14/01/15 11:37 PM
Taylor: new skin arriving soon.
01/01/15 11:29 PM
30/12/14 12:33 AM
Taylor: cbox renewed!
19/12/14 11:43 PM
Taylor: thanks. ill get to it one of these days.
19/12/14 11:31 PM
Alishya: Thanks! :D And if you revamp yours, then good luck with you as well!
17/12/14 05:01 PM
Taylor: Welcome Guests.
12/12/14 11:23 AM
Taylor: Welcome Guest
11/12/14 09:46 PM
Taylor: thanks. i plan on having it stick around awhile. oh god gallery revamping. goodluck. i should probably do mine to.
10/12/14 08:07 PM
Alishya: I'm trying to work on revamping my gallery
10/12/14 08:07 PM
Alishya: Can I just say I am in love with this skin! I think this is a keeper!!!
17/11/14 10:48 PM
Taylor: no problemo. glad it was fixed for you.
17/11/14 03:34 PM
Alishya: And sorry for replying late - I was away from keyboard. :)
17/11/14 03:34 PM
Alishya: I am using the new account. Thanks!
17/11/14 03:34 PM
Alishya: Yeah it works
17/11/14 11:59 AM
Taylor: ah work?
17/11/14 11:59 AM
Taylor: did it go ork Alisjya?
10/11/14 04:01 PM
Taylor: welcome guests
08/11/14 07:42 PM
Taylor: kay Alishya, im resetting your account for you and will PM you a password. i dont know what happened.
08/11/14 03:59 PM
Asphodel: I mean to enter my password and stuff
08/11/14 03:58 PM
Asphodel: The chat isn't letting me log in. I type in my name and hit "profile" but the window never shows up
08/11/14 02:20 PM
Taylor: caught up on our first link section. if you have not recieved our link back please contact me in the guest forum, as your adverting section did not work.
07/11/14 08:36 AM
Taylor: good morning everybody
04/11/14 07:09 PM
Sookie: Welcome to everyone
02/11/14 11:50 PM
Taylor: welcome to moonlit guest
31/10/14 08:39 AM
Taylor: good morning. to everybody here. i am making a point to divert all my attention on moonlitvto getting up some awesome tutorials. ithis section is in ned of serious work, so please bear with me, and know i am working on it.
30/10/14 06:18 PM
Taylor: welcome guest.
29/10/14 11:47 PM
Taylor: welcome guest
29/10/14 09:05 PM
Taylor: welcome guest!
29/10/14 01:02 PM
Jess [TO]: hi
29/10/14 12:33 PM
Taylor: hey Jess! how are you?
25/10/14 04:00 PM
Taylor: hmmm, i can set up a new account for you, send me a pm with a password you might want. or is it the site that wont let you log in?
24/10/14 01:43 AM
Asphodel: for some reason, I can't log in with my name...
17/10/14 09:28 PM
Taylor: welcome to moonlit, guest
14/10/14 09:59 PM
Taylor: welcome guests.
09/10/14 02:47 PM
Taylor: thanks luv. much appreciated. im starting to think we are heading back to a two person show around here. =(
08/10/14 05:25 PM
Alishya: AH... Okay, I see I see. I'll try working on them over this weekend. :)
06/10/14 08:37 AM
Taylor: its the forum description images. icon of 75 by 75. im not sure if you see tyem, but there are a bunch of grey placehold mages in our forums where an icon should be.
05/10/14 06:27 PM
Alishya: Huh? O.o... Uh.... Size of the graphic? Where is it exactly going for?
04/10/14 03:20 PM
Taylor: anything you can come up with really to depict the forum title and description. a question mark for the ask the staff forum for example.
03/10/14 03:30 PM
Alishya: What type of graphics? I can try to do them for you? :)
02/10/14 07:55 PM
Taylor: I need graphics for the forums. if you want to do something creative Alishya. i dont have time.
02/10/14 12:38 AM
Alishya: Hey guys, I am back. I am fully back. Sorry once more for the absence. Anything anyone needs, hit me up alright! I am sorry! Again!
10/09/14 04:19 PM
Taylor: hey cee
08/09/14 08:35 AM
Faith: Happy Birthday Taylor
05/09/14 11:55 AM
Taylor: Hiya Bandcat, How are you today?
02/09/14 11:58 PM
Taylor: Hi Desi Hru?
02/09/14 08:12 PM
Sookie: Hey Taylor
02/09/14 07:51 PM
Sookie: I'm back
02/09/14 12:42 PM
Taylor: Helo Aly! how are you?
02/09/14 01:36 AM
Aly: hello!
29/08/14 09:52 AM
Taylor: I am glad that you are well.
26/08/14 05:18 PM
Alishya: Lol :P I am better than what I was before. Still trying to find my footing
26/08/14 09:10 AM
Taylor: im good. school has started again, blah, so less time to be around as much. how are you Alishya?
26/08/14 03:35 AM
Alishya: Hey Guys, I am back. How have you all been?
21/08/14 11:50 PM
Taylor: Cee, Does the Cbox work for you now?
19/08/14 01:46 AM
jasmine: Taylor - oh, put i couldn't even reply to say thank you.
18/08/14 10:41 PM
Taylor: Welcome to moonlit Leia (shadow). Happy to have you as a part of our community.
18/08/14 06:23 PM
Taylor: If anybody Sees any Spam in the Cbox, for exmple Oakly Sunglasses or Oakly nanything at all contact me via PM immediately. These are spam adverts in the cbox which may or may not be harmful to your computer. For the sake of trying to maintain a clean and presentable site which is safe for our members and guests I will remove these as soon as i can, however, if you alert me to the fact that they are here, and when you notice them, it helps me clean them up faster. TY.
18/08/14 06:18 PM
Taylor: You should Update your topic description by editing the original post to state an update, not by replying to your post. The problem should be fixed right now. Any future questions should be directed to the ask the staff forum in the future.
18/08/14 06:14 PM
Taylor: Pm me the Thread Jasmine and I'll take a look for you.
17/08/14 07:04 PM
jasmine: why am i not allowed to quote or reply to mmy threads? like my gallery i updated and i can't even say i did update.
17/08/14 06:50 PM
jasmine: i'm not sure if anyone is on but hi.
15/08/14 11:22 PM
Taylor: Registered all users for the cbox. Please check your Inbox for your password and info. ty
12/08/14 06:06 PM
Taylor: Hi Jess
12/08/14 06:04 PM
Taylor: its making a comeback. I just meed somebody tobhelp me out on challenges.
12/08/14 04:53 PM
jasmine: woah, it's a little dead on here.
12/08/14 02:10 PM
Taylor: Gah, ads in the Cbox. Why?
07/08/14 07:50 PM
Jess [SWG]: your welcome
07/08/14 07:50 PM
Taylor: Yeah I'm looking at that now. Its jsut letting the Staff know that somebody posted, where they might not be allowed to. Its fine as long as she didn't post a gallery in there. Thanks though.
07/08/14 07:48 PM
Jess [SWG]: nothing just wanted to tell you something about mod cp
07/08/14 07:48 PM
Taylor: Whats up Jess?
07/08/14 07:47 PM
Jess [SWG]: its alright
07/08/14 07:47 PM
Taylor: Glad U are better Alishya, take your time hun.
07/08/14 07:47 PM
Taylor: Kay Jess, Just PM Me, sorry I was at the Sate Fair.
07/08/14 04:45 PM
Alishya: Yeah, Taylor, I am a little better. Still trying to work things out with rl
07/08/14 02:46 PM
Jess [SWG]: Okay rewrite, Taylor i need to talk to you next time your on
07/08/14 02:45 PM
Jess [SWG]: Taylor if your here i need to talk to you
07/08/14 11:18 AM
Taylor: Well, Don't get too used to it. We try to check in throughout the day and pop in the cbox to say Hi!
07/08/14 02:18 AM
jasmine: i'm used to waiting awhile for an answer.
07/08/14 02:17 AM
jasmine: oh, haha, it's okay. :)
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