12 Oct 16, 16:46
susan: awesome list
2 Jun 12, 09:10
Dogz Rainbow Kennelz: Hi! :)
7 Nov 10, 06:41
Katie: Hi ya. Great top petz site! Glad to be a part. =-)
10 Apr 10, 16:24
Akwa: HAI
25 Feb 10, 13:42
Chelsea@3BM: Thanks guys! :)
25 Feb 10, 13:42
Chelsea@3BM: In the future, if there are offensive comments/sites on here, just shoot me an email and I will take of it.
25 Feb 10, 13:40
Chelsea@3BM: I went through all the comments and removed the offensive ones, and banned a few people from the list, as well.
25 Feb 10, 13:39
Chelsea@3BM: Hey guys. Cattiibrie is correct - I've been busy. :) Emma @ Labs Galore emailed me to let me know what's up.
8 Feb 10, 20:15
Mercury: :O I DID NOT KNOW THIS. *notes*
8 Feb 10, 19:41
Cattiibrie: the owner of the list can delete ratings/comments. The ratings show up seperately on the admin site.
8 Feb 10, 16:50
Mercury: Yeah... wait how do you delete comments/ratings?
8 Feb 10, 16:33
Cattiibrie: Like on the list I run, if I can tell it's not an honest "Hey, you should change ___" and more of a "U SUX!!!" I'll delete it and the rating. Chelsea is probably just busy. Try sending her an e-mail!
8 Feb 10, 16:32
Cattiibrie: There's a huge difference between real ratings and troll ratings. The immature ratings are just to bash the site and be mean.
7 Feb 10, 20:54
Mercury: I do think the comments that are immature should be removed though, and then the ratings stay? If that's possible... that should be possible. xD
7 Feb 10, 20:48
Mercury: That'd kinda ruin the point though. You're gonna get bad reviews, if you can just remove them because you don't want them, what's the point of a topsite? :P
7 Feb 10, 15:14
RandomKitty: I just wish the admin of this site would delete the rude comments like some of the admins on top sites do. People are so childish!
2 Feb 10, 16:47
Mercury: lol, RK, I bet you wouldn't like it as much if you weren't on top! :P *just kidding!*
25 Jan 10, 13:54
FLPForum: Cute Site!
25 Jan 10, 04:37
RandomKitty: I adore this site!
4 Sep 09, 10:43
Chelsea@3BM: Aw, I'm so glad you feel that way, Chelle! :) And congrats, Elizabeth! I hope you keep moving up :)
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