HiLikeToScamInT3FUNGEO: Beware of BlueTear aka ||Godkira|| aka Dx001 he's a scammer and he's a liar as well. Do not do trades. offers. or even sell stuff to him. He's going scam you in T3FUN's GEO.
HiLikeToScamInT3FUNGEO: [link] This is a guy who is completely heartless and scams Chrom out of an Armonia Special Bracelet and thinks it's funny to scam someone.
JackBauer: Trust me, you do not want to go down this road with me.
JackBauer: Fake Name Broading him in T3FUN then made comments about him on GEEU forums and now these harassment cbox comments on Ash's blog chat.
JackBauer: Also I know who you are. Don't change the facts that I know everything you been doing stuff to him. This isn't the first time I caught you harassing him Xel.
JackBauer: You need to grow up and get out of your parents basement you millennium snowflake. I dare you say that stuff to me or him. You wouldn't dare to do it us. Trust me you're a coward swamprat.
Nice: Pretty sure you're the one with the history of being banned by Ash bc of your unnecessary spam & toxicity lol. Nice to see you're still easily triggered by just mentioning your name, JJ
JackBauer: [link] - Doxing may be carried out for various reasons, including to aid law enforcement, business analysis, extortion, coercion, harassment, online shaming, and vigilant
JackBauer: lol I suggest you better stop it before Ash IP bans your account. I'm sure he can do that. Also you're such a scumbag to invade his personal life by posting his real name on Ash's blog.
JackBauer: [link]
JackBauer: Exposing someone's real name on the internet is high illegal. You better stop it before he can sue you for damages.
KE: hello
lol: Jonathan Joiner is still playing this gaym? XD
Prefix: Evil = Strata with diff set bonus better without set bonus cuz vet chips to upgrade/chip
Az: hey ash is the Japanese Sound Effects + Updater still working i tried updating it and its only like17.9 mb
Ashardalon: u can find evil accessories in eu patch notes and jupath eu database [link]
aaaa: Hey Ash; can you provide information for evil accessories series?
*-*: Woah, I was totally taken by surprise when I saw the revamped blog, its amazing! Well done~
Ashardalon: kge new summer event costumes [link]
Uwo!: omg new design! and it's so pretty!!!
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