Dictionnary: thanks a lot for the link
Obscura: Thanks!
Ashardalon: IAHGames file archive [link]
Obscura: Does anyone happen to have the sGE Englsih Voice Pack IPF file before then closed down? Not the revived one.
Ashardalon: if u r doing translation for jge dictionary, do share with others. [link]
Dictionnary: Can someone link the dictionnarylocal file of Synodia ? Thanks in advance.
Obscura: There used to be a bug where you can select another answer if you got 0 points where you force stop the game before the dialog ends through task manager. But they patched that out.
Lager: but im hoping that is not the case and you can achieve max points every day some how XD
Lager: ive actually encountered 2 times now, when rosa dislikes your response, she will give you 0 points, and also a few times where ive received 1 2 or 3 points, so it very well could be a random outcome
Ashardalon: seems only 1 answer is random, other 2 answers are fixed. i'm writing a guide but its still incomplete for the related stat increase.
Obscura: Just treat the answers as if it were rock, paper, scissors.
Obscura: Points range from 0 to 5 of any stat although in GEEU the text is bugged.
Obscura: The goal of Rosa's quest is you get points to fill up to her base stats. The answers and points are totally random.
Lager: Do you or anyone have any info/guide on Rosablanca recruitment quest?? Specifically which responses you give her yield the best results. Please and ty.
Obscura: That is the Mirror Universe variation of Sirius, yes.
Belmont: Is that Sirius? D:
Ashardalon: new guy [link]
RIP: [link]
Ashardalon: @RIP: can upload a screenshot of the login items for new acct?
Lana: Synodia on GEEU has been fixed on 23th Jan.
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