26 Dec 12, 01:14
sathiya: anyoneee ?
26 Dec 12, 01:13
sathiya: I wana get a tattoo ?
26 Dec 12, 01:13
sathiya: hey
26 Dec 12, 01:13
sathiya: heyy
14 May 12, 12:41
ps: Can i know your address?
12 Oct 11, 14:54
pb: upper back exactly same place from the picture*
12 Oct 11, 14:54
pb: how much would the fallen angel cost?
23 Jul 11, 18:34
Johnny: hello josephs. I have a portrait I would like to get done.. I will be in sg on the 23july for 3 days. I have been looking at your work for some time.. Top stuff mate! I'm in bali now.
16 May 11, 16:32
berndon: heyy im gonna be cumin to singapore in a few days n wanted to gt a tattoo there soo can i ask u for an estimate on the tattoo i want if i send u the pic of it wid the size wanted
1 Apr 11, 02:53
vicenzo: when will joseph and aric visit india again ?
31 Aug 10, 13:28
D: I am very intrested in getting my first tattoo from joseph. What price and how many visits would I be looking at for a tribal back piece similar to Randy Orton (WWE superstar)?
4 Apr 10, 18:21
fred: hi i am new and would like to get a colour phoenix tattoo woul like to put at the arm and i think the tattoo big possible to put? confused...
19 Nov 09, 13:30
passerby: No updates? we are looking forwards for more new uupdates
24 Sep 09, 13:31
joseph: u need to bring those photos and drop by to discuss so i can quote u.
8 Sep 09, 01:30
test: test
6 Sep 09, 20:40
Sash: Hi! I wanna get Joseph to do a half sleeve done, portraits of 2 kids in black and grey, surrounded by deep red gothic roses. How many sessions will that take, and roughly how much will it cost?
1 Jul 09, 21:20
aric: base on that size is $250
29 Jun 09, 17:25
freddie: How much would a panther tattoo like freddie ljungberg's cost in the ck ad?
25 Jun 09, 20:06
aric: yes we do piercing tongue will be 60
11 Jun 09, 19:33
V.O: it'll be 60$
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