06/08/21 11:43 AM
BrickVoid: Riveting episode nonetheless! This should turn out very interesting!
06/08/21 11:43 AM
BrickVoid: This still hasn't addressed the fate of Colonel Reynolds and his raiding party in the slug. Did they ever get out? They're probably still in the slug, fighting some opposition I would imagine.
06/07/21 08:07 AM
Pyradonis: "Don't be so glum." he said...
06/07/21 12:11 AM
Swiftbow: We're back!
06/01/21 12:27 PM
Pyradonis: Don't stress yourselves with comic updates. You'll do them when you have the time. Everyone should understand that your child is what is most important right now. :)
06/01/21 12:26 PM
Pyradonis: ...'t hit Enter accidentally... What I was actually going to say:
06/01/21 12:25 PM
Pyradonis: Just checking in... Swiftbow and Danigeek and Trenton, my congratulations and best wishes to your increased family! Don
05/25/21 02:36 PM
Danigeek: @Brickvoid: First of all ease up on the emoticons, they are just over the top. Also as the mother of Trenton I wouldn't mind him being in the comics, but I doubt he would be in them right away seeing as how he can barely lift his head, which also means no he has no interest in our phones right now, plus it's not in the script. And yeah don't' forget that Brogen has a child too.
05/24/21 09:55 PM
Swiftbow: Sorry, yes. I'm starting to get a little more time now! We're targeting June 6th to return to normal comics. And I may post some photos in the meantime. (And also of Jenavieve, my brother's daughter/my niece who was born in September!)
05/24/21 12:37 PM
BrickVoid: I sincerely hope Trenton is doing well! Hopefully he won't create too much of a delay in the comic's return! :D If you have a new estimated time of return, please let us know! :D I'm also excited to see some baby pics of Trenton, make sure you get his good side! :D
05/15/21 11:58 PM
BrickVoid: One way you could introduce Trenton is that you could do an out-of-canon strip with some of the current crew members, and have them coment on what this strange creature appears to be! :D Just discuss it with your wife first, she will have her own ideas about how many photos he gets at this stage! :D
05/14/21 11:17 AM
BrickVoid: Well if he's got control of your lap, he's certainly got you well trained! :D Has he shown an interest in your mobile phone? If he does, you should strongly consider setting one up for him, they are an excellent learning and diagnostic tool if set up properly and with the right apps. :D
05/14/21 01:26 AM
Swiftbow: Just that you made a good point, lol. We will be back soon, but probably not this weekend. Partly because I have to do my taxes! Trenton is doing great, though. He is on my lap as I type this :) (And I'm hoping maybe I can eventually/soon do some comic work while he's on my lap as well!)
05/14/21 12:04 AM
BrickVoid: Well, it's getting closer to the 16th and i'm wondering how the new addition to Swiftbow's family is doing so far. Any news or updates you can share with us? :D
04/17/21 10:55 PM
BrickVoid: Congratulations on your newborn baby boy! May he have a long, happy and joyous life ahead of him! :D
04/16/21 05:16 PM
Swiftbow: So, funny story... my wife's water broke on Wednesday night at 4:45 am. And as of 7:45 pm Thursday, we have a son! So... I'm pretty glad we announced this break when we did ;)
04/12/21 11:37 AM
BrickVoid: Expectant mothers and pregnancies never seem to go to plan when you want them to! You should say "in May" or "Towards the beginning of June". I have seen pages stating that even the best pregnancy never seems to go smoothly. You will definitely be busy looking after the newborn, once they arrive. Trust me, it would be better to extend the break, newborns have a habit of taking up a lot of your sleeping time until they start to settle in. I don't mind how far you extend the break, just get the newborn bub properly settled first, then worry about the comic! Take all the time you require! :D
04/12/21 02:34 AM
Pyradonis: Okay, I looked more careful at a shot where they were not firing and saw there was no danger. I was misled by the effects in the last panel where the struts seem to be partially engulfed by the light effects.
04/11/21 03:27 PM
Swiftbow: We were pretty careful to align them so that wouldn't be an issue when we were building the ship, actually!
04/10/21 02:58 AM
Pyradonis: Let's hope the railguns didn't hit their own nacelle struts, though.
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