Lana: But maybe there are others better, idk. :)
Lana: I use this one: [link]
springfild: i see lana. what is the best download manager that i can use for chrome? tia
Lana: springfild, I dowloaded client last week and it's working fine. Maybe your connection get cut. Try using a download manager maybe.
WELP: Still waiting for the Young Andre Character Design from the jGE concept art LOL.
springfild: hello guys, im having issue instlaling the GE EU client. Tried downloading the part by part client and still experiencing corrupted file (all completed). any one of you has a torrent file for GE EU?
Woo: At least we know IMC won't necessarily scrap a char with concept art....just take forever to release them.
JM: Still alive? lol
Lana: Char design is actually old, arounf BFC time art was already done. YAY! Finally a male char! :D
Lana: Ch
Ashardalon: new great swd user - scavenger yeganeh [link]
WELP: And the character designs from the game and the website looks like a copy of Tree of Savior.
WELP: It wasn't on the Google Play till a few months ago. I always check the IMC Google Play Store each month. But the game has been released in 2013.
SunRype: @WELP How is that a NEW game when it was released in 2013
WELP: The game title is called (솔리테어리그 for Kakao) aka Solitaire League
WELP: IMC has a new Tree of Savior Mobile Game - [link] & [link] on Google Play (Released in 2013)
Matt: wow, will catherine torsche be relevant in pvp again?
Ashardalon: u need to pass korean id verification to register kge account. still waiting for updater.config.xml...
Noobie: Hi ash. Do you know any guides on how to play at KGE? Thanks.
Henrie: Any english speaking clan recruiting ? JGE :D
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