Ken: Thanks everyone
greg: later gator ...later badger
greg: say goodnight, johnny...goodnight, johnny
greg: goodnight gracie
greg: this is the ole left hander...rounding for third and heading for long everyone
greg: hello, i must be going..."
greg: nice broadcast KT!
Dave R: Alyvia Jones is a Midland native right? On UM team
Dave R: You too Greg; good day to feel unity with all\
greg: happy MLK day to everyone
greg: but here is the link to the live scores of the michigan vs georgia tech matches...hop this helps:
Bobby: Oh I see. Thanks.
greg: KT is the one to ask...i'm just a spectator..sorry
Bobby: Hi Greg. What singles match will you be covering first?
greg: best thing to come out of the state of ohio....graeters ice cream:)
greg: go blue
Ken: We aim to please
Dave R: Good song
Iguana 🎾❤️: I am exhausted from this match....and I am sitting at my desk!!! 😂
greg: try this class.....hw to keep score in a tennis match 101
greg: glad they go to school
Iguana 🎾❤️: Hi Ken!!! You sound great!!!
Iguana 🎾❤️: No better way to warm up in the D than by listening to KT on RT!! This doubles match is smoking hot!!!
Dave R: That's ironic - I started going to Midland in 2005-6ish
greg: and in the newport challenger by oracle.....first round's donald young vs patrick kypson(WC)
greg: "smell of the grease paint...the roar of the crowd..."
greg: "peroni"...makes me thirsty for a beer:)
greg: she was the TD for the midwest designated and national open tournaments back when our boys played juniors 2004 or so
Dave R: Hmm I don't know her. Only Mike Woody and Scott Mitchell.
greg: what ever happened to wendy franz who use to run the midwest tournaments at the Dow center?
Dave R: And just a reminder that the Greater Midland Tennis Center is a great facility and looking forward to the upcoming $100K
Dave R: The Great Indoors
greg: and on that coaching during the match side of things...article on espn....Coaches split on issue of in-match coaching.....
greg: a public service reminder....if you get injured during that indoor tennis match today in michigan...and the ice machine is broken....slap on a bag of frozen blue berries in the injured area:)
greg: ronni is serving up "frozen" blue berries and cream at the event today in ann arbor....ref: the Nats at Kzoo
greg: and dont forget to go out and watch the ITA's Kickoff...around the country....starting jan 26th....look on the iTA for a venue near you
greg: sloane stephens lost to Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova...-6,3,3
greg: and on the mens singles side...francis tiafoe is carrying the flag for the quarters...plays nadal
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