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Barney: no issue, except me :biggrin:
Marcy: I have the same issue with logging into a couple of client sites. Most likely it's a plugin conflict.
OwnWP: @Marcy I actually believe it ti be iThemes security Pro but not 100% sure yet.
Barney: yep
OwnWP: /*** Weekly Webinar: Lumin5 February 28th ***/
Barney: yes and yes
Barney: need that 100mps line
Barney: Trying some html design programs
Barney: don't get me wrong I'm not going back to notepad days LOL
OwnWP: /*** Weekly Webinar: Lumen5 February 28th ***/
Barney: Yep me to but started on Windoze
Barney: black text
Barney: Are these slides yours or coming from them?
Marcy: Thanks for the demo, Kerry. I also purchased the AppSumo deal. I believe it expires in April.
Marcy: Me too. I thought I had received an email about it but can't find it.
Barney: can you put in code for the break/
Barney: How about shift/enter
Barney: To use these do you embed a link?
Barney: legal
Barney: It is an interesting tool, but I think I will stick to Camtasia for primary.
Barney: screenflow?
Barney: will check it out
Marcy: Thanks, Kerry!
Barney: Thanks Kerry
OwnWP: You're welcome guys. Sorry it went long.
OwnWP: /*** End Lumen5 ***/
OwnWP: /*** Network News March 4th ***/
Marcy: Isn't WP 5.1 the latest release?
Barney: How about a 30 hour day? lol
Barney: I set aside time for task. like email, design etc
Barney: My calendar looks like chaos in motion.
Marcy: Thank you, Kerry!
Barney: Thanks Kerry!
OwnWP: /*** End Network News ***/
OwnWP: /*** ScreenFlow Webinar (March 7th) has been postponed due to technical difficulties. Sorry for the inconvenience ***/
OwnWP: /*** Make your Website the Center or Your Online Universe - March 14th ***/
Jeremy: Hello
Marcy: What happened?
OwnWP: /*** Canceled due to lack of participation - Will potentially be rescheduled ***/
OwnWP: @Marcy we had no on here at the scheduled time so we cancelled/postponed.
OwnWP: @Marcy sadly this is what has been happening and it is really a shame. Wastes the presenters time. And a bunch of of great material gets shared with only one or 2.
OwnWP: (in today's case there was no one)
Barney: I am unable to connect to webinar
OWNWP: /*** Network News March 18th ***/
Marcy: Loooking forward to hearing more about Screenflow.
Marcy: Nothing today.
OWNWP: /*** End Network News ***/
OWNWP: /*** Tools of the Trade ScreenFlow March 21st ***/
Barney: Yes and Yes
KerryCarron: Hello
Barney: Makes me dizzy lol
Barney: can you add new tracks?
KerryCarron: https://ownwp.com/Buy-Screenflow
Barney: Play your mp4 lets see the masterpiece (smile)
Barney: yes
Barney: <clap><clap>
Barney: Will check it out, Thanks Kerry!
KerryCarron: I really love ScreenFlow Barney. I could sit and edit and play on images and videos ALL day!
KerryCarron: /*** End ScreenFlow ***/
Barney: See and Hear
KerryCarron: /*** Network News ***/
Barbara: Hi hi
Barbara: security channel? at OWNWP?
Barney: Strong
KerryCarron: https://ownwp.com/Buy-Screenflow
Barbara: :(
Barbara: no issues
KerryCarron: Anyone have anything to discus today
Barney: Is anyone having issue with serverpress?
Barney: I put it in the rant in slack
Barbara: Here it is: Somehow a serverpress test site I was working on to replace an old site, tried to access the live site and wordfence freaked out. Ended up deleting and reinstalling server press and loaded a backup for the site. What a Pain still don’t know what happened except I wasted half a day.
Barbara: no clues
Barney: Thanks Kerry!
Barbara: Thanks Kerry
Marcy: Thanks, Kerry!
KerryCarron: /*** NOTICE ***/
KerryCarron: Sadly, we are canceling all future OwnWP webinars due to low attendance. Please check the Slack channels for additional information.
Stacey: OH, finally am available today
Stacey: Have a great day
KerryCarron: You have no idea how disappointing all of this has been for me @Stacey