greg: KT ...let me know if you are around Naples...I aways know a "Nick's" pub in any town:) cheers
greg: later gator...later badger...GO FROGS!!
greg: say goodnight johnny....goodnight johnny
greg: goodnight gracie
greg: this is the ole left hander...rounding third...and heading for home
greg: hello, i must be going
greg: go frogs and badgers
greg: love to serena
greg: safe travels..
Ken: Thanks everyone !
greg: what????3 months?...what U are with the dark side:)
greg: love the battle...mark tjia...old tcu coach
greg: great weekend
greg: should be a great big 12 folks wasnt me who gave him a beer...but if i was there:)
greg: Great job to everyone involved....all the best to all athletes and coaches
greg: PURPLE POWER!! Great Call Mr KT
greg: FIght until hell freezes over...then high on the ice
greg: Love the FRGOS!!
greg: Coach Devin Bowen and Coach David Roditi!!
greg: GO FROGS!!!!!!\
greg: i would feed him a spinner
greg: HA!! GO FROGS!!
greg: Let's hear it folks!!
greg: BIG 12 CROWD RULE...
greg: lets go frogs
greg: love that lefty spin
greg: GET UP FROGS!!
greg: "LOVE THE BATTLE..." mark Tjia
greg: nice....the ole kriegler move
greg: knuckle up...feel the purple!!
greg: yes
greg: betting?....there is no betting in tennis:)
greg: point penalty:)
greg: feel the energy....the passion...
greg: college tennis at its best
greg: go frogs...point penalty
greg: im on the edge of my beer bench
greg: manny...hard to please
greg: feel the purple...gofrogs!
greg: what...we cant say "whats up *****cat" tom jones??
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