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11/28/20 11:08 AM
[✔]firefly_1824: knitting can be good for thinking/occupying your hands
11/28/20 11:14 AM
@Dr. Xadium: bucket likes to knit
11/28/20 11:14 AM
[✔]firefly_1824: yup
11/28/20 11:48 AM
DSRaoul: Hey all
11/28/20 11:48 AM
@Dr. Xadium: yo
11/28/20 11:58 AM
[✔]firefly_1824: hi
11/28/20 12:08 PM
YingGirl: Hey. Don't mind me. Stopped vomiting. Got nervous cause i thought the dog ran out
11/28/20 12:09 PM
YingGirl: I'm taking Tuesday off so i can get groceries for my recipe on Wednesday
11/28/20 12:10 PM
YingGirl: But might go there at 10am so i can go to EBGames first at 11am
11/28/20 12:17 PM
@Lego3400: I have decided that Magi (3 for the most part) calls Ike Bill (Short for Brother-in-law) to troll him
11/28/20 12:33 PM
@Dr. Xadium: You know I wonder guys
11/28/20 12:33 PM
[✔]firefly_1824: hm?
11/28/20 12:34 PM
@Dr. Xadium: Should we have a wiki entry for the HOTEL Xmas tree and every year we can describe what ornaments are on it? I wonder i
11/28/20 12:34 PM
@Dr. Xadium: f that might be fun
11/28/20 12:34 PM
[✔]firefly_1824: only if it's highly illustrated
11/28/20 12:35 PM
@Dr. Xadium: lol always a wrinkle
11/28/20 12:39 PM
[✔]firefly_1824: tbh i'm not that interested, but others might be
11/28/20 12:57 PM
@Dr. Xadium: I never realized it was that big
11/28/20 12:58 PM
@Lego3400: I don't thinkk I've ever actully seen a person next to it
11/28/20 12:58 PM
@Lego3400: I assumed it was people sized
11/28/20 12:58 PM
@Dr. Xadium: same i thought it was like 12 foot high or something
11/28/20 12:58 PM
@Dr. Xadium: err 8
11/28/20 12:58 PM
@Dr. Xadium: like barely taller than a human
11/28/20 01:04 PM
KingPriceman: what about the other roman and greek statues?
11/28/20 01:04 PM
@Dr. Xadium: I dunno that's the only one I saw
11/28/20 01:09 PM
KingPriceman: about to make lunch soon
11/28/20 01:09 PM
@Dr. Xadium: yeah i;m going to head off to do chores too
11/28/20 01:11 PM
@Dr. Xadium: bbl
11/28/20 01:32 PM
KingPriceman: back
11/28/20 04:15 PM
[✔]firefly_1824: hi
11/28/20 04:16 PM
[✔]firefly_1824: unless something miraculous happens in the next two days, i'm not going to hit 50000 this year
11/28/20 04:17 PM
[✔]firefly_1824: (totally still writing, though)
11/28/20 04:36 PM
KingPriceman: hi
11/28/20 04:38 PM
[✔]firefly_1824: hi
11/28/20 04:38 PM
KingPriceman: how goes?
11/28/20 04:38 PM
[✔]firefly_1824: ok, trying to figure out where this should go
11/28/20 07:00 PM
MoonSoldier3: Yo.
11/28/20 07:09 PM
~Solarchos: Hey there
11/28/20 07:13 PM
MoonSoldier3: Hey, Solar.
11/28/20 07:14 PM
~Solarchos: Had a good day today?
11/28/20 07:15 PM
MoonSoldier3: I did. Had nieces over, and had a good pork dinner.
11/28/20 07:17 PM
MoonSoldier3: Oh. Just remembered. Postal 4 got a new update, and it included a new shotty.
11/28/20 07:22 PM
~Solarchos: Ahh.
11/28/20 07:23 PM
MoonSoldier3: It is a quad-barreled shotgun. The name? Fournicator.
11/28/20 07:24 PM
MoonSoldier3: From the looks of the in-game model of the shotgun, it looks like the programmers took a side-by-side and an over-under together.
11/28/20 07:26 PM
~Solarchos: XD
11/28/20 07:28 PM
MoonSoldier3: I kid you not!
11/28/20 07:29 PM
MoonSoldier3: Anyway, if you're up for resuming Planeta de Agua (ARRIBA!!) stuff, I'm game.
11/28/20 07:32 PM
~Solarchos: Sure! Hold on a minute.
11/28/20 07:33 PM
MoonSoldier3: Looks like Youmu got the Sailor Moon treatment in terms of artstyle: https://danbooru.donmai.us/posts/4220228
11/28/20 07:35 PM
~Solarchos: Sure looks that way.
11/28/20 07:37 PM
~Solarchos: All right. READY!
11/28/20 07:38 PM
KingPriceman: evening
11/28/20 07:38 PM
MoonSoldier3: Hey, KP.
11/28/20 07:39 PM
~Solarchos: Hi KP
11/28/20 07:39 PM
KingPriceman: how goes?
11/28/20 07:47 PM
MoonSoldier3: I'm doing good.
11/28/20 07:51 PM
~Solarchos: I'm all right. I finally got enough sleep for a night, no thanks to Chen. That cat STILL wants me to get up early and spend time with her.
11/28/20 08:03 PM
MoonSoldier3: Okay, this is just tooooo cute not to share: https://danbooru.donmai.us/posts/4223190
11/28/20 09:21 PM
~Solarchos: And time for ME to go as well. I'll see you all tomorrow as usual. Take care until then
11/28/20 09:21 PM
MoonSoldier3: Night, Solar.
11/28/20 10:31 PM
[✔]firefly_1824: evening
11/28/20 10:33 PM
MoonSoldier3: Hey, Z.
11/28/20 10:42 PM
@UltraMatt: hey there
11/28/20 11:39 PM
[✔]firefly_1824: where the heck did the / codes page go?
11/28/20 11:40 PM
@Dr. Xadium: https://whatis.suburbansenshi.com/index.php/Chatbox_Help
11/28/20 11:41 PM
[✔]firefly_1824: oh good. i can't ever remember what it's called
11/28/20 11:41 PM
@Dr. Xadium: ... i should get that up to date at some point. and maybe code in a /help command to point to it
11/28/20 11:41 PM
[✔]firefly_1824: it could also be linked from the new user guide, etc.
11/28/20 11:42 PM
@Dr. Xadium: oh loed kanye
11/28/20 11:42 PM
@Dr. Xadium: i forgot abotu kanye
11/28/20 11:47 PM
[✔]firefly_1824: the only page this is linked from is "The World of Suburban Senshi"
11/28/20 11:48 PM
[✔]firefly_1824: we probably just need a category for the new player/guide pages
11/28/20 11:50 PM
@Dr. Xadium: yeah
11/29/20 12:05 AM
KingPriceman: hmmmmm
11/29/20 12:09 AM
[✔]firefly_1824: hm?
11/29/20 12:23 AM
@UltraMatt: hm
11/29/20 12:34 AM
KingPriceman: eh, was wondering whether to put someone in
11/29/20 12:59 AM
@Dr. Xadium: night all
11/29/20 01:01 AM
MoonSoldier3: I'm off. Night, guys.
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