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Barbara: I can hear you
Barney: Yep
OwnWP: /*** Network News Feb 4 ***/
Barbara: Kerry's actually worse than I am, and I have LOTS of windows open in different browswers
Barbara: I see your screen
Barbara: yep
Barbara: tiny
Barbara: that's better
Barney: and free stuff
Barbara: slides still not progressing
Barbara: nope
Barney: nope
Barbara: Stil Network News
Barney: yea
Barbara: that's better
Barbara: What's the name again?
Barbara: thx
Barbara: haven't looked yet
Barbara: interesting
Barbara: sorry...gotta go be gramma now
Marcy: Nothing to share today.
Barney: Anyone know about Awstats
Marcy: What do you need you to know?
Barney: Getting strange urls in the site visits section
Marcy: I have in the past.
Barney: Not related, and apear to be spam sites
Marcy: Could be bots.
Barney: Could be I'm trying to find out how to block or deleate
Barney: They are url links
Barney: Try the some of sites on my really secure I link to one and is was difinitely bad. Strange vistors.
Barney: computer
Marcy: They could be blocked in Google Analytics or
Barney: found some of the ip's and blocked them
OwnWP: https://alltime.pp.ua/blog/awstats-strange-url-under-links-from-an-external-page-section/
Marcy: Are you blocking them in IP Blocker?
Barney: looks interesting, will look, yes in ip blocker
Marcy: You can also block in WHM if you have access.
Barney: Thanks that is where I'm blocking.
Barney: Nope I've got a call into my unix friend
Marcy: Thanks, Kerry!
Barney: bye thanks
OwnWP: Are you guys liking these informational type meetings or is it wasting your time with information you already collect?
OwnWP: /*** End Network News ***/
OwnWP: /*** Content Samurai Feb 7 ***/
KerryCarron: https://ownwp.com/CS-FreeTrial
Marcy: Thanks!
KerryCarron: I thought I was all alone!
Marcy: Took me a while, but I made it.
OwnWP: /*** End Content Samurai ***/
OwnWP: Marcy are you in the Slack channels?
Marcy: yes
OwnWP: /*** Network News Feb 11 2pm ***/
Barney: yep
Barbara: Hi hi {{waving and hearing you}}
Barbara: yep...I see it
Barbara: NextGEN
Ben: Block editor
KerryCarron: https://make.wordpress.org/core/2019/02/08/wordpress-5-1-field-guide/
KerryCarron: https://alex.blog/2019/02/03/pretty-bad-news-on-the-cancer-front/
KerryCarron: https://heropress.com/essays/wordpress-saved-my-life/#utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=wordpress-saved-my-life
Barbara: Perfect...thanks for the list
KerryCarron: https://www.youtube.com/Ownwp
Barbara: Thank you, @Kerry
Barbara: or you can hire someone what likes video.
Marcy: No issues today! Thank you!
Marcy: You're welcome. Haven't heard anything.
Barney: thanks Kerry
KerryCarron: Thank you guys, see you Thursday.
KerryCarron: /*** End Network News Feb 11 ***/
BG.: Hi Kerry :)
OwnWP: /*** Feb 14th @ Noon Video Animations ***/
BG.: I hear you :)
BG.: yes
BG.: y
BG.: I love green but this is a bit too much
BG.: lol
Marcy: Thanks, Kerry!
BG.: Thank you, Kerry!
KerryCarron: You're welcome guys. Hope you liked the presentation today. Sure wish we'd get more people and more interaction. Please consider inviting others.
OwnWP: /*** End Video Animation ***/