhancement to +7 added on GEAndromida, game is also available in Chinese now, Japanese language support will follow.
RumbisItsyous: Other then that...Quiritatio is basically a Noah` Ark, Quiritatio`s "top floor" is a big "reset button".
RumbisItsyous: announced to be really close to all the pioneering crowd.
RumbisItsyous: As for the god himself - we have a close contact with him during the D.Armonia (at the very end we have him talk to us), and many different clues about him in old questlines (like Armonia-5, he is
RumbisItsyous: Basically all the story from Orden questline to Terminar is: Orden wants to reboot the world (literally reset it and start anew), Charlotte &we are stopping him.
RumbisItsyous: Lada, Aisha, Aclla is NOT children of elements, they`re basically "priests" of "children". Charlotte=>Aclla, and so on.
RumbisItsyous: In the same time each have a dedicated role for the planet at whole. Charlotte is "Watcher", Orden is "Messager", etc. See 5 elem accessoires.
RumbisItsyous: They represent 5 basic elements (the ones you know since Viron). Orden is Wind, Charlotte is Fire, etc.
RumbisItsyous: There`re supreme god, called "Star`s owner", or similar other names (depends on translation). Yah, all 5 are his children.
Tim: *Stella and *Chloe, but yeah that's right.
B.: I'm so confused with storyline -- children of 5 elements, charlotte orden atlas stellar and chole, that's right?
B.: Anyone can tell synopsis of Synodia and terminar?? i wonder that Charlotte is original god's fire or she takes place the older god's fire???
Rumbis\itsyous: changes that require deep scripting on KGE during last year, tbh. Mainly numbers and recycled content. After all- JGE went popular due to custom content, that`s a good example.
Rumbis\itsyous: As for Andromida updates...I believe that even with major episodes being behind other servers - Andromida can survive OK with implementing custom content. There wasn`t THAT much mechanical
Rumbis\itsyous: @Dianmir YAY, that`s nice! Gotta redownload my Andromida client, tho.
Stranger: Andromida server wont get kGE update, they will get their own update instead. like Emilia can use ET with rod, canna / chung ha nerfed.
Dianmir: @Rumbleitsyous: I have removed customizations from localize.scp and put them into IES files to make your life easier.
RumbisItsyous: Posted a small fix for JGE`s client in GE HTML database. Andromida version (SCP support) coming as soon as i defeat my own laziness
?: almost forgot, imc once sacrificed ge for supposed-to-be-new-legend ToS. good things ToS is far it lol
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