FN SCAR H: Too bad T0B and I make sure you can't see his blog anymore. You're not allow to access it without our permission. By the way we already warn his family members too.
Singh phanthu phcn: I love gay sex after taking a hot shower I love to suck c o c k with Ash and Kevin Fuentes [link]
Jonathan Joiner: i should send a link to your blog to all your family members on facebook, see what they have to say about your sad racist, misogynistic behaviour
Jonathan Joiner: no one care Jonny boy
NiceIPAddresses: North York, Ontario, Canada IP Address: Bell Canada ( Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico IP Address: Totalplay ( Pasir Ris, Singapore Singtel Fibre Broadband (
Jonathan Joiner: jonathan joiner, the guy who made the last 2 posts, was molested by his dad when he was young, that's why he acts this way. that's what he told me.
Adrian Redono: Like me holding my wooden dildo? Because I do your friend Silkye
AsLeif: I love to kiss my wooden dildo and **** guys up the ass with it
Matias: play andromida ge :)
JGE: JGE steam is the exact game as before steam transfert. (the only difference is the cash shop inspired from kge instead of roulette)
Violenheart: Yo kge peeps. how's grand master stances compared to current top dps
Ashardalon: old jGE accounts were transferred to steam jGE, so they shld still ve exclusive content.
John: How is Jge on steam? same exact as old JGE with exclusive content or are they now the same as other servers?
Fear: maybe try out the private server! called Andromida i think you may enjoy that theres alot of active people there you may find a group!
Fear: @Andy hey andy
madd: any idea when the increase max barracks from 24/216 characters?
Andy: anyone want to play jge together? From US and currently no one to play with :(
JGE: Gated by endgame content ? Do punisher stance ring a bell at CT or the stance for Grandies from Montoro ? Endgame reward from endgame content : well duh. That's how it was, is and ever will be
Rumbis\itsyous: Btw, what do everybody think about GM stances? I see a change of priority, same as last ~30 chars- from PEN\IMM to direct stats (STR\AGI\DEX\INT). Seems interesting, yet it`s gated by endgame content
JGE: I transfered my old jge account to steam. You have until june 3rd if you don't want to lose your save. No vpn needed in order to play :P. Thanks steam.
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