29 Oct 13, 03:50
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8 Apr 10, 02:32
Linda: Check FB, the adt show is Sat. in leicestershire!
26 Aug 09, 05:41
Bogart: Hey there big, beautiful Dales!!! :)
24 Aug 09, 06:33
Inky and Molly: Hi guys! We thought we'd drop by to see how you are doing. Stop by our blog soon!!
11 Aug 09, 18:04
RU: Have I done something wrong! Thought I've aready wrote what I wanted,but anyway, LOVE YOUR PAGE! :cool:
11 Aug 09, 18:03
RU: :) Hello,love your page! Hope to visit often!
30 Apr 09, 15:47
Agatha and Archie: Hello you guys!!!!!!! We are thrilled to met you!!!!Stick with us and we will show you all of the latest naughty tricks there are!! Love A+A
28 Apr 09, 23:41
Maggie & Mtch: We adore the Gertie stuffie! Our mom sent your mom an email. Did she get it? :glad:
28 Apr 09, 22:56
Molly and Gertie: Hi you two! We are in the UK too - in Devon! We love the Gertie stuffy you made! Love Molly and Gertie xx
27 Apr 09, 17:05
bearzil: i :heart: your pawfect blog
21 Apr 09, 23:18
Barney & Storm: We live in the U.K. , mum is trying to rectify this problem ha
21 Apr 09, 22:41
Barney & Storm: Many thanks, please bear with us, mum is just getting the hang of this
21 Apr 09, 21:46
BabyRD & Hootie: We wanna be the 2nd ones to leave a message.Hehehehe. We copied M&M.
21 Apr 09, 18:11
Maggie & Mitch: We wanna be the first ones to leave you a message in your new chat box! whoohooo :D