Conversation: @Ashardalon new rNPC is Zaved
Conversation: @Ashardalon
Conversation: @Ashardalon
Obscura: Is there a GE or GEEU discord around?
Claymore: that did it! completely fixed now, thanks a lot :)
Ashardalon: unicode characters can be affected by your system locale. check control panel > region > admin > change system locale.
Claymore: the SEA font seems to have somewhat fixed it, however some characters are still going missing in my name. for example my name in game is †Claymore† but it shows up as † laymore†. lol
Ashardalon: try font ipf pack [link] or sea server font [link]
Claymore: is there any other way to re enable ascii text? the post from 2008 doesnt work anymore.
Layvaneth: #1569 discord ID. Nickname is same.
Belmont: Layvaneth I am interested.
Layvaneth: Better to play on jge. I can provide english patch for free to anyone willing to play ge for run. No issues with reg, even you can use simply Gmail to log in. Anyone interesed could find me on discord
GEPlayer2: @Belmont seen you online. I can sell you JGE English Patch for 1G
henrie: @belmont with english patch :) @Obscura Started playing kge yesterday :biggrin:
Belmont: is there a way to play jge in english?
Obscura: KSSN*
Obscura: @henrie i think there is little to no english speaking players on kGE given that they need to register with a KSN.
henrie: is there an english speaking faction on the korean server? anyone ? :p
Ashardalon: halloween 2018 event on kge test server - [link]
GEPlayer2: v25.17.12 ~ v25.31.84
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