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rockin-robin's SwagTips!
6 May 21, 06:31 AM
icet19: Happy thorsday
6 May 21, 02:38 AM
Patina: Yay! Luke's taken the lead in the Canada/UK challenge.
6 May 21, 01:54 AM
Patina: Hit it with a rolled up newspaper, to teach it that other media is much more reliable than it is.
6 May 21, 01:36 AM
Patina: Bad, Inbox, Bad!
6 May 21, 01:23 AM
DietMtDew: Riddle, now it's doing it to me, Riddle, :|
6 May 21, 01:07 AM
DietMtDew: search win, Google Target 5c, 4c
6 May 21, 01:05 AM
icet19: and the lenovo tablet can be used as a monitor
6 May 21, 01:05 AM
icet19: okii so the tablet looks like you can connect it to the switch since the switch has a dock to charge it and 2 usb ports
6 May 21, 01:01 AM
Patina: Why wouldn't he be?
6 May 21, 01:00 AM
icet19: kiti hopefully percy is driving safely
6 May 21, 01:00 AM
Patina: I'm not going to hook a bluray player up to a tablet.
6 May 21, 12:59 AM
Patina: I still can't think of a reason I'd be sending HDMI into my tablet though. So I'm not interested in buying a tablet that has HDMI input instead of output.
6 May 21, 12:58 AM
Patina: We've got a collection of HDMI to other stuff adapters because laptops often have DVI, S-VGA, some MIDI thing and all sorts of other ports instead of HDMI.
6 May 21, 12:57 AM
Patina: The Playbook pre-dated Chromecast.
6 May 21, 12:57 AM
Okillem123: but its kind of annoying when some laptops don't have hdmi because it's still so common
6 May 21, 12:57 AM
icet19: i watched 2 episodes in color
6 May 21, 12:56 AM
icet19: looks like youtube had 3hours of popeye watched i think 30mins of it
6 May 21, 12:56 AM
Patina: Tablets are in greater demand for online schooling and working from home.
6 May 21, 12:56 AM
Okillem123: for me chromecast is pretty good for screen mirroring things like youtube
6 May 21, 12:56 AM
Patina: Looks more like tiny words to me.
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