18 Feb 21, 10:10 PM
anon: i just wanna say thanks for u.
17 Feb 21, 12:21 AM
Deon: Tambahan deui koleksi seni sundana.... ngiring reueus
16 Feb 21, 01:16 AM
Mixer: My mixes and compilations: http://musicforironing.blogspot.com/
30 Jan 21, 09:21 PM
psych: any chance for Sphinx or Sonata 47?
28 Jan 21, 03:51 PM
madrotter: plenty, check it out
23 Jan 21, 09:28 PM
psych: do you have any cassettes from https://www.discogs.com/label/937560-SM-Recording?
15 Jan 21, 07:18 PM
Chris A.: Anything news about dead link from the album of Ednundo Ros " Dance the mambo???
14 Jan 21, 04:55 AM
Chris A.: PLEASE fix the link (it's dead) at the album Edmundo Ros -Dace the mambo.Thanks a lot!!
31 Dec 20, 02:12 AM
rock: https://www.lookattee.com/product-page/unisex-aop-cut-sew-tee-12
16 Dec 20, 06:55 AM
t: started to notice vinyl track quality is not as good as previous rips of the same albums, noticed with the recent gambus albums especially
7 Dec 20, 08:45 AM
sk: hi mr Madrotter, could you please reupload ORKES MASSENREMPULU records if u have audio file of it? thank you
9 Nov 20, 02:15 AM
India: I know i saw it too late :-)grtz
9 Nov 20, 12:17 AM
madrotter: cbox doesnt work most of the time, rollies care ALL already uploaded again cept for 1 cassette thats in a box somewhere...
7 Nov 20, 09:59 PM
India: Hi Henk is it possible to reupload the rollies cassettes and lp's?Grtz
20 Oct 20, 05:18 AM
eddie: Sorry, I meant to say the No 2 album by Kazuko Matsuo. LV-152 Victor.
20 Oct 20, 05:17 AM
eddie: hi there..was wondering if there is any way to upload the song Good Night Tokyo from the No 2 LP (track B2)? It looks like B1 (Reunion) is repeated twice on the file. Love your blog! I am in the USA.
7 Oct 20, 10:35 PM
Chris: Hi Henk, er is iets aan de hand met het bestand van IIS SUHARMINI 7 DALLY GROUP - KAPIHEULAAN. Kan alleen de eerste 3 nummers uitpakken.
30 Sep 20, 12:59 AM
mixer: http://musicforironing.blogspot.com/
29 Sep 20, 05:48 AM
gambus love: please show some love for gambus
7 Sep 20, 10:46 AM
psych: also Murry ‎– Sweet Melody , thanks
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