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14 Oct 16, 04:08
rb79balls: a MG Tryon 3 ver Ka sounds so retarded and brilliant at the same time. i want!
13 Oct 16, 23:53
Amperglyph: @CKai Cydek The BB Senshi kit includes extra weapons, a Mobile Worker, and the mini Isaribi. So it's basically like the EX-Standard release bundled with IBO Arms 5. Which is still pretty repetitive.
13 Oct 16, 10:10
mysterytaco: @00 the tryon 3?
13 Oct 16, 04:51
00 haters: though i would prefer god, zeta or even g self over zz
13 Oct 16, 04:51
00 haters: a new zz mg wouldnt be so bad. think of the p bandai FA parts and FAZZ (sentinal color). also that gbf zz with animal combining( sorry i dont know its name)
13 Oct 16, 01:23
Amon: They look exactly the same too. Bizarre. Also, quick thought, since Vidar isn't an Ars Goetia demon it's possible the Vidar Gundam is actually a different machine in hiding.Like maybe a Kimaris...
13 Oct 16, 00:41
CKai Cydek: Oh, so there are TWO Barbatos Lupus SD kits, now? I'm pretty sure that won't be terribly confusing...
13 Oct 16, 00:36
CKai Cydek: Polls are nice and all, but what are the chances that Bandai will actually take this to consideration? The O and the V2 Gundam topped one of these polls, and look how well they sold :(
12 Oct 16, 22:35
mysterytaco: and the fact that ill probably only be able to get it online is kinda garbo too since thatll jack up the price a bt too
12 Oct 16, 22:35
mysterytaco: i feel like the ryseigo io frame shiden will only be like 30 usd but i still despise everything pbandai
12 Oct 16, 19:48
PointBlankSniper: you make it sound like that colour scheme and combining a term for a celestial body with the word gazer isnt a thing
12 Oct 16, 17:32
Amon: The word Gazer isn't a unique word or name, it's your own fault for associating it with a suit that has never been that popular to begin with.
12 Oct 16, 14:53
Neonlightillusion: FYI, Katoki had a hand in making the original MG Turn A. It's fiiine. I just wish the G-Self placed higher.
12 Oct 16, 09:12
PointBlankSniper: if they just called it a shiki it wouldnt be disappointing
12 Oct 16, 09:12
PointBlankSniper: well the point of gbf was to use old kits. they could have went build buring route with the lunagazer and be all new. or fixed it with the new parts. the problem is that they even call it gazer at all
12 Oct 16, 08:02
mysterytaco: ***** that turn a got the lowest amount tho
12 Oct 16, 08:02
mysterytaco: oh, zz won the ver ka contest? time to cry myself to sleep... goodnight, sweet age fx
12 Oct 16, 03:36
00 haters: why would you want bandai to use an old kit (star gazer) as base frame for a new kit?
11 Oct 16, 22:22
mysterytaco: anyway im just quitting the quest now and saying the transient glacier is light lavender and gunmetal gray
11 Oct 16, 22:21
mysterytaco: sux gdi
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