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15 May 21, 20:54
bradspot: this site doesn't use any hosts - merely provides a space for others to post links to their own preferred hosts.
15 May 21, 16:22
kustoff68: the fact that this site uses a slow file hosting is explained only by a the benefit that has nothing to do with any concern about users
15 May 21, 16:09
kustoff68: but I don’t thank you and I think that they are mocking us. on other sites with daz content, files are uploaded to google drive or mega. if you want I will give you links to these sites, there is the same content
14 May 21, 12:37
charliecat: @kustoff68 like kjartan I like this site, the people here upload to their preferred hosters, that's their right. I appreciate that some people want it, and they want it NOW, but not everyone subscribes to Novafile or rapid etc if you want it now, subscribe to uploaded and get what you desire NOW. I thank all the contributers here, they do a kindness, not a duty.
14 May 21, 05:34
kjartan: @kustoff68 I am here because it's one of two viable sites accessible in my country and I have never got a virus from the shares on either site.
13 May 21, 11:19
podi123: has someone Ronna G8F please?
12 May 21, 13:58
kustoff68: you probably ask the question, what am I doing here if I don't like anything here? content appears faster on this site than on other sites. here I look at kartrinks, and download files later on other portals
12 May 21, 13:53
kustoff68: I don’t understand why you’re all happy here, the fact that content is being uploaded to you on prehistoric file hosting?
12 May 21, 13:51
kustoff68: I have been on this site for a very long time, I thought over time something will change here, but no. everything is just as bad here when everyone's Internet was slow
12 May 21, 13:47
kustoff68: look at other sites with content, no one has been using slow file hosting for a long time
12 May 21, 13:44
kustoff68: and I am not complaining, I am outraged
12 May 21, 13:43
kustoff68: if they did it for us everything would be completely different
12 May 21, 13:41
kustoff68: @DarkestStryke these people are putting the effort into uploading not for us, but for themselves
11 May 21, 14:25
RVSMusic: Plz, reupload [link]
10 May 21, 02:30
Gamer: I guess they must have Mommy Issues.
10 May 21, 02:27
Gamer: Now they want to Cancel Mother's Day?
2 May 21, 09:14
area 88: why not use google drive with a disposable mail? theres no point in making people suffer
28 Apr 21, 15:14
CoyoteSeven: While I'm in 100% agreement with how big a P.I.T.A. these slow servers are, it's up to the person sharing what they want to use. The way I make 2/3/4+ hour downloads less painful is I start them before I do something where I won't be using the computer anyway. Examples are sleeping, going to work, running dailly errands, etc. Barring a power outage, server messup/stoppage, etc., when I return to the computer my download has finished. No real waiting since I'm occupied doing real life stuff and away from the machine.
20 Apr 21, 17:15
DarkestStryke: @devilnash, ask and ye shall receive. [link]
19 Apr 21, 16:38
devilnash: a tutorial or link to a post explaining how to add the daz 3d models to daz 3d would be awesome
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