AlexSmith👠👠: Easy win 3-0!
AlexSmith👠👠: Czech Rep off to a good start
hornedfrog2: Next week lawrence kansas.... jason robards is still wondering...” is anyone there...” okd movie
hornedfrog2: Got the Swiss Deva playing tonight in vegas...bring on the screams and racquet tosses.!
hornedfrog2: Warm gulfbreeze rehydrating swamp greetings from yhe Crust Pizza in Naples... paddlepuss pale ale is the fluid of choice.. cheers!😎🍺🌅🌴🚴‍♂️🎾
hornedfrog2: “Paging dr howard... dr find....dr howard. dr find... dr Ketosis””” three stooges
hornedfrog2: Might as well and hire Oprah Winfrey for the Head of Nutrition😎🍺🎾
hornedfrog2: And about that terri le commercial..” hig protein and low carbs diet”....The Risks of High-Protein, Low-Carb Diets. Some experts have raised concern about high-protein, low-carb diets. High cholesterol.Some protein sources -- like fatty cuts of meat, whole dairy products, and other high-fat foods -- can raise cholesterol, increasing your chance of heart disease.
greg: that is a terrible commercial
greg: high protein less carbs.....ARE YOU KIDDING ME?????? come on your homework
greg: this just in...there will be an official " recount" of all the points in this match today:)
greg: this just in ....there will be an official
greg: warm gulf breeze swamp greetings from naples florida!
AlexSmith👠👠: another scorching night in nevada
hornedfrog2: As they say... when you are down a set and 1-4 in 2nd... get your butt in gear! Lets Go!!
hornedfrog2: Speaking of shadows.... love the palm tree shadows on the court... how “Vegas”:)😎🍺🌅🌴🎾
hornedfrog2: KT... please fix your audio... so I can hear Bencic get all diva on us😎
hornedfrog2: KT... the audio from your usta pro circuit broadcast via Iphone.... audio sounds like you are playing a cassette on fast forward:(
hornedfrog2: Go USA Fed Cup! In Prague this Weekend! 😎🍺🇺🇸🌅🌴🎾
hornedfrog2: A S... don’t those red heels hurt your back in the desert heat?😎🍺
hornedfrog2: Greetings KT.... how is vegas treating?... a public service reminder.... Remember... the House Always Wins:)😎
hornedfrog2: Hot in vegas?.... you can make book on it😎 or as they say...” you can Bet your Bottom dollar😎
AlexSmith👠👠: another scorching day in nevada
hornedfrog2: Warm gulfbreeze healthy rehydrating booze greetings from the swamp in naples florida! Cheers!
AlexSmith👠👠: booze is one helluva drug
AlexSmith👠👠: good luck to czech republic
AlexSmith👠👠: after first set...RT: "well noone says it has to be pretty".......i disagree with RT, i see a good looking fanny on court
AlexSmith👠👠: cute lauren, tasty fanny
AlexSmith👠👠: delightful fanny
hornedfrog2: Racquet toss. Not up to RT and LTC standards... point penalty.... linda hinshaw😎🍺
hornedfrog2: So... “ a needle pulling thread... La.. a note to follow So...”julie andrews, sound of music
hornedfrog2: And as we say down herebin the swamp... naples florida... “suns out... guns out....” that’s biceps folks:)😎🍺🌅🌴🚴‍♂️🏈🇺🇸🐸🎾🐢♣️
hornedfrog2: And if it’s raining... practice safe tennis... wear a “raincoat...”😎🍺enjoy the game
hornedfrog2: As we say.... “grab tennis by the Match”....and enjoy the game😎
hornedfrog2: And remember.... what happens and is said on LTC.... stays on LTC... kind of like vegas:)”viva, las vegas....” the king elvis😎🍺🌴🚴‍♂️🌅🇺🇸
hornedfrog2: Warm gulfbreeze swamp rehydrating greetings from the Dock in Sunny Naples Florida! Enouing a paddlepuss pale ale and enjoying the Tennis Channel Shiwing if the USTA Pro Circuit from Vegas! I am using the app Tunity, so I get KT’s audio from this restaurant... nice
hornedfrog2: Hello, zoo crew
AlexSmith👠👠: hey girls. ... Superstar DJs, here we go!
Ken: hey boyzzz
hornedfrog2: KT ... you sound like a Pro on TTC.... hope to hear more of you on the Tennis Channel
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