Madd: but well still few other event items how would u get rid of those?
Madd: zzz just realized nvm u can spam the **** out of em and they overlap
Madd: seems a bit stupid to have 15 items take up space that can only be discardedby using 1 a day for the next 15 days >.>
Madd: just wondering but is there anyway to delete/trash items that cant be sold or discarded? such as otite perfume or the wing ticket from CTB? ik you use to be able to use soul dump...but not anymore
Koto: our discord [link]
Koto: Hi guys - lets play on jGE?
Obscura: @Noone: Nevermind. I got the toxic fumes effect to work on Veroniff's stance too.
่กขค: มีคนไทยไหม
Obscura: @Noone: I was thinking of that too, but me + animation = idk
Noone: Maybe Zaved stance have that "toxic fumes" as part of character animation, not particle effect? Technically it`s possible.
Obscura: Zaved's stance makes any book that she's using emit toxic fumes. I can't find any emitter/particle property in her stance. Ash?
Obscura: Ah I got it to work. Thanks everyone \o/
Obscura: @Rumbis: Ah okay. I found the article. Thanks!
Rumbis: iirc (don`t have a chance to check right now) , effects is separated, but can also be changed.
Arc4nine: @Obscura no
Obscura: with it?
Obscura: Question: For custom swapping weapon models, do the particle effects go along with it? Like let's say I want to swap out Tyrant Dagger costume with Abyss Dagger costume. Do the particles also swap
Rumbis: I`ll try to mimic my output with Jupath`s CSS& images. But... I have several problems IRL that gotta be fixed. Coming soon(C)
Enzy: RIP jupath
Arc4nine: more code with compatible characters in my discord
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