Obscura: Hey everyone. How much +%atk does 1 point of str/dex/int give again?
Ashardalon: kge 2019 halloween event [link] costumes for moon, javed, aisha.
Obscura: Otherwise, the guide went swimmingly. My bad.
Obscura: @Ash: Oh, I figured it out. pc_set_lynnB is actually the black Lynn. The one I provided the picture of is the actual default Lynn, which the armor pieces are white.
Ashardalon: also, for older chars, u may need to do the same for char_lo.ipf and char_mid.ipf.
Ashardalon: if u r following [link], u shld be replacing pc_set_lynn* and pc_set_lynnrare* in char_hi\pc\body folder.
Ashardalon: @Obscura: hard to say. i dunno what u did, but it doesn't look like u have replaced the model (.lma) files?
john: [link]
e: w
Obscura: Any idea what went wrong?
Obscura: [link]
Obscura: @Ash: Hey Ash, I tried to follow your replace models guide swapping Normal Lynn appearance with her SFL Lynn and vice versa. Unfortunately, this happened and my normal Lynn remains unchanged.
Obscura: @Ash: Is there a way to increase the number of particles emitted in the emitter property and NOT the particle property?
Kettle: Fantastic web for guides, without it the game would be unbearably more difficult to deal with.
Strate Librarian: Hey guys, i've made a blog on updating information on JGE but im still doing updates on some of the stuff in it [link]
RHR: Can anyone share the link of KGE client update source? or updater.config.xml of Korean client?
jGE Player: you need to follow the instruction in the link
jGE Player: [link]
jGE exe: Installed fine, but it says "Can't launch execute command" .
JGE English patch: Does anyone know where to get the jGE English Patch?
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