21 Nov 20, 08:17 AM
Jae: Having the same issue with tune in radio it's says stream not available in the u.k:-(
19 Sep 20, 06:19 PM
Funky Ass Tunes: Maybe it is a brexit thing 🤨
19 Sep 20, 06:18 PM
Funky Ass Tunes: Hey Kevin, I think it is just a UK thing. Please find in Ireland on tuniein
18 Sep 20, 04:27 PM
Kevin W: Sadly it’s not just Google Chrome. I am unable to access your broadcast via Firefox also. TuneIn 👎🏼
11 Sep 20, 06:52 PM
Funky Ass Tunes: I think it is just an issue with Chrome
11 Sep 20, 06:52 PM
Funky Ass Tunes: Hey Chris, thanks for letting us know about this issue with tunein. ,,
11 Sep 20, 08:50 AM
Chris: Hi, Funky ass tunes has stopped playing/working in the U.K. in the tunein radio app saying I’m now
5 Sep 20, 09:52 AM
Alex: Cool music! You radiostation one of the best! Hope you will keep giving a good content for us.
10 May 20, 12:40 AM
Jobione: Hands down THE BEST radio station in the universe! 💖
4 May 20, 02:39 PM
Geoffray: Trop content de vous entendre à nouveau. Get the Funk Out!!!
2 May 20, 12:51 AM
Steve: 'here' rather
2 May 20, 12:51 AM
Steve: You're hear!!! I really, really missed you. Thanks so much for the countless hours of funky company!
17 Apr 20, 05:10 PM
axman: Trop heureux que vous soyez de retour les gars !
15 Apr 20, 06:16 AM
jon: Hi guys, news URLS for the streams? I need my fix badly :D
8 Apr 20, 10:26 AM
Des: love it !! stay safe everyone
8 Apr 20, 10:26 AM
Des: So glad your back. We need the funk in these extrordinary and challenging times !!
6 Apr 20, 09:20 PM
Benjamin: So glad to see you're back on air!
1 Apr 20, 02:57 PM
JL: Hope all are safe and healthy - thank you FAT - best wishes from Carbondale Colorado USA
30 Mar 20, 01:44 PM
Святослав: Yeeah!
26 Mar 20, 11:31 PM
FunkyAssTunes: Back Shortly. Just moving host.
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