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SaturnGrl: ...zzz..ZZZ..zzz....blarg....
KingPriceman: *Claps in font*
KingPriceman: Wakeup!
SaturnGrl: ...nuuuuu.....
SaturnGrl: So tired...need nap....
SaturnGrl: SO mushc stupid at work....
KingPriceman: is it the Whatplugisthat?s again?
SaturnGrl: More like people confident in their stupidity...
DSRaoul: Hey.
KingPriceman: hi
Lego3400: whelp I need to go back to gamestop... They gave me the ewrong game in this case
Lego3400: (If they had mixed it up the other way around I wouldn't be as mad as the game I paid for is like 10 dollars more)
YingGirl: i may have to invest in 75$ eshop card
YingGirl: shadows of valentia dlc costs 64$cdn with taxes, it'll be 68$
YingGirl: echoes and awakening are the two FE games i hadn't bought DLC for
YingGirl: i'm now downloading season pass for warriors
YingGirl: 8$cdn left in my credit
@UltraMatt: hi
YingGirl: hey
YingGirl: i might need to look for a new micro sd card for my new 3ds xl
MoonSoldier3: Hey, guys.
YingGirl: hello
Solarchos: Hey David. You're home?
MoonSoldier3: Yes, I am, Solar.
Solarchos: I figured you'd be working late now that it's tax season.
MoonSoldier3: Um, no, dude. I'm on day shift. I can only work as late as 4:30PM KC time. I have to be off the system by then so that programs can switch over to night shift.
MoonSoldier3: HEY NOW! You'll get it in due time.
@MJayDee: never
@MJayDee: *squiggles*
MoonSoldier3: Hey, Mike.
@MJayDee: yo
@MJayDee: and one of my mandarake packages arrived~
Solarchos: Oh?
@MJayDee: I now have my Rabbit Tank Sparkling Full Bottle, and my Ninja and Comic full bottle set. :3
Solarchos: Sorry I wasn't able to get online last night. I was working on some other things I wanted to get caught up on.
@MJayDee: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xxJwohRLDXI interesting listen
@MJayDee: about bandai of american being putz
firefly_1824: evening
MoonSoldier3: Hey, Z.
YingGirl: hey
Solarchos: Hi Zaira.
@UltraMatt: hello Z
YingGirl: https://www.deviantart.com/art/fire-emblem-fats-649595481
YingGirl: i'm hitting a nerve
@UltraMatt: oh?
@UltraMatt: um..who in the box actually remembers where Matsumi is/doing
firefly_1824: i know, but yasuko doesn't
KingPriceman: I think Green might
@UltraMatt: green probably would
KingPriceman: finally got all those adapters to work and the graphics card is a go!
TheLastLaugh: Hi hi
TheLastLaugh: To answer your question I remember what she's doing.
MoonSoldier3: Yo, LL.
TheLastLaugh: Zaira, are you there?
firefly_1824: yeah?
TheLastLaugh: I was wondering if now was a good time to talk.
firefly_1824: sure
TheLastLaugh: Kk.
TheLastLaugh: Huh, there is a helicopter outside.
TheLastLaugh: To the Petercopter!
KingPriceman: hi LL
TheLastLaugh: Hello, KP.
KingPriceman: how's it going?
TheLastLaugh: time for bed, actually.
KingPriceman: ah, okay.
@UltraMatt: uggggh
KingPriceman: sleepy?
MoonSoldier3: Matt?
@UltraMatt: sorry site crashed
MoonSoldier3: Ouch.
KingPriceman: aw man
MoonSoldier3: I gotta head off, guys.
MoonSoldier3: Night, y'all.
KingPriceman: night dave
KingPriceman: can'tfigure out what to show tonight
KingPriceman: https://cytu.be/r/Twinmon_Theater
@UltraMatt: I should head off
KingPriceman: night, see you tomorrow, matt
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