13 Apr 21, 03:14 PM
Webbmaster62: np!
7 Apr 21, 09:55 PM
Hinata: Thank you so much!
6 Apr 21, 01:53 PM
Webbmaster22: https://nyaa.si/view/244130 seeding it now
6 Apr 21, 01:53 PM
Webbmaster22: and here is [LSS-WSRN] Anyamal Tantei Kiruminzoo - Complete OST FLAC verison
6 Apr 21, 01:47 PM
Webbmaster22: https://nyaa.si/view/1236788
6 Apr 21, 01:47 PM
Webbmaster22: Here is a link for MMPPPP songs on torrent on nyaa
30 Mar 21, 12:41 PM
Hinata: Sure, it's the Mermaid Melody OSTS and songs that the download links of them are not working.
30 Mar 21, 11:22 AM
Webbmaster62: Still working on it. Can you list all songs and OSTs you want again? Tring to go through archives
27 Mar 21, 10:26 PM
Hinata: Hello just checking in to see if the Mermaid Melody OSTs and songs are now working? Because I can't find them anywhere else.
20 Mar 21, 07:26 PM
Hinata: Okay sounds good.
19 Mar 21, 04:20 PM
Webbmaster62: I'll check with zdm
17 Mar 21, 11:06 PM
Hinata: Hello, sorry for the trouble. Just wondering if the links to the OSTs and songs for Mermaid Melody are now working?
11 Mar 21, 11:26 PM
Hinata: Sounds good. Take your time.
9 Mar 21, 03:26 PM
Webbmaster62: We''ll get bac to you on those Hinata. Just hang around the chatbox.o
27 Feb 21, 11:24 PM
Hinata: I also wanted to point out that the links to the Mermaid melody songs and OSTs are no longer working.
27 Feb 21, 11:07 PM
Hinata: I also don't know how to function the bots on IRC can I get some help with this?
27 Feb 21, 11:06 PM
Hinata: Hello sorry for not responding in a very long time. I asked about the DDLs for "Anyamal Tantei Kiruminzoo". I just wanted to know if someone can upload the FLAC version too on Mega?
14 Feb 21, 11:51 AM
Helessa: Is there a way for someone to seed MMPPP The last 6 episodes? The Deposit Files say limited or removed... :(
9 Feb 21, 02:52 PM
Flower: It's fine o/c, was just checking ^^
6 Feb 21, 05:36 PM
Webbmaster62: no not yet. We still chill on IRC lol
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