13 Nov 19, 01:44 PM
madrotter: ah, cbox loading for once :) thanks koala!
13 Nov 19, 12:01 AM
koala: Hi Henk Welcome Back!
4 Nov 19, 02:59 PM
Dio: thanks for sharing this treasure of indonesia, can i req to reupload utha likumahuwa - nada & apresiasi ? thanks
4 Nov 19, 01:13 AM
Ardian: please re-upload file ROMY KATINDIG - THE BIG KIDS
26 Oct 19, 12:45 AM
zaxploitation.films@gmail: I know it’s a longshot but is there any way you could repair the broken links to the reggae albums you’ve posted? I downloaded Eka Sapta /which was awesome!) but most of the others are broken. Thanks.
24 Oct 19, 11:35 PM
CliqueMan: Where are the "The Rollies" year 1969 with psychedelic text on the album with record label PopSound? Can you reupload that link again? thanks.
16 Oct 19, 09:35 PM
sabor: Please Re-upload file PEDRO AND HIS AMIGOS - HAVANA AT MIDNIGHT thanks
6 Oct 19, 09:23 PM
Dudung Purnama: Please Re-upload file KARYA CIPTA: ISMAIL MARZUKI VOL. 2thanks.
1 Oct 19, 12:17 AM
Richard: Can u please re-upload Jane Sahilatua - Sentuhan Citra Country Indonesia please?
27 Sep 19, 06:15 PM
madrotter: all i have from papua is posted, might re-post the black brothers soon....
27 Sep 19, 11:20 AM
HR.Sitinjak: Selamat Siang Pak Henk Maddroter,minta tolong untuk file rar gondang sahata saoloan apakah bisa di update,beberapa file hilang.terima kasih
27 Sep 19, 12:06 AM
koala: Oh i see hope you can share them Henk if you have time
26 Sep 19, 04:30 AM
Karch: Do you by chance have anything more from West Papua (or, even better, Papua New Guinea, but that's too far-fetched, I know)? If yes, could you share some?
24 Sep 19, 02:05 PM
madrotter: ehrrr, no not really, got a box full of 'em somewhere....
20 Sep 19, 01:01 AM
koala: Hi Henk do you actually collect Pop Indonesia Mandarin cassettes?
25 Aug 19, 09:52 PM
Leigh: Please take a listen to my album. https://medleyandfriends.bandcamp.com/album/sweet-awakening
24 Aug 19, 02:02 PM
James123: Any new Singapore records to share?
23 Aug 19, 02:18 PM
madrotter: thanks james )
23 Aug 19, 09:48 AM
James123: Welcome back Henk!
3 Aug 19, 03:11 AM
tim jarot: just be patient
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