12/15/17 10:40 AM
Lisa: Hi Paradise!~ Just wanted to apologize for the inactivity, trying to catch up at work. I plan to get to everyone's posts today hopefully <3
12/14/17 05:01 PM
Quass: that's what I like about it too
12/14/17 02:48 AM
Icarus: Personally I never understood dice rolls and that sort of stuff so I'm really glad Paradise is so no-frills
12/14/17 02:47 AM
Icarus: indeed!!!!
12/14/17 02:46 AM
Travie: Its a fun site and really fun system
12/13/17 11:57 PM
Icarus: Yay guest!!!
12/13/17 09:23 PM
Thy Guest: I've been lurking about in the past week reading up on the information, loving what I see so far ;D
12/13/17 06:55 PM
mobile!sev: Sorry for vanishing, lol. And not mych up here, just relaxing with the family :)
12/13/17 05:46 PM
Quass: what's up?
12/13/17 05:38 PM
mobile!sev: Hello :)
12/13/17 05:36 PM
Quass: Hey Sev
12/13/17 03:15 PM
Tickle: -peeks in-
12/12/17 09:15 PM
Travie: something new get announced?
12/12/17 08:42 PM
Quass: man the switch is getting a heck of a lot of exclusive games...
12/12/17 07:37 PM
Travie: home sweet home
12/12/17 07:26 PM
Sev: I do think I'm gonna go play a game for awhile tho. Might be back later to post. we'll see xD
12/12/17 07:10 PM
Sev: webcomic. catching up on is since I missed several pages. lol
12/12/17 07:09 PM
Quass: video games?
12/12/17 07:09 PM
Quass: youtube?
12/12/17 07:09 PM
Sev: hmm, sorry. was distracted by something. I'm good. ^^;
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