07/21/14 07:54 PM
Admin: Test Chat
07/21/14 07:54 PM
BrettG: testing testing
07/21/14 07:55 PM
Admin: Back online here...
07/22/14 06:54 PM
lee: hi who are the pianists playing today?
07/22/14 06:59 PM
Admin: Hello Lee, Tonights artists are as follows: 7pm: Kenny Broberg, 7:45 pm: Marianna Prejvalskaya, 8:40pm: Jackie Yoo, 9:20pm Tanya Gabrielian
07/22/14 07:01 PM
lee: thank you!
07/22/14 07:11 PM
Katherine Broberg: Problem with the audio!
07/22/14 07:13 PM
Admin: The audio should be fixed now...
07/22/14 07:13 PM
David C.: Might have to adjust the volume on your computer. That's waht I had to do.
07/22/14 08:54 PM
BrettG: the audio sounds great to me
07/22/14 09:01 PM
gina: sounds great here....
07/22/14 11:01 PM
Blmader: Just watched the performance tonight amazing
07/23/14 04:16 PM
Leonard Bertrand: Admin - Who's performing each day of the semis?
07/23/14 05:58 PM
BrettG: We don't know who is performing until the day of, sorry. :(
07/23/14 05:59 PM
BrettG: You can view the competition schedule on www.masno.org if that helps any
07/23/14 07:16 PM
Admin: Tonights contestants will include Lo-An Lin of Taiwan, Alberto Ricci of Italy, Esther Lee of the USA, and Siyuan Li of China
07/23/14 07:18 PM
Admin: Tomorrow starts Semifinal Round II...
07/23/14 07:19 PM
Admin: Performers will include the following: Park, Feilmair, Noh, Wu, Broberg, Prejvalskaya
07/23/14 07:47 PM
tm: how can I get my apple products to allow me to listen to the archive videos
07/23/14 07:48 PM
tm: how can I get my apple products available to listen to the archived videos
07/23/14 07:56 PM
Admin: tm... there is a link under the main viewer that will lead you to each days archive
07/23/14 07:57 PM
Admin: What device are you trying to view the videos with?
07/23/14 08:10 PM
Leonard Bertrand: Thanks for the performer lists
07/23/14 08:10 PM
Admin: You're welcome Leonard!
07/23/14 08:11 PM
Admin: I will try to get that list updated on this page for tomorrow...
07/23/14 08:14 PM
Leonard Bertrand: As usual, excellent camera work to support the world class performances.
07/23/14 08:37 PM
Admin: Thank you Leonard!
07/23/14 08:43 PM
Leonard Bertrand: Sound is great, but my video went black. I tried via Internet Explorer & Firefox.
07/23/14 08:46 PM
gina: mine did too....tried closing and reopening safari, and still black
07/23/14 08:47 PM
Admin: We're having the same issue here with our monitor computer... working on it now...
07/23/14 08:48 PM
Leonard Bertrand: went black during intermission just before next announcements
07/23/14 08:48 PM
Admin: The upstream to the server is solid... must be on ustreams side...
07/23/14 08:49 PM
Leonard Bertrand: ok. thanks for letting us know so that we don't have to keep trying on our end.
07/23/14 08:49 PM
Admin: We're going to restart the stream after Ms. Lee's performance to see if that clears things up...
07/23/14 08:50 PM
Admin: The archive should be fine for video and audio.
07/23/14 08:50 PM
Leonard Bertrand: We appreciate the gift of your providing this service.
07/23/14 08:50 PM
Admin: for the time being... Please enjoy the fabulous audio stream of the performance
07/23/14 08:51 PM
Leonard Bertrand: Wish I could be there!
07/23/14 09:16 PM
Admin: Restarted the stream and we are back live... Please refresh your browsers accordingly
07/23/14 09:16 PM
Leonard Bertrand: Video is back!
07/23/14 09:54 PM
Leonard Bertrand: Wow. Looking forward to tomorrow night.
07/24/14 01:30 PM
NW: IPhone or IPad - won't play archived videos??!
07/24/14 08:21 PM
Roberta: enjoying the competition from afar!
07/24/14 08:34 PM
Admin: Glad you are able to join us tonight Roberta!
07/24/14 09:05 PM
Katherine B: Curse you ads!
07/24/14 09:35 PM
Dean Curtis: Streaming! Great! A great treat. (Dane Evans e-mailed to let me know.)
07/24/14 09:37 PM
Admin: Thank you for the feedback Dean Curtis...
07/24/14 09:37 PM
Admin: We hope you can join us tomorrow evening!
07/25/14 07:07 PM
Admin: Welcome everyone!
07/26/14 08:16 AM
Tmus&tmid: Who got in the finals
07/26/14 06:54 PM
Patricia: Where can I find who made it to the finals?
07/27/14 12:42 PM
Admin: The finalists are: Kenny Broberg, USA, Marianna Prjevalskaya, Spain, Florian Feilmair, Austria
07/27/14 02:38 PM
Gabriel: You know I think I play dis once a time. Or maybe read through. It's really good it mind me of my home country, where the kids they ride bikes and play with toys and dance to music I play them
07/27/14 02:39 PM
Admin: Thanks for joining us Gabriel... Where are you viewing from?
07/27/14 02:40 PM
Gabriel: The country of Honduras
07/27/14 02:41 PM
Admin: How did you hear about the NOIPC?
07/27/14 02:43 PM
Gabriel: I meet Kenny one time. We got into quirrel about Bach. Quite a lovely person
07/27/14 02:48 PM
Gabriel: Oh man this advertisements I cannot stand!!!
07/27/14 03:11 PM
Ileene: Kenny is amazing!