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05/04/21 07:10 PM
MoonSoldier3: Oh, on Discord? Don't have it while mobile.
05/04/21 07:41 PM
MoonSoldier3: BRB
05/04/21 08:06 PM
~Solarchos: Good night ti you all. See you tomorrow.
05/04/21 09:04 PM
MoonSoldier3: Night, guys.
05/05/21 07:49 AM
KingPriceman: morning
05/05/21 07:50 AM
@UltraMatt: morning
05/05/21 08:36 AM
[✔]firefly_1824: hi
05/05/21 08:38 AM
[✔]firefly_1824: my dad is having his knee replacement this morning
05/05/21 08:38 AM
[✔]firefly_1824: if you all could keep him in mind
05/05/21 11:04 AM
[✔]firefly_1824: it sounds like everything went well; they're waiting for more mobility before going home
05/05/21 11:58 AM
@Dr. Xadium: will do
05/05/21 11:58 AM
@Dr. Xadium: hope it works out
05/05/21 11:58 AM
YingGirl: Hey
05/05/21 11:58 AM
@Dr. Xadium: 'lo
05/05/21 11:59 AM
YingGirl: I am tempted to get a yinggirl doll after seeing someone posted a doll made by setskou
05/05/21 11:59 AM
@Dr. Xadium: You should totally do it!
05/05/21 11:59 AM
YingGirl: If i want a BJD one, it'll be 500$usd
05/05/21 12:00 PM
@Dr. Xadium: Well dolls ain't cheap lol
05/05/21 12:00 PM
YingGirl: I might go for a volks one cause they seem reasonable
05/05/21 12:00 PM
@Dr. Xadium: Volks and reasoanble are two words I never thought I'd hear together in the same sentence
05/05/21 12:01 PM
YingGirl: It's either setskou or mini culure
05/05/21 12:01 PM
YingGirl: Ask bucket if volks dolls are worth it
05/05/21 12:01 PM
YingGirl: Culture ^
05/05/21 12:02 PM
@Dr. Xadium: Volks are the top tier and SUPER expensive from what I know
05/05/21 12:02 PM
@Dr. Xadium: I'll point her your way
05/05/21 12:03 PM
YingGirl: Thanks. Cause i seen them for 165$-175$usd for FF ones
05/05/21 12:03 PM
YingGirl: https://www.sailormoonforum.com/index.php?threads/custom-sailor-quirinus-doll-by-setsunakou.33403/
05/05/21 12:04 PM
YingGirl: My purse broke
05/05/21 12:13 PM
YingGirl: http://www.setsunakou.com/customdolls/saturn/origsaturn11.html
05/05/21 12:15 PM
YingGirl: http://www.setsunakou.com/customdolls/finalfantasy/finalfantasydolls.html
05/05/21 12:18 PM
YingGirl: Sorry for the links
05/05/21 12:33 PM
KingPriceman: https://twitter.com/G4TV/status/1389988272244396037
05/05/21 12:33 PM
KingPriceman: LL should be able to be pleased by this announcement
05/05/21 12:39 PM
KingPriceman: as well as anyone who likes D&D
05/05/21 03:47 PM
TheLastLaugh: Hey KP. Thank you for posting that. Very interesting.
05/05/21 03:51 PM
KingPriceman: you're welcome
05/05/21 06:07 PM
~Solarchos: Hey everyone
05/05/21 06:17 PM
[✔]firefly_1824: evening
05/05/21 06:17 PM
@UltraMatt: evening
05/05/21 06:18 PM
~Solarchos: How's everyone doing tonight?
05/05/21 06:18 PM
@UltraMatt: i'm ok. nervous and excited abuot tomorrow
05/05/21 06:19 PM
~Solarchos: What's going on tomorrow?
05/05/21 06:20 PM
@UltraMatt: getting my second dose
05/05/21 06:20 PM
~Solarchos: Ah.
05/05/21 06:21 PM
@UltraMatt: otherwise i'm fine tonight
05/05/21 06:27 PM
MoonSoldier3: Mine's not this Saturday, but the next.
05/05/21 06:32 PM
@UltraMatt: I'm tired today i'll say that
05/05/21 06:34 PM
MoonSoldier3: Thankfully, my second shot is during the weekend. I'll be glad to be fully vaccinated.
05/05/21 06:38 PM
@UltraMatt: it's raining here
05/05/21 06:40 PM
MoonSoldier3: Aside from that, what's up?
05/05/21 06:40 PM
~Solarchos: Not too much. Had a rough night last night.
05/05/21 06:40 PM
MoonSoldier3: That sucks, man. :(
05/05/21 06:53 PM
~Solarchos: Barely slept at all despite it raining, which should have helped me to relax.
05/05/21 07:01 PM
MoonSoldier3: I don't know what to tell you, Solar, other than we hold off 4546B until you feel better.
05/05/21 07:01 PM
~Solarchos: I'll give myself a break until TOMORROW.
05/05/21 07:02 PM
~Solarchos: Plus I want to make sure Raoul and KP are here for it as well.
05/05/21 07:06 PM
DSRaoul: Been here pretty much all day, dood.
05/05/21 07:06 PM
KingPriceman: don't forget the forest kits, you know they need to spread the word of Fluffiness to Ironblood!
05/05/21 07:07 PM
~Solarchos: There you all are.
05/05/21 07:08 PM
~Solarchos: In which case, how about a little bit of a Filler episode then just so everyone can interact more with the characters?
05/05/21 07:33 PM
KingPriceman: I guess it ended sooner than we thought
05/05/21 08:26 PM
~Solarchos: Good night everyone. I'll see you tomorrow
05/05/21 08:30 PM
MoonSoldier3: Night, Solar.
05/05/21 08:58 PM
DSRaoul: And it's about time for me to pop off. Gotta be up early for work.
05/05/21 09:02 PM
MoonSoldier3: Yeah, same here. More overtime to put in for me. Night, guys.
05/06/21 09:07 AM
[✔]firefly_1824: morning
05/06/21 01:05 PM
KingPriceman: hi
05/06/21 03:09 PM
@Dr. Xadium: hola
05/06/21 03:34 PM
KingPriceman: how goes?
05/06/21 06:01 PM
MoonSoldier3: Yo.
05/06/21 06:23 PM
KingPriceman: hi
05/06/21 06:23 PM
KingPriceman: streaming at 8 tonight, will not be available for fluffy kits
05/06/21 06:28 PM
MoonSoldier3: Not sure if Solar will be on tonight.
05/06/21 08:50 PM
TheLastLaugh: hi friends
05/06/21 08:50 PM
MoonSoldier3: Hey there.
05/06/21 08:52 PM
@UltraMatt: hi
05/06/21 09:12 PM
MoonSoldier3: Time for me to head off. Night, guys.
05/06/21 10:09 PM
KingPriceman: testing
05/06/21 10:26 PM
@UltraMatt: hi
05/06/21 10:26 PM
@UltraMatt: I'm completely out of it tonight
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