greg: dont forget your passport
greg: everyone can use some sex pistols:)
msfan: since exec producer Iggy left, internet connections have been much worse
Ken: Sex Pistols !
Ken: Thanks everyone
msfan: at my funeral, the radiotennis jingle from when the internet connection is lost will be the music of my choice
greg: safe travels
greg: go badgers
greg: goodnight johnny
greg: goodnight gracie
AlexSmith👠👠: Every time i go to Wimbleton village, I stay at the rose and crown, the food is clean and they dont water the drinks
greg: this is the ole left hander rounding third and heading for long everyone
greg: one if by land two if by sea
greg: great shows KT
greg: "hello, I must be cycling.."
greg: Big 12 Conference Rules Rocks!!
greg: "KT likes us...He really Likes us..." sally fields
greg: we would like to thank the Big 12 Conference for putting Life back into the Tennis Game:)
greg: advice
greg: everyone should heed his advise
greg: bravo pat...bravo
msfan: cash's honesty is refreshing but with him there's the issue of whether he has stayed on his meds
greg: pat is 53
msfan: I gave cash credit for about 20% of the article
greg: beautiful words, pat
greg: easy
greg: love pat cash!
greg: IGGY...where are you:)
greg: "give me liberty...or give me a pimms...":)
greg: if you can't handle the big 12 might want to play at wisconsin:)
greg: the only thing missing at the us open...are the Big 12 Rules:)
msfan: guess djokovic better not take a tennis scholarship from a u.s. university
greg: you sound like a complaining big ten player:)
greg: i would get alittle upset if I had to watch a player bounce the ball 50 times during the serve
greg: that separates the men from the boys:)
greg: the Roditi Conference
greg: Big 12
greg: where is that executive producer when you need her:)
greg: that's what happens when u play a brit:)
greg: and the crowd was on him with the jeers
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