04/18/18 01:53 PM
Lisa: Haha it's a beautiful site, we love it. We are sad to see it close but hope to keep it alive. <3
04/18/18 01:52 PM
Anrui!Jello: No prob. I joined paradise like.... 3 years ago but I fell off the face of the planet. So I just check in every now and then ^^;
04/18/18 01:51 PM
Lisa: Nice of you to stop by and check on us!
04/18/18 01:51 PM
Anrui!Jello: That would be A+ as well
04/18/18 01:51 PM
Lisa: My hope is that she plans to come back ;)
04/18/18 01:51 PM
Anrui!Jello: Right. Well that’s nice at least ^^
04/18/18 01:51 PM
Anrui!Jello: Too bad she can’t pass it on to someone else but I guess it is HER site to do with as she pleases
04/18/18 01:51 PM
Lisa: Yeah, we're super happy for her! Most of us are going to stay and keep RPing together, just trying to figure out the details.
04/18/18 01:50 PM
Anrui!Jello: Aw man:/ good for her but sad for you guys. I understand tho
04/18/18 01:49 PM
Lisa: Our admin Jade has a lot of good life stuffs happening and needs a break / to focus on that. There's discussion still going on about the players now staying to RP still, but it's in the works still.
04/18/18 01:48 PM
Anrui!Jello: (I tried clicking the link but since I don’t have an account i can’t see the thread)
04/18/18 01:48 PM
Anrui!Jello: Hey everyone! Why is paradise closing? This site was such a beautiful affiliate for Anrui to have D:
04/18/18 06:52 AM
Lisa: lol
04/18/18 06:51 AM
mobile!sev: \salutes and poofs back to work*
04/18/18 06:50 AM
Lisa: Okay, will do!
04/18/18 06:50 AM
mobile!sev: You can PM me if youd like. I can repky when im on break :)
04/18/18 06:49 AM
Lisa: Mkay, later when you get a sec I just have a question about our threads to reply to, no rush <3
04/18/18 06:49 AM
mobile!sev: Briefly
04/18/18 06:45 AM
Lisa: Sev, you here?
04/17/18 03:45 PM
Kiki: I guess that'd be the last/one of the last wilds.
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