29 Oct 11, 00:30
InsanityKangaroo: YYEEEAAAHHH!
28 Oct 11, 19:11
Purplecat: I guess you could say he.... hit the target.
25 Oct 11, 19:44
Cookie: SPOILER ALERT: Congrats for staying up 24 hours, Jacob! o3o
10 Oct 11, 20:28
PharmaDan: Darn. Well thanks for the answer.
8 Oct 11, 13:57
Chrispy: I deleted the ad. Thanks for catching it.
8 Oct 11, 13:16
Concerned Bystander: Are you sure that Yiffox ad should be on your page?
6 Oct 11, 16:35
Chrispy: PharmaDan - Unless you can figure out the file names or have a friend who saved them for you, you'll probably have to wait until the second book to see them.
6 Oct 11, 14:27
anon: aww that's creepy-cute
6 Oct 11, 11:16
PharmaDan: Hey Mr. Chrispy what should we do if we missed some the bonus comics due to not having internet avaible? (i.e. helping with grandma's moving auction on the otherside of the state.)
2 Oct 11, 12:38
Chrispy: The Copper Road archive page has been updated with the three latest strips!
17 Sep 11, 08:25
1 Sep 11, 06:32
Batty: Lol at Max's shocked face.Poor guy.
30 Aug 11, 15:54
Arthum: Fairy and what do your birthday have to do with it? o.O These comics are always going to make me laugh :D
20 Aug 11, 07:33
Fairy: LOL, My b-day was yesterday but these webcomics still make me smile :lol:
11 Aug 11, 09:23
DivRank: Bud seems more and more like a jerk.
27 Jul 11, 23:03
Silka: She brings up a good point: "Carrie" and "Kerry" actually SOUND a little different... not much, but it's noticable. :P
26 Jul 11, 00:43
Chrispy: The new Copper Road will be up Tuesday afternoon/evening. Sorry for the delay.
11 Jul 11, 12:34
Chrispy: It's true. I waited for you! Happy birthday!
11 Jul 11, 12:17
Firestryke31: Interesting that the bonus comics day just happens to be on my birthday. Coincidence? Probably.
8 Jul 11, 00:29
lucanorian: Chrispy vs the Cinema Snob....Epic
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