05/19/18 12:07 PM
jae jae: test test
05/16/18 09:44 AM
Lisa: Yep!
05/16/18 09:44 AM
Jae (phone): I’ll catch you around later?
05/16/18 09:44 AM
Lisa: Okay, talk to you later!
05/16/18 09:44 AM
Jae (phone): I’ve reached my block. Gonna go up, shower, do some chores then pop back in :3
05/16/18 09:43 AM
Jae (phone): :(
05/16/18 09:41 AM
Lisa: Yeah... :( Not too long ago too. We are trying our best to keep it alive but have already lost a few people...
05/16/18 09:40 AM
Jae (phone): Yea. And realised it was closed T_T
05/16/18 09:36 AM
Lisa: So did you just pop onto Paradise one day when you had a chance? haha
05/16/18 09:36 AM
Lisa: Aww... =)
05/16/18 09:34 AM
Jae (phone): Walking home from the train station. Taking a longer route to clear my head :3
05/16/18 09:30 AM
Jae (phone): I take it as a good thing
05/16/18 09:29 AM
Lisa: haha I think?
05/16/18 09:29 AM
Lisa: Well yay!
05/16/18 09:28 AM
Jae (phone): They’re giving new blood opportunities to do stuff outside of the usual job scope
05/16/18 09:26 AM
Lisa: You sound like a pretty big deal ^.^
05/16/18 09:26 AM
Lisa: Hahaha 2 bosses, fun! Aww, I bet she doesn't mind?
05/16/18 09:25 AM
Jae (phone): The special team boss is very nice, but she’s helping me a bit too much and i feel guilty
05/16/18 09:25 AM
Jae (phone): And I’m in a special project team so I now have 2 bosses
05/16/18 09:24 AM
Jae (phone): Still busy as ever, unfortunately
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