17 Apr 13, 14:56
Raygin Jenkins: i want a blue shirt
17 Apr 13, 14:55
Raygin Jenkins: ivwant the blue shirt
28 Dec 12, 05:28
Broadway Joe Namath: Wow, your "Notre Dame Sucks" Ts are cheap!!! Money I save can help me tie on a really good buzz...."Oh Suzy Kolber....!!!!"
12 Oct 12, 17:33
JR: "If you can't take a hit, stay off our grass!"
12 Oct 12, 17:32
JR: possible idea...the Milwaulkee Bucks had a thing going with "fear the deer"....we should get something going like "fear the eer"
1 Aug 12, 13:21
fatheadluv: Where's the Big XII gear? Going to the UT vs. WVU game and I need to represent! Thank you! LET'S GOOOOOOOOO!
3 May 12, 19:44
Bigd: When do we get to see some new sruff with the big 12?
15 Feb 12, 21:25
trey lester: get the redbull its football season dana holgerson
1 Feb 12, 21:26
John smith: For uconn. Uconn't do it
1 Feb 12, 21:25
John smith: P.i.t.t. Pussies In That Town
1 Jan 12, 23:01
Rich: How about. Eers prefer tiger blood with a slice of orange!
1 Jan 12, 23:00
Rich: Eers drink tiger blood with a slice of orange
14 Dec 11, 20:04
chris: "Release the Kracken" refering to Dana Holgersons Hair in the 3rd Qrtr- Outline of Holgy's hair-I
30 Nov 11, 22:42
Briton Kirby: I have seen a shirt the last 2 games that i love. It has the mascots beard on it with sideburns and the coonskin hat and says "Fear the Beard" any chance for anything like that?
15 Nov 11, 09:11
henry cazz: my e-mail
15 Nov 11, 09:10
henry cazz: hey eergear,was fun partying with you at cincy.we were the ones at the blazer after the game when you guys caught the cab.gooo eers!
30 Oct 11, 10:36
bigpimpin: i dont know but if u find out let me know to ok
30 Oct 11, 10:35
bigpimpin: they dont sell them combat jerseys anymore
13 Oct 11, 17:06
Sam Wise: Can we get a mountaineer shirt with "In Oliver Luck We Trust" in light of all this conference switcheroo stuff and hoping he gets us somewhere good? Btw, if you use my idea i expect a free one lol
26 Sep 11, 20:07
eersrock4ever: Saw a guy in motown this weekend with a gold tee on front said everyday is gameday in morgamtown. had the Gameday graphic on it. Or looked like it. Do you make that tee...or know who does?
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