26 Sep 18, 18:38
Hitler 3: The Gassed and the F├╝hrerious
5 Jan 17, 12:45
Dranorter: I too hope the creator is enjoying whatever they're working on. I still think about this comic now and then.
17 Dec 16, 23:20
Hitler 2 electric-bogaloo: woop
8 Oct 15, 07:38
Belstone: I miss your work. I hope you are doing okay, and that life is treating you well. I hope that someday, this webcomic might resume. Good luck and god speed, friend.
22 Apr 15, 17:42
El Fox: Same here
22 Jan 15, 04:10
Hopeful: I still have this comic bookmarked in case it does resume.
18 Aug 13, 05:45
Beem0b0t: I really miss this ol comic
10 Aug 13, 19:13
Ecco: So..would it be possible to get the archive in an archive, like .zip or equivalent?
21 Apr 13, 01:28
Varg: So. A/s/l anyone?
21 Apr 13, 01:27
Varg: Yeah... Looks like he's gone for good.
15 Feb 13, 21:29
tracer: Still waiting :)
11 Sep 12, 03:44
Dante: Aww... I wish you luck. And who knows, one day you might decide to pick it up again..
26 Jul 12, 06:30
Aya: Alas, this comic got me into webcomics! I thank you for opening my eyes to a whole world of fascinating stories and adventures, and I hope you're more happy with whatever you do in the future!
14 Jul 12, 07:40
dissapoint: Sigh, It was good while it lasted.
8 Jun 12, 08:17
Kebe: Does this mean that we can look forward to some pictures on your deviantart someday? I definitely want to still follow your work, you've got a really unique art style.
1 Jun 12, 13:28
Anya: ... I shall stalk you in case you start something else.
25 May 12, 10:42
[]: We'll meet again, don't know where, don't know when...
22 May 12, 14:31
Darius Drake: @ asdf: It's 'always' the good ones because either A) The bad ones dont get anywhere, or B) You don't read the bad ones.
22 May 12, 14:29
Darius Drake: @Dragonfire: If all you when you "speak" is be a jerk to those who give us stuff for free, you should just be quiet.
22 May 12, 14:28
Darius Drake: @Author: Oh well. Thankyou for giving us what you did.
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