20 Jun 17, 18:01
Greg White: Kioko my David Jones character is highly skilled in combat he could how to really to kick butt if you're interested.
20 Jun 17, 17:57
Greg White: Kioko why not a newscast on life on other planets.
23 May 16, 20:41
IWIWAL: There are 50 luxury prisons worldwide listed on Arrest Records.Com Kioko and her fellow newscasters should do a newscast on them.
23 May 16, 09:25
IWIWAL: I wonder what T.B stands for.
22 May 16, 19:42
IWIWAL: Kioko T.B really cares about you..
19 May 16, 11:26
EC: Kioko I think you're a great newscaster.
18 May 16, 18:56
EC: I wish that newscast get updated because i really want to see what happens next to Kioko and her fellow newscasters.
17 May 16, 06:31
EC: Kioko you;re a real asset to the newscasters.
16 May 16, 11:10
EC: Kioko you seem to have found a place where you belong.
15 May 16, 16:22
EC: There's luxury prisons worldwide how about having the newscasters do a newscast on them.
15 May 16, 16:19
EC: I bet Nienna has PMS and periods and it make her hard to be around at times.
14 May 16, 07:56
EC: I think that Kioko is very pretty and is a great newscaster.
14 May 16, 07:08
EC: Kioko what caused you to crash into the newscasters studio in the 1st place?
14 May 16, 06:51
EC: I'm curious how Kioko managed to crash in the newscasters studio in the 1st place.
12 May 16, 21:18
IWIWAL: Please update Newscast I really want to see what happens next to Kioko and her fellow newscasters.
12 May 16, 21:16
IWIWAL: Newcast hasn't been updated in quite a while.
12 May 16, 21:07
IWIWAL: Kioko if you're you're interested in improving your self-defense skills my David Jones character could teach you he's highly skilled and has lots of experience in battle.
12 May 16, 07:16
GDW: Kioko at the bakery you really kicked butt with those Pie minions where did you learn to fight like that?
12 May 16, 07:10
GDW: Kioko what's it like working with T.B. and the other newscasters?
11 May 16, 17:46
GDW: Kioko do you find being a newscaster enjoyable?
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