24 Feb 16, 04:10
Imisstheoldinternet: Wow, it's been over 9 years now. I just want the author of this comic to know I still read and love this and to please never shut this website down. Too many memories.
10 Dec 15, 09:43
fandom huebher: ranSOM where are you ITs so cold with,out you comeb aCk
10 Dec 15, 09:22
jeinu: somehow it was the perfect ending and everyone posted comments about how it made them warm and fuzzy inside. anyway, that's my tale, hope you're doing well.
10 Dec 15, 09:21
jeinu: dreamt this came back the other night, and was all summed up in one elaborate final page, and at the very end of this magnum opus, there was the ebola virus guy, making a weird "OOOooOoO" face.
2 Aug 15, 15:48
Colin: I read this comic when I was really young, I loved it. Especially the Flash short on NewGrounds. Good to see it's still being hosted. Man, the nostalgia.
29 Jul 15, 06:26
sm: help me
20 Jun 15, 14:35
Kristoph: asdfasdfasdf
31 May 15, 10:28
-_-: *whistling*
22 Mar 15, 06:22
-_-: How did I end up here again? This place is haunted.
16 Feb 15, 00:42
frog102: hi
24 Dec 14, 08:41
Revuri: I wish this would restart.
23 Oct 14, 06:15
-_-: Hehe...good old Godfrey and his mess.
8 Oct 14, 23:47
CarCrasherCarl: So this is what happens when you fire Ebola Virus Man. It took him a decade, but technically the current outbreak is all Godfrey's fault!
10 Sep 14, 00:26
2 Jul 14, 23:57
-_-: Various we are.
1 Jul 14, 18:08
John: I am!
22 Jun 14, 17:59
Kristoph: wait, no. 17th! yeah.
22 Jun 14, 17:57
Kristoph: 16th birthday for me! =(
26 May 14, 17:41
Sleeper Cell: certainly. i miss all the random stuff that happened. but at least they're keeping the site up so we can reread <3
26 May 14, 09:31
CivilBC: Well, this was a blast to the past - the strip ended on my 17th birthday long, long ago. It's a shame, I really liked both the "LOLRANDOM" and surreal elements of the strip. Oh well, good luck Ransom.
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