04/17/21 10:55 PM
BrickVoid: Congratulations on your newborn baby boy! May he have a long, happy and joyous life ahead of him! :D
04/16/21 05:16 PM
Swiftbow: So, funny story... my wife's water broke on Wednesday night at 4:45 am. And as of 7:45 pm Thursday, we have a son! So... I'm pretty glad we announced this break when we did ;)
04/12/21 11:37 AM
BrickVoid: Expectant mothers and pregnancies never seem to go to plan when you want them to! You should say "in May" or "Towards the beginning of June". I have seen pages stating that even the best pregnancy never seems to go smoothly. You will definitely be busy looking after the newborn, once they arrive. Trust me, it would be better to extend the break, newborns have a habit of taking up a lot of your sleeping time until they start to settle in. I don't mind how far you extend the break, just get the newborn bub properly settled first, then worry about the comic! Take all the time you require! :D
04/12/21 02:34 AM
Pyradonis: Okay, I looked more careful at a shot where they were not firing and saw there was no danger. I was misled by the effects in the last panel where the struts seem to be partially engulfed by the light effects.
04/11/21 03:27 PM
Swiftbow: We were pretty careful to align them so that wouldn't be an issue when we were building the ship, actually!
04/10/21 02:58 AM
Pyradonis: Let's hope the railguns didn't hit their own nacelle struts, though.
04/06/21 12:24 AM
BrickVoid: I'm betting that the cruiser captains are rethinking who they're up against! :D It can't be good for them either way, and someone is going to be shedding scales like mad right about now! :D
04/06/21 12:22 AM
BrickVoid: Those railgun marks are going to require a lot more than buffing them out! :D
04/05/21 03:53 AM
Pyradonis: Haha, I had to think of Nero in Star Trek (2009). FIRE EVERYTHING!!!
04/04/21 10:32 AM
Oldarmourer: You could explain the regenerating armour as being replicated in small plates then transported into place as they're fabricated, or just a stack kept in a cargo bay and transported as required. I think the old TNG Starfleet Manual mentioned 'transporter welding' as a means of making seamless bonds ?
04/04/21 02:02 AM
Swiftbow: And I'd imagine it was less to do with production costs and more to do with fitting everything into the runtime and also just forgetting. Although, a producer on one of the later series (Voyager) was quoted as saying the science didn't really matter at all, and they could say whatever. So there's that!
04/04/21 01:58 AM
Swiftbow: The shields in both are quite similar, really... but Star Wars doesn't have transporters, so that particular issue doesn't arise!
03/31/21 12:38 PM
BrickVoid: I reckon the Star Trek shielding should have worked the way the Star Wars shielding did in Episode VI: return of the Jedi. That's one thng Lucas actually did right! :D
03/31/21 12:35 PM
BrickVoid: I think their bosses cares more about stemming production overrun costs than actually getting the scenes right! :D
03/31/21 12:34 PM
BrickVoid: I sometimes wondered if they forgot, or had orders from higher ups to make it work and screw the shields?
03/30/21 08:29 PM
Swiftbow: They did a hard landing like this in Star Trek V. You can't dock a shuttle while the shields are up... though the writers did sometimes forget that.
03/29/21 11:49 AM
BrickVoid: The ship in the seris also had a landing bay that formed out of the hemispherical rear end. Pretty tricky use of special effects and cut scenes to make all that work! :D
03/29/21 11:46 AM
BrickVoid: I do recall that Blake's 7 had a regenerating forcefield concept but it was attached to a base on a planet that they were breaking into. I would imagine that would be somewhat more difficult to do in space! That TV show had the most primitive teleportation system imaginable, huge wrist bracelets and teleporter effects effictevely shrunk a portion of a room down and "materialized" them on the destination end! Ah, the memories, good times they were! :D
03/29/21 11:40 AM
BrickVoid: That would probably be Voyager or some later series I caught a preview of. Yeah, the armor plating's damaged, let's just regenerate it once the battle dies down a little.
03/29/21 11:38 AM
BrickVoid: It amazed me how the shuttles were able to dock, even if they were under fire! I forget which series, but I'm pretty sure one episode used shuttles landing in a docking bay even while under fire. As for the armor plating, some series even suggested that it was regenerative and associated with the shields systems on the ship.
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