22 May 18, 05:13 AM
Tori: any more powers screencaps? they are awesome!
9 Sep 17, 09:40 AM
Jessica Chastain News: Hello! I would love to be affiliated with you. You can?
25 Apr 17, 05:08 PM
B.GRAND: B.GRAND: Bonjour Olesya, j'ai un scénario pour toi, j'ai contacté (I.Cavic) pour 'ONASSIS'.
17 Jan 17, 02:16 AM
KC: Yay Powers captures! You are amazing!
10 Sep 16, 03:00 PM
Stefy: @mason: I'll try to do it as soon as possible
7 Sep 16, 04:15 AM
mason: will you be screencaping Powers season 2?
25 Dec 15, 01:51 AM
alexis: http://my.cbox.ws/skaijacksonchatbox1
25 Dec 15, 01:50 AM
alexis: plz vist http;//my.cbox.ws/skaijacksonchatbox1
6 Oct 15, 03:56 AM
Lizzie: Oleysa is my celeb lookalike. People say I look like her all the time!
20 Sep 15, 02:05 PM
M.C: Hey! i sent you an email about the donation pictures, i dont know if you got it. Just thought ill let you know :)
31 Aug 15, 03:01 PM
Stefy: @MaddisonCatherine: Thank you :)
18 Aug 15, 11:39 AM
M.C: Love the new layout, well done! :)
5 Aug 15, 10:11 PM
Stefy: Thank you but trust me it's not a big thing to create a site, the worst part is finding time to update it!
2 Aug 15, 02:09 PM
MaddisonCatherine: That's true, I wish there were more fan sites, I would create one myself but I don't have the skills like you! I create stuff about Olesya like a Pinterest board and a tumblr blog, so I help out x
31 Jul 15, 02:45 PM
Stefy: @MaddisonCatherine: You've been so lucky then :) Thank you, I'm trying to do my best also because there aren't a lot of fan-sites about Olesya
27 Jul 15, 10:59 PM
MaddisonCatherine: Stay awesome Stefy! x
27 Jul 15, 10:57 PM
MaddisonCatherine: When Powers did the Q&A on twitter and had a mini prize for ppl who joined in I was one of the winners, so now I'm getting Powers on DVD, there is an upside. Btw still loving this website!x
27 Jul 15, 10:55 PM
MaddisonCatherine: Hey! Thanks for replying, I live in the UK so it's the same Powers did not come out here but I found all eps. On YouTube but they are deleted now
27 Jul 15, 08:23 PM
Stefy: first 2 eps and I loved it especially considering the fact that is not really my type of tv show. I hope to watch the next eps as soon as possible
27 Jul 15, 08:22 PM
Stefy: @MaddisonCatherine: I'm gonna be honest I still didn't have the chance to download it and watch it because here in Italy it's still not coming :( but for the moment I downloaded and watched only the
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