22 Aug 17, 03:32 PM
22 Aug 17, 12:35 PM
Tika: Thanks Donna ... I am gonna opt out .. hubby will be home for his first real home time and we are going to try to sneak off for some alone time
21 Aug 17, 10:51 PM
Donna: I think it's 9/1 - 9/4 Tika!
21 Aug 17, 07:31 PM
Sonja: Few more days to sign up for my Sept AL http://thetaggerslounge.forumotion.com/t14074-septmeber-al-sign-up
21 Aug 17, 07:02 PM
Tika: What weekend is it Jen?
21 Aug 17, 06:17 PM
Jen: WWO weekend is coming up soon - start making some tags to offer!!! ♥
21 Aug 17, 06:06 AM
Stayyseee: My September AL sign up is ready http://thetaggerslounge.forumotion.com/t14112-september-al-sign-ups
20 Aug 17, 04:34 PM
Tika: Ok I am off ... time to think about some supper ... I have kids all day tomorrow so dont know if I will get a chance to come in .... Enjoy the rest of your Sunday
20 Aug 17, 03:50 PM
jessica: just finished eating breakfast for my early dinner.
20 Aug 17, 12:33 PM
Tika: New CT Tutorial using our TTL goodies http://thetaggerslounge.forumotion.com/t14123-fall-beauty#221609
20 Aug 17, 10:51 AM
Rhonda: Time to get started :showe: :sweeping: :dishes:
20 Aug 17, 10:03 AM
Tika: Ok I am off to :dishes: and start my laundry .. be back in a bit
19 Aug 17, 06:00 PM
Tika: Ok off to cook supper and veg in front of the TV for the night .... see you all tomorrow
19 Aug 17, 03:50 PM
Shazza: Tika, that is gorgeous!
19 Aug 17, 12:47 PM
Tika: New CT tutorial using TTL goodies http://thetaggerslounge.forumotion.com/t14104-beaute-florale#221380
19 Aug 17, 11:41 AM
Graycee: TY Shazza for the promo..Have a great weekend folks... :computerlove:
19 Aug 17, 11:32 AM
Shazza: Don't forget to get your FREE tube from CDO this weekend! http://www.creativedesignoutlet.com/sigtag/salepromo.shtml
18 Aug 17, 09:07 AM
Rhonda: Birthday Party for our August members has started - http://thetaggerslounge.forumotion.com/t14060-happy-birthday-august-babies
17 Aug 17, 04:19 PM
Pamela: Please make sure you are picking up your always list tags. They will be deleted on august 31
17 Aug 17, 07:33 AM
Shazza: For those who voted for TTL yesterday: http://thetaggerslounge.forumotion.com/t14083-enjoy-the-moment - not sure tagging is working!
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