R: According to GEEU it has been fixed. [link]
CastillianGE: So the GEEU forums has data mining spyware that makes your CPU go to 100%? Can anyone confirm this? I'm afraid to access the GEEU forums now because of it.
Simon: Arsha, do you have a guide on how to minimize the days it take to get Rosa? I'm struggling
rumbis: It`s possible as long as you have IPF unpacker (which is included in the"tools") and know which XML in ui.ipf you need to change.
Lagger: Do you know if its possible to resize some of the other UI screens like on this page [link]??
Ashardalon: for old quests, check t3fun quest guide - [link]
me: Adelina's Revenge link is dead in this guide [link]
Ashardalon: no rosa quest. i can only write a guide when usa server updates to the version, or when there is an existing guide in a different language.
rumbis: IMC deleted roulette rewards from client`s IES files many versions ago. It`s just "Sorry" now xD
Oniled: is there a way to get updated roulette tables from the american client or the new sGE client?
doughnut: Can you post rosablanca recruitment quest
CastillanGE: If Google Chrome doesn't work for T3Fun's Attendance Login Event. Try using this web browser. [link]
Ashardalon: not in english. i have seen some old jap/korean calculators but i dunno if they are accurate or not.
Jacky: Hi Ashardalon, do you know where i can find info on how monster defense, immunity affect damage? Do u have a formula for it?
deangelo_5ings@live.com.s: which mission to do
deangelo_5ings@live.com.s: ....For Rosa's recruitment, they don't really show where to get the items she needs? Like for instance (4th Bolero Movement) it just says the Squad Mission dude at Nimrod bridge but not exactly
rumbis: Also SGE already have the renewed attribute system, despite having only sym3 scenario version. Anyone who wants to test it,can join.
rumbis: GEEU announced synodia (Symphonia final) in late Dec\early Jan. "probably" it`ll include the last stock char buffs and MMA\CLeo\B&C nerfs.
Ashardalon: @weewee: for sge, it seems to work fine to just add se.ipf to ge folder. if not, u may move se00000.ipf to se00085.ipf to a backup folder first.
Smith: Its so warming to see your blog activity renewed again, Ashardalon. Im a regular to your site. Its wonderful to read what you write. Opinion and all. =) Thank you.
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