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Michiru: Soooooo quiet~
Royce: Well aren't you a little odd one.
Anne-Marie: I love Keo!
Royce: Keoki frightens me. D:
Royce: I tagged Kamoi!
Anne-Marie: Who's next? I am losted.
Gena: Ah mi gawd!
Royce: *snorrrrreee*
Gena: Wheres the post?! Kamoi? Anne-Marie? Where are you twoooooo!
The Holy Spirit: User Registration will reopen on February 26th, 2011. But under stricter terms.
The Holy Spirit: Users must email admin[@] after registering to prove user is not a bot.
The Holy Spirit: Once email and account info are confirmed, user will be activiated for forum participation.
The Holy spirit: New User registration i s closed. You must email me to be added to the forum.
The Holy spirit: Due to Lucifer's lesser minions (spammers) attempting to attack and/or compromise the forums...
Kamoi: Is that... sexual harassment I hear in your invitation, /nurse/? >.>
Royce: ... escape escape escape!
Celeste: I'll only follow you if we can lock the door behind us. ;D
Royce: The shenanigans have barely begun. Now if you'll follow me to my office...
Kamoi: Clearly, this box is being used for shenanigans.
Olena: never lying, truth-tella
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