03/30/20 12:56 PM
BrickVoid: i wonder if he'd believe his own people right now? I suspect not! :D
03/23/20 11:34 AM
BrickVoid: Shouldn't that be "surrender *OR* be destroyed!"? Why would they surrender if they're going to be destroyed anyway?!
03/23/20 11:16 AM
Swiftbow: Its up! Sorry... forgot to post. Oops :-0
03/22/20 05:21 PM
BrickVoid: I went and voted for this comic! it's doing well, hope to see Sunday's episode when it's ready! :D
03/20/20 06:03 PM
Swiftbow: There's a button on the top right, and next to the tagboard :)
03/19/20 01:34 PM
Amethyst: Where do I vote for this comic? I'm enjoying it! :)
03/16/20 06:36 PM
Swiftbow: It's a racial trait. Like when they destroyed the human colony on Cestus-3 without any prior communication, because they jumped to "invasion!" as their first thought. But, later, after fighting Kirk and the Enterprise, they were agreeable to peace terms (and later allowed humans to resettle the colony).
03/16/20 12:32 PM
BrickVoid: The Captain of the Gorm Hegemony seems a bit quick to blame the Tajarans, about as quick as he is to change his mind once given further information on them. That seems quite bipolar of him ... :D
03/02/20 12:11 PM
Swiftbow: So far, it's just relatively low viewership. We'll do some more advertising once there's a few more episodes up. But, in the meantime, feel free to tell your friends!
03/02/20 12:10 PM
Swiftbow: We can see your posts, BrickVoid. What cookie do you mean? We're using the same tagboard from Harry Potter.
03/02/20 11:31 AM
BrickVoid: Hmm, I don't know if anyone is seeing my posts. It would appear that the cookie information from your Harry Potter site doesn't carry over to here. Not sure how I can change the cookie information as I don't normally touch such information.
02/23/20 12:11 PM
BrickVoid: Does ... Does that seem like some kind of chamber, like, as in Indiana Jones: raiders of the Lost Ark? :D who knows what this one hides inside it! ;)
02/18/20 12:33 AM
Kirkbot: As you can tell from my name I am a huge fan of Star Trek and am looking forward to this series :)
02/17/20 07:31 PM
BrickVoid: this seems like a completely normal first episode. What coupd possibly go wrong? :D
02/16/20 08:05 PM
Swiftbow: There is now a button for that! :) http://www.topwebcomics.com/vote/25891
02/16/20 03:07 PM
amethyst: I mean the new Star Trek lego comic. :)
02/16/20 03:06 PM
amethyst: How do you vote for this comic?
02/16/20 12:12 PM
Swiftbow: Episode 1 is online! http://startrek.swiftbow.com/1.html
02/14/20 01:35 AM
Swiftbow: Not registering a domain for this one, but we are doing a static subdomain! http://startrek.swiftbow.com/ It is now functional, too. (The first installment is coming thisweekend! For now, enjoy our homemade Star Trek movie from 1993 that birthed this story idea!)
02/08/20 09:16 PM
BrickVoid: I was wondering ... Are you going to register a new URL domain for the new comic or just host it on this site? If there's a new URL to bookmark I'd certainly want to know about it. :D\
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