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09/24/20 07:08 PM
MoonSoldier3: Hey, guys.
09/24/20 07:09 PM
KingPriceman: hi dave
09/24/20 07:09 PM
MoonSoldier3: How's everyone doing so far?
09/24/20 07:23 PM
[✔]firefly_1824: evening
09/24/20 07:24 PM
MoonSoldier3: Hi, Z.
09/24/20 07:27 PM
YingGirl: hey
09/24/20 07:29 PM
[✔]firefly_1824: really wish the new season of british bake off was tonight
09/24/20 07:30 PM
[✔]firefly_1824: i have tons of time tonight
09/24/20 07:30 PM
@UltraMatt: hi
09/24/20 07:30 PM
[✔]firefly_1824: hhi
09/24/20 07:33 PM
MoonSoldier3: Hey, Matt.
09/24/20 07:33 PM
YingGirl: hi matt
09/24/20 07:35 PM
@UltraMatt: how goes
09/24/20 07:36 PM
YingGirl: ok. just finished doodles
09/24/20 07:38 PM
MoonSoldier3: I'm doing alright.
09/24/20 07:39 PM
@UltraMatt: that's good
09/24/20 08:00 PM
[✔]firefly_1824: meh
09/24/20 08:00 PM
[✔]firefly_1824: i have no idea what to watch now ><
09/24/20 08:09 PM
KingPriceman: Weakest link and Supermarket sweep once they return?
09/24/20 08:10 PM
[✔]firefly_1824: i found a "documentary" about a world in which men are dying out and women just have babies, everyone is female
09/24/20 08:15 PM
@UltraMatt: if you get really bored
09/24/20 08:15 PM
@UltraMatt: Pluto TV has an Antique Roadshow UK channel
09/24/20 08:16 PM
[✔]firefly_1824: this is actually kind of interesting
09/24/20 09:27 PM
YingGirl: i just realize i start work oct 13, cause the 12 is a holiday
09/24/20 09:28 PM
YingGirl: it's our thanksgiving
09/24/20 09:42 PM
@Dr. Xadium: that walways threw me how it was so different in time from the US one
09/24/20 09:42 PM
@Dr. Xadium: I never bothered to learn the story behind it
09/24/20 09:42 PM
@Dr. Xadium: i probably should
09/24/20 09:43 PM
YingGirl: there isn't much story to it, i think in other provinces, they have octoberfest
09/24/20 09:45 PM
@Dr. Xadium: ontario had thanksgiving too
09/24/20 09:48 PM
KingPriceman: hmmmm
09/24/20 09:52 PM
YingGirl: so x, i might do a drawing of yinggirl with jubilues in my notebook. do you think you can color it?
09/24/20 09:54 PM
YingGirl: not doing it now, teh lazy and just picked up pictures
09/24/20 09:56 PM
@Dr. Xadium: yeah but it willt ake some time as I have someother promised stuff int he Queue
09/24/20 09:56 PM
YingGirl: oh ok
09/24/20 09:58 PM
YingGirl: some people like my gawr pic on twitter
09/24/20 10:01 PM
YingGirl: anyone watch baseball?
09/24/20 10:02 PM
[✔]firefly_1824: nope
09/24/20 10:02 PM
YingGirl: ah.
09/24/20 10:02 PM
@Dr. Xadium: not really
09/24/20 10:05 PM
MoonSoldier3: Sometimes I do.
09/24/20 10:09 PM
KingPriceman: I don't watch baseball
09/24/20 10:09 PM
@Dr. Xadium: if the yanjkees get to the world series then I will
09/24/20 10:12 PM
KingPriceman: do you get Channel 11 up there?
09/24/20 10:12 PM
@Dr. Xadium: no too far north
09/24/20 10:13 PM
KingPriceman: not even on cable?
09/24/20 10:13 PM
@Dr. Xadium: no, new hampshire gets the boston crap
09/24/20 10:15 PM
KingPriceman: huh... we had it in South Jersey on cable (which was on a Superstation status), it was the only non-philly local channel in the lineup.
09/24/20 10:16 PM
@Dr. Xadium: well this being new england there's a boston bias
09/24/20 10:20 PM
MoonSoldier3: Probably because they got the crabs.
09/24/20 10:21 PM
@Dr. Xadium: lol
09/24/20 10:21 PM
MoonSoldier3: I mean, if it ain't Red Sox or Pats, they're just crabby.
09/24/20 10:22 PM
MoonSoldier3: I'm awful, I know. XD
09/24/20 10:33 PM
KingPriceman: sounds like they've had too little of their own clam chowder and too much of the red clam chowder
09/24/20 11:17 PM
MoonSoldier3: Going to bed. Night, y'all.
09/24/20 11:18 PM
@Dr. Xadium: night~
09/24/20 11:29 PM
YingGirl: 13 to 1
09/24/20 11:29 PM
@Dr. Xadium: ?
09/24/20 11:29 PM
YingGirl: My twitter feed talked about the orioles vs rec sox game
09/24/20 11:29 PM
YingGirl: Red^
09/24/20 11:30 PM
YingGirl: I know both teams are in last place in their division
09/24/20 11:30 PM
YingGirl: But jesus, why?
09/24/20 11:31 PM
@Dr. Xadium: hahah good
09/24/20 11:31 PM
@Dr. Xadium: the red sox can just rot there
09/24/20 11:31 PM
YingGirl: I did another doodle
09/24/20 11:32 PM
YingGirl: https://twitter.com/TheClowHatter/status/1309327003275923456?s=19
09/24/20 11:39 PM
@Dr. Xadium: neat!
09/24/20 11:46 PM
YingGirl: Yeah
09/24/20 11:54 PM
@Dr. Xadium: oh god lol
09/24/20 11:54 PM
@Dr. Xadium: i need to get some of that literary mojo hahah
09/24/20 11:54 PM
@Lego3400: so I did some more digging on this book I bought It's a real life book version version of a fictional fanfic written about a fictonal harry potter expy that only exists in world of one of the author's other books And it got a sequel. With a third book on the way
09/24/20 11:54 PM
@Lego3400: (Abusing my mod powers to fix typos yes)
09/24/20 11:55 PM
@Dr. Xadium: typos are just training for reader's brains!
09/24/20 11:58 PM
@UltraMatt: night
09/24/20 11:58 PM
@Dr. Xadium: night
09/25/20 12:00 AM
@Lego3400: Also the hero (harry Expy) and the jerk (Draco Expy) end up in a relationship by the end. That tells you the entire reason I bought.
09/25/20 12:00 AM
@Dr. Xadium: hehe
09/25/20 12:12 AM
KingPriceman: hmmmm
09/25/20 12:14 AM
@Dr. Xadium: night gang
09/25/20 12:42 AM
DSRaoul: I'm out. Later.
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