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03/22/19 01:02 AM
@UltraMatt: I should actually head to bed
03/22/19 01:02 AM
@UltraMatt: night!
03/22/19 01:02 AM
KingPriceman: night!
03/22/19 12:01 PM
YingGirl: So debating to get three albums off ITunes
03/22/19 12:02 PM
YingGirl: Avril Lavigne, Ariana Grande, and the complete dmcv ost
03/22/19 12:03 PM
YingGirl: Just recharging my ipod
03/22/19 02:16 PM
firefly_1824: hi
03/22/19 02:22 PM
firefly_1824: anyone around?
03/22/19 02:39 PM
DSRaoul: Hey.
03/22/19 02:39 PM
firefly_1824: hi
03/22/19 02:42 PM
firefly_1824: how are you?
03/22/19 02:48 PM
DSRaoul: Doing all right.
03/22/19 04:03 PM
KingPriceman: hi
03/22/19 07:13 PM
Solarchos: Hey everyone. Sorry I'm a little late.
03/22/19 07:23 PM
MoonSoldier3: Yo.
03/22/19 07:24 PM
Solarchos: Hey David
03/22/19 07:25 PM
MoonSoldier3: How's it going, guys?
03/22/19 07:27 PM
MoonSoldier3: For Solar: https://danbooru.donmai.us/posts/3452664
03/22/19 07:29 PM
Solarchos: Oooooo!
03/22/19 07:35 PM
MoonSoldier3: Noob's voice reminds me of Dr. Claw: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e9s3O2kEBwY
03/22/19 07:38 PM
MoonSoldier3: More MK11: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dDZ1bCxq3jg
03/22/19 07:52 PM
DSRaoul: Here's two more. https://danbooru.donmai.us/posts/450786
03/22/19 07:53 PM
Solarchos: Oh those lovely fox girls!
03/22/19 07:53 PM
Solarchos: How is everyone tonight?
03/22/19 07:55 PM
MoonSoldier3: I'm doing alright.
03/22/19 07:56 PM
Solarchos: I had a pleasant surprise today. I got a message from the rental office. I'm apparently OVERPAYING my monthly rent by quite a bit (somehow) and can reduce my next month's payment by over $300.
03/22/19 07:56 PM
DSRaoul: Nice.
03/22/19 07:58 PM
03/22/19 07:58 PM
KingPriceman: *takes blood* Thank you!
03/22/19 07:59 PM
@UltraMatt: so
03/22/19 07:59 PM
@UltraMatt: ready guys?
03/22/19 07:59 PM
MoonSoldier3: Yeah, Matt.
03/22/19 08:04 PM
Solarchos: Yup
03/22/19 08:07 PM
@UltraMatt: https://togethertube.com/rooms/sub-sen-kung-fu-fridays
03/22/19 08:15 PM
KingPriceman: Hey Solar?
03/22/19 08:18 PM
Solarchos: Yeah?
03/22/19 08:19 PM
KingPriceman: hope you didn't mind the Forest kits chowing down on doritos that some littlest kit snatched earlier (that kit from this morning was you, right?)
03/22/19 08:20 PM
Solarchos: No problem!
03/22/19 08:21 PM
Solarchos: And yes, it was Natalia earlier.
03/22/19 09:03 PM
@UltraMatt: ok fun story time
03/22/19 09:03 PM
@UltraMatt: so my college did a production of The Importance of being Earnst
03/22/19 09:04 PM
@UltraMatt: so one of the props for the play was a cucumber for a tea scene
03/22/19 09:04 PM
@UltraMatt: on the final day of the production
03/22/19 09:04 PM
@UltraMatt: the final run
03/22/19 09:04 PM
@UltraMatt: we decided..as a cast
03/22/19 09:04 PM
@UltraMatt: we would include the cucumber in EVERY scene of the play
03/22/19 09:04 PM
@UltraMatt: putting it somewhere on the stage
03/22/19 09:10 PM
DSRaoul: Heh.
03/22/19 09:10 PM
@Lego3400: Reminds me of a prop I built for the Wicked Witche's castle set.
03/22/19 09:11 PM
@Lego3400: I took some plastic green pea/bean pods, put them an overly large jar, filled the jar with water and a drop of green paint.
03/22/19 09:12 PM
@Lego3400: the water and the jar warped the shape of the toys and it just sat on a shelf in the background looking creepy
03/22/19 09:12 PM
@Lego3400: well, the appearance of the shape of the toys I should say
03/22/19 09:27 PM
Solarchos: Time for me to get going to bed, folks.
03/22/19 09:27 PM
Solarchos: We'll continue the event tomorrow. Barring any unforeseen circumstances naturally.
03/22/19 09:28 PM
MoonSoldier3: Night, Solar.
03/22/19 09:29 PM
Solarchos: Good night everyone
03/22/19 10:28 PM
@Lego3400: Dancer is coming to FFXIV as a ranged DPS
03/22/19 10:30 PM
@UltraMatt: I can't play the game so I don't care so there
03/22/19 10:32 PM
@Lego3400: Also. Someone let bucket know she plays a Dwarf according to the new place we're going to
03/22/19 10:35 PM
@UltraMatt: *FLIPS TABLE*
03/22/19 10:35 PM
@Lego3400: I'm apperntly a Mystel in this new land
03/22/19 10:52 PM
@Lego3400: Female Only Veira. Male only Hrothgar. In the new area, the latters are called Ronso. That seems familer
03/22/19 11:02 PM
@Lego3400: Like Ronso, they're a big buff burly liion men
03/22/19 11:11 PM
@Lego3400: ...I'm kinda annoyed
03/22/19 11:11 PM
@Lego3400: The Lore reason for no bunny boys is that they're super rare and live alone, only appearing to breed and take away other males
03/22/19 11:12 PM
@Lego3400: Male Mi'qote are super rare and thus vauable and rarely leave their home villages, yet I play one
03/22/19 11:21 PM
KingPriceman: no lastpass I don't wantt o constantly register the names
03/22/19 11:25 PM
KingPriceman: hmmmm should I matt or not?
03/22/19 11:29 PM
@UltraMatt: I don't care
03/22/19 11:29 PM
@UltraMatt: I really don't
03/22/19 11:30 PM
@UltraMatt: ..no
03/22/19 11:30 PM
@UltraMatt: not that tonight
03/22/19 11:30 PM
KingPriceman: ok
03/22/19 11:52 PM
@UltraMatt: I don't tink I can rp tonight
03/22/19 11:53 PM
@UltraMatt: night guys
03/22/19 11:53 PM
KingPriceman: aw man :(
03/22/19 11:53 PM
KingPriceman: night matt, see you tomorrow
03/23/19 12:52 AM
KingPriceman: https://www.extremetech.com/extreme/288211-a-solar-storm-will-send-the-northern-lights-surging-south-tonight
03/23/19 01:06 AM
MoonSoldier3: Heading off. Night.
03/23/19 01:07 AM
KingPriceman: night dave
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