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1 Oct 10, 13:34
krisna_nrc: dewasa 20_45
9 Sep 10, 13:25
lanx: buko bukooo :D
7 Jul 10, 17:58
indracasto: Ramekno ong ngo ngisi lagu
23 Jun 10, 15:35
lanx: podo nandi kiiii
10 Jun 10, 00:07
goeru: rep takok mas>???
20 May 10, 13:13
ryan016: jmhmhj
20 May 10, 13:13
ryan016: askum lurrrrrrrrrrrrrr:D:D
12 Mar 10, 17:09
agiex_adjah: Lamken brow.pangwat y
12 Mar 10, 17:08
agiex_adjah: Lamken brow.pangwat y
21 Feb 10, 18:05
anna_crew: test
13 Feb 10, 19:00
loida: loida has entred :D
6 Dec 09, 22:06
sugexs: edit terus
6 Dec 09, 22:03
6 Dec 09, 22:01
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