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6 Oct 18, 14:50
magdalene: ers
8 Oct 18, 11:09
Anthea:: Birthday greeting to Julia Malcome in Florida .And my cousin Rebecca William in La.pointe mon.repos
8 Oct 18, 18:37
White house secretaries: Please big up swaggy v from toronto on his earth strong from The white house secretaries.
8 Oct 18, 19:19
dj fade: big up family
8 Oct 18, 19:20
dj fade: the james family in desruissaux
8 Oct 18, 19:20
dj fade: comeing from dj fade in the bvi
8 Oct 18, 19:21
dj fade: dj fade from virgin gorda
9 Oct 18, 09:45
Berton: If she accepted to stay in the relationship then she should accept all that comes with it
11 Oct 18, 10:26
Mishka: wanna wish kiera a happy birthday from the staff at ojo labs
11 Oct 18, 14:55
Kerniel: Big up to splash paradise night club opening soon in DX
11 Oct 18, 20:42
Kerniel: Big up to the bless up team
12 Oct 18, 13:10
countyr & western: big up to dj bucker and dj tall boy and dj stormy giving the best dance ever
12 Oct 18, 14:59
Nigel: Loving the vibes my Boss. Big up Small's and the lady's at kitch from Nigel in uk.
13 Oct 18, 12:00
thea: shout out to ragien evans from ur gf :) much love baby <3 enjoy the rest of ur day boo
13 Oct 18, 12:06
Jessica: Hello house Texas in the house all the way hot fm is the best
13 Oct 18, 19:38
dj portmore: Big up the crazy kid
13 Oct 18, 19:39
Yasmain: Shout out to phia in Canada
15 Oct 18, 18:33
Marcia: Big up you guys ,good tunes can you believe it's 11:30pm in England and can't ssleep to hot
15 Oct 18, 18:35
Marcia: The music to hot fe me to go bed
17 Oct 18, 20:34
Kerniel: Big up Scotty's bar in dessruisseaux