13 Aug 19, 12:47
Dig Vinyl: might be interested in...be good to talk with you. Cheers
13 Aug 19, 12:46
Dig Vinyl: Carl here from Dig Vinyl, Liverpool. Just read your feature in The Wire. As a record shop owner I come accross quite a lot of these tapes and have recently just picked up a large collection that you m
4 Jun 19, 15:54
King Juda: Check INI seen
7 Jan 19, 08:22
soundpowah: Hi Andrew & Jayman, inf its possible reupload this session: Turbotronic Bugs Bunny Lawn, Port Maria, St Mary 1982. Thanks!!!
18 Dec 18, 12:37
crytun: do you have an mini-mart hifi. great job
15 Dec 18, 22:19
Ragga Baby: Yo Bless up to all the whocorkthedance crew! I've been coming to this site since i was 16 years old. And Still to this day i find gems sometimes here. You're highly appreciated One Love!
23 Nov 18, 22:40
I&I: Irie! Does any one know any info aboy "Soul To Soul" sound-system, JA... FAM`s was told about.
6 Oct 18, 19:23
Waynie Diamonds: anybody has a copy of Jah Love @ Cypress Lawn, Cypress Hall, St. Andrew circa February 1979 with Briggy, Natty & Reuben i really love that session and will pay for a CD
6 Oct 18, 19:18
Waynie Diamonds: Hey Guys i would like to get a Cd of that JAH LOVE dance that was held in Cypress Lawn in 1979.. I used to listen to it and now its gone..Is it possible to get a link or a location to buy a CD? Thanks
4 Oct 18, 18:45
b: looking for this here Jah Shaka vs Fatman ADI Centre Lambeth Road, South London 12-1-91 thank you
19 Aug 18, 17:20
Etienne: Hi, I am currently putting together an exhibition on Black music in Hackney and would really like to include one of the Shaka in Phebes tapes in the diaplay. I am writing to ask for you permission
13 Aug 18, 06:20
dj rickey ricardo: anyone got a copy of african love vs papa moke vs downbeat 83 ?
10 Jul 18, 16:37
Roots: Giving Away My Tape Collection Around 400 Tapes 1970s to 90s, Anyone Interested facebook roots outernational
1 Jun 18, 21:03
[Content Deleted]: [Content Reported]
1 Jun 18, 21:03
[Content Deleted]: [Content Deleted]
29 Apr 18, 19:37
Jayman: All will be updated soon... Been without a pc for a few weeks but am sorted now... Soon come... PEACE
12 Apr 18, 15:18
I-Shence Family: Is this page still getting updated? Some massive sessions on here!! Bless ♥
11 Apr 18, 19:36
[Content Deleted]: [Content Deleted]
9 Mar 18, 16:54
anthony: greeting to one and all! what happened to the first metromedia link? must be crucial
7 Feb 18, 01:29
van: All of black star links dont work and few of jah love links too
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