11/17/20 05:53 PM
Swiftbow: Have not taken photos with them yet, but I think they will do pretty good!
11/17/20 05:53 PM
Swiftbow: I ended up buying these: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07XC9J2L3/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o08_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
11/16/20 04:49 AM
Oldarmourer: I sawsome battery powered xmas led lights for sale in Walmart, cheap, no doubt the plastic could be trimmed down a little
11/16/20 04:48 AM
Oldarmourer: re: lights
11/01/20 09:21 AM
Oldarmourer: "Do it" a good Capt's phrase, even better than "make it so" but I still like "Let's get it ON!" ;)
10/27/20 12:31 PM
BrickVoid: I remember there being some joke about Picard or some other crew memeber appearing to say "Worf speed", instead of "Warp speed". ST:TNG was well thought out! :D
10/26/20 05:55 PM
Swiftbow: @Pyradonis Yeah... that did occur to me when I wrote it, lol. But I thought it would be an amusing play on Picard's thing and that won out.
10/26/20 05:53 PM
Swiftbow: I use that technique a lot, BrickVoid. But nothing beats a practical effect! I'm pretty sure I can get compact lights that small. I was just wondering if any Lego afficionadoes in the audience had something to recommend :)
10/26/20 02:37 AM
Pyradonis: "Make it go!" - haha, I'm sorry, but it makes me think of the Pakleds. :D
10/25/20 09:45 PM
BrickVoid: It might be easier to just photoshop the lighting in. Unless there's some special effect you want it to convey, a decent image editor should be able to do a fairly good lighting job.
10/25/20 03:01 PM
Swiftbow: It's fairly simple, actually... warp drives work by creating an artificial gravity well that the ship "falls" into. If another gravity source is nearby, it creates another pull and will slow or stop the warp drive from functioning. (Or cause bizarre gravitational effects in the area.)
10/25/20 01:48 PM
BrickVoid: From what I remember, warping while too close to a planet does strange and consequential things to the ship and it's crew. Something about warp drives not liking gravity wells, if I recall right! :D
10/25/20 09:31 AM
Oldarmourer: 'percussive Maintenace' will work on just about anything if applied properly, many a Military Aircraft has met mission time via the procedure... ;)
10/24/20 01:30 PM
Pyradonis: Doesn't that guy know anything about starships?
10/18/20 05:24 PM
Swiftbow: I was able to get a broken hard drive to work (briefly) that way once. It spun up long enough for me to copy the files to another device!
10/18/20 06:42 AM
Oldarmourer: Percussive alignment...works like a charm...
10/15/20 06:06 PM
ReleaseTheKracken52: Correction: I meant to say Andre with his hammer!
10/15/20 06:04 PM
ReleaseTheKracken52: The launch of this ship wouldn't be complete without Zack needing to use a hammer on something.
10/04/20 06:00 AM
Oldarmourer: A lot of older images of Starfleet 'Destroyers' resemble a smaller Constitution Class Cruiser with only one nacelle
09/30/20 12:28 PM
Swiftbow: There will be further details on how it works, but there is no additional device. All the problems were tied to the Tajaran's "Slow Dimension."
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