7 May 21, 10:58 AM
Catsnightmare: Reminds me I'm due to replace the umbrella I carry everywhere with me.
1 May 21, 12:30 AM
AgentQuasar02: Surprising that his voice hasn't shattered glass.
30 Apr 21, 06:33 AM
BlueBlur95: Is that Cynthia in the background?
19 Apr 21, 03:59 PM
AgentQuasar02: I'd say Alex is a pretty safe bet, he's known to be gassy
19 Apr 21, 11:27 AM
cobracard: so who farted?
17 Apr 21, 07:42 PM
AgentQuasar02: Ironically I was doing the same! Package came when I WASN'T waiting for it and when I was out of the house.
16 Apr 21, 07:57 PM
BlueBlur95: Did the same thing with something that arrived today
2 Apr 21, 01:02 AM
Person: Then that's 33.33 hours, or about a day and a half
1 Apr 21, 03:17 PM
AgentQuasar02: He's gonna die.
31 Mar 21, 08:29 PM
Robin: For the record, though, the layout of the bathroom in these comics is based on my own bathroom. Only thing missing is a plaque of The Ten Commandments my mother hung next to the door.
31 Mar 21, 08:24 PM
Robin: If that toilet is anything like mine, the tank only takes about a minute to refill because each flush only uses half the tank's water. So the time Alex takes is dramatically reduced.
31 Mar 21, 12:23 AM
Person: Assuming 5 minutes to refill the tank, that's 10,000 minutes to flush 2,000 times, or 166.6 hours, or just over a week to test that thing. Kid's got a lot of patience.
10 Mar 21, 02:13 PM
AgentQuasar02: Like father like son.
8 Mar 21, 11:18 AM
Robin: Six o'clock TV hour, Lenny Bruce is not afraid. The entire thing is a reference to REM's "It's the End of the World As We Know It".
8 Mar 21, 09:15 AM
Person: Not sure if that's a TV or a microwave. I get the earthquake, the raining snakes, and the crashing plane, but not sure about the rest
6 Mar 21, 02:38 PM
Catsnightmare: Love the Holy Grail reference! LOL
3 Mar 21, 09:27 AM
Person: Alex must REALLY like milk
1 Mar 21, 03:14 PM
AgentQuasar02: How is Kelli so casual in the freezing cold? XP
28 Feb 21, 10:50 PM
Robin: Probabl;y gonna remember a lot of these since I'm mostly using old comics. :P
26 Feb 21, 08:19 AM
AgentQuasar02: I remember this one!
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