Slr: @Obscura I tried to no avail, only people selling Vis/RMT there, any faction post is either ignored or looked upon with no answer. :(
Obscura: @Sir: Check out Surfing Acid's forum. He set up a forum for English players looking for a faction in jGE.
Slr: Hello, thanks for the blog and chatbox, Ashardalon! I'm looking for a JGE faction, my family level is 56, anyone recruiting?
Amphy: Much appreciated, Ash. Thanks in advance!
Ashardalon: hm yeah. need to edit some skin files. need some time to update. i'll post when done.
Amphy: Hi Ash, is there a fix to the skins? After today's update in the SEA server, the additional item slot got an extra button for page toggle and it's apparently like a bugged cyan-coloured square.
RIP: Lasts for 30s each. Buff will start at Shaping and has a chance to "upgrade" to the next if it triggers while Shaping is still up
RIP: Trigger buffs in order: Shaping (Crit+3), Trimming (Acc+2, Crit+3), Perfection (Acc+2, Crit+3, Phys PEN+3)
Madd: Mustache comb/"Grooming of the man"
Madd: anyone know what veils artifact buff is?
Emiel: GE called off Special Event part I on FB and in one Announcement in game yet left the special event announcement when switching zones xD
:/: Is anyone having issues logging into the t3 site?
Obscura: @Emiel: But rolling with both Lada and a WCer seems good too or something. Sorry I dont have a main tank lol
Obscura: @Emiel: Lada's pizza spinner has a debuff that inflicts -1 DR and reduces Res and Defence. So she essentially acts as a tanky debuffer. But I think WC is more preferred.
Emiel: I'm asking cause I seen people broading "tank with WC or Rada" which to me implies rada doesn't need wc O.o
Obscura: @Emiel: Both serve different roles in tanking. Sirius is more for bosses because he can equip a shield while Lada is better for farming large amount of mobs.
Emiel: Is Rada better than sirius?
Celar: I just opened a new ancient en celar pass, only to find out i can't even go in there. It just says moving to en celar, endless loading soon after. Any fixes for this?
Ashardalon: for chrome remote desktop, u can switch between tap to move mouse cursor and tap to click. check the app settings.
Large: for some reason for my remote desktop, i have to do very long press+hold for the game to actually register the simulated mouse clicks from my phone/mobile device. Anyone else have this same difficulty
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