hehexd: hellow
gege: rGE private changed their domain to [link]
Obscura: @debas: That function has been disabled by the developers years ago.
debas: I wanna use it for a video. A showcase 3D video of Granado Espada.
debas: It is a guide to make us control the camera in-game. If it does not work, does anybody here know how to toggle the camera ?
debas: is this hotkey still working in GE SEA Steam? [link]
Ashardalon: download the 6 parts from [link] if u have issue patching, rename/delete winhttp.dll
ty: :heart:
Obscura: @Kielce vis Purses: I think cap is 1:5 at 10k.
Kielce vis purses: Guys exchange ratio from Merchant's favor is capped at 1:9? (200 favor)
Faithy: Thank you for this website. You have great guides. I won't know what to do without your guidance. Thank you Ashardalon.
XKR: Does anyone have a link for an updated client download for T3Fack GE?
RIP: Probably ran out of funds to maintain the site. I mean even overbleed didn't survive despite delkreuz asking for small donations to keep the site up. Ads didn't help much apparently.
Slr: Indeed Jupath had what wordwood left, but in a much better way.
Slr: It's not the same, though, Wordwood had a different update style, and Jupath had it's own API that updated the database simply reading the game files.
Ashardalon: kGE new update - [link]
Obscura: closure.
Obscura: @Slr: Jupath and Wordwood is actually the SAME site. The original owner of Wordwood stopped playing GE, and gave the site to a person who didn't play the game at all, and maintained the site until its
Slr: Regarding my problem, I can log in just fine through any other means be it Hanbit account or OpenID, the problem is that my account is OpenID MSN, the only one that's getting me the error...
Slr: @Obscura, it's a shame that Jupath ended, it was so much better than Wordwood Merseine, but they both were the best at their purpose.
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