02/23/18 12:16 PM
Kyser: p.s lisa i loved your post! Just a bit too ill to reply xD (sorry for cbox spam x.x)
02/23/18 12:13 PM
Kyser: only thing ive eaten is scrambled egg for dinner, still have no appetite 5 days into this fever and i feel worse after eating
02/23/18 05:57 AM
Kyser: Also welcome back lisa!
02/23/18 05:54 AM
Kyser: rip gotta go back to work tomorrow after being off sick for 4 days
02/22/18 06:41 PM
Lisa: I am officially done moving! Now we are unpacking. I'll still be a little busy but plan to get to some posts here soon. Miss you all, hope you're all doing well!
02/22/18 06:41 PM
Lisa: *pops in* Looks like it's been a little quiet around here? :(
02/22/18 11:37 AM
mobile!sev: Not gonna be around much until later this evening because of birthday stuff. Hoping to finally get some posts out today
02/21/18 03:59 PM
Kyser: [link] the feels
02/21/18 03:25 PM
Kyser: oops
02/21/18 03:03 PM
Cosmic: Ooooops.
02/21/18 03:03 PM
Cosmic: ...Just realized I may have vanished off the face of the earth for months.
02/20/18 04:51 PM
Kyser: Yeah it was great! I loved the fossil pokes
02/20/18 04:50 PM
Sophie: hope you liked it
02/20/18 04:50 PM
Sophie: ah nice
02/20/18 04:28 PM
Kyser: I can remember reading that app actually
02/20/18 04:27 PM
Sophie: Here is mine.
02/20/18 04:27 PM
Sophie: [link]
02/20/18 04:27 PM
Kyser: Thank you :)
02/20/18 04:19 PM
Sophie: Your character looks interesting.
02/20/18 04:14 PM
Kyser: Indeed
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