09/21/20 12:16 PM
BrickVoid: I reckon the Captain and his shuttle will survive, although with steering difficulties and minor injuries to the passengers at the very least as they were the last to leave. They have a good chance of getting teleported onto one of the other shuttles if the need arose. Hopefull they won't have to spend too much time on cramped shuttles! :D
09/21/20 04:17 AM
Pyradonis: The Shadowburn was slowed as well. As I understand it they should have no more problems getting away than without any time dilation.
09/14/20 07:03 AM
Pyradonis: Gorn martial arts must be pretty deadly.^^
09/14/20 07:03 AM
Pyradonis: Gorn martial arts must be pretty deadly.
09/13/20 10:12 PM
BrickVoid: Question, since the Tajarans seem to like lining up next to each other, what are the chances he'd be able to scoop up multiple of them simultaneously with his raptor claws? Raptors in Jurassic Park did seem to be intelligent enough, I'd figure a Gorn would have developed some multi-swipe attack by the time they'd developed space technology.
09/13/20 10:08 PM
BrickVoid: raptors would probably like fish for dinner. Don't know about the Gorn, though! Hopefully he'll last long enough to give the crewmembers enough time to blow the ship up! :D
09/13/20 10:05 PM
BrickVoid: It was that address, yes. It was sent from my gmail address on the 8th of September.
09/10/20 03:52 AM
Pyradonis: Well, I certainly didn't expect this. xD
09/09/20 08:57 PM
Swiftbow: What address did you use? It should be travers@swiftbow.com I don't recall putting another on the sites at any point. (I do get a lot of spam, though.)
09/09/20 08:07 PM
BrickVoid: Thanks! I had your email address and emailed you about it but it probably got caught up in spam filters or was to an old address of yours. Thank goodness you run multiple sites with individual cboxes for each one! :D
09/09/20 07:03 PM
Swiftbow: Okay, box is up again. Apparently I renewed the one but not the other!
08/31/20 10:55 PM
BrickVoid: I wonder if the secret weapon Major taylor was working on got damaged in all the ensuing crossfire? :D
08/23/20 12:41 PM
BrickVoid: If only "twenty minute timer" was code speak for put it on a 30 second countdown ... If you've watched a certain Star Trek movie you'll get this reference. :D
08/23/20 11:52 AM
BrickVoid: From my connection here in Australia, I don't even see a "Episode 27" page. :D That means the link is missing, is all. Swiftbow will fix it! :D
08/23/20 11:52 AM
Swiftbow: Ha ha ;) No, it's just I update the page code manually whenever we put up a new update, and I forgot to fix the navigation (and the jpg file) on 27.html. But it's good now!
08/23/20 07:14 AM
Oldarmourer: Is it just me, or are pages 26 and 27 the same ? are we missing something between 26 and 28 or is it just that a binary computer can't handle decimal ? ;)
08/17/20 11:16 PM
BrickVoid: I wonder if they're going to destroy the warp nacelles so that the Tajarans can't get them?
08/11/20 10:17 PM
BrickVoid: they say never to smile at a crocodile. But when a Gorn is smiling that's bad news for whoever they're attacking! :D
08/08/20 01:47 PM
Swiftbow: Hey, sorry everybody, but we're havng our first delay! Episode will be up late on Tuesday.
08/03/20 01:50 AM
Pyradonis: Yeah, I know I wouldn't put any Minion minifigs into this comic if I were you. It just screams "parody", which is not what you are doing here.
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